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Nov 19 2006
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Since Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) Composite Index breached 1,000 marks recently, alot have been said about the sustainability of it especially amongst the analysts. Some said the bull is real, some said it’s too soon to conclude the bull is here to stay and adopt a neutral stand. Others are still skeptical since there were too many instances of false start prior.

Numerous reasons were suggested for the over 1,000 points recorded. Could it due to the recently UMNO assembly ? Could it be an early year-end window dressing ? Could it be the foreign investors are silently accumulating ? Could it be an artificial pushed-up by certain Government bodies to paint a good-feel of the overall market ? Could it be the stock market finally plays the catch-up since the regional markets have performed excellently ? Or could it be the next general election is around the corner ?
Hence FinanceTwitter would like to gauge the public opinions on what they think about the bull this time. The polls for the votes are ready on this web-page for everyone to cast.
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