Affordable and Magic of Air Travel with Silverjet

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Feb 16 2008
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Donald Trump used to be a billionaire and lost everything with lots of debts, so much so that once he envied man on the street because those people have more money than him. But he learnt his lesson and diversification was the name of the game. He’s back to the status of a billionaire now of course. Now his businesses are so diversified that most of us might know him for his TV-show, Apprentice. You saw how he crafted his name with buildings, apartments and even his own helicopter. Owning a helicopter or jet could be the ultimate way to show your success.

If you have a fraction of the money to spend you can however book a jet, well literary, and pretend as if you own it. Silverjet for example could fly you between London and New York as well as London and Dubai. First thing first, what do you get by flying with Silverjet? How about dedicated security and check-in at the Silver Lounge just 30 minutes before departure, not to mention the complementary WiFi all parts of the private terminals facility? Maybe 6’3” flat beds, seats equipped with laptop-power, seat-back massager, in-flight entertainment and great food by Le Caprice could makes you drool.

Booking is easy as everything is online and can be performed in four steps. Once confirmed you can proceed to select your meal, choose your seat and complete the check-in – all online. Silverjet provides 24-hour phone support to answer your enquiries or complaints. Silverjet’s schedule includes double flights to New York and Dubai. If the customer testimonials are anything to goes by, Silverjet indeed provides value for money flying experience that you should try.

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