Multiple Upgrade for GOOGLE & VFC

Multiple upgrade for google pre-market makes the day very interesting indeed for this online search giant with shares jumped $33.91, or 8 percent, to $459.97 on the INET electronic exchange ...In september, google's held a 45 percent share of the U.S. search market, up from 44 percent in august, acc [...]

Sugar & Tebrau – Frying ?

Sugar and Tebrau seems on the move today (with sugar taking a bigger leap) ... both these 2 stocks counters atrracted stocktube scanning (in archive here) on 11-oct-2006 but it didn't meet the fundamental criterias ... not much excited news except change-in-boardroom, proposed private placement, eso [...]

KLCI – Effect of OPEC Cuts

While Malaysia KLCI didn't follow the bullish momentum of dow jones on thursday, i think it will not be able to perform as well today, friday even though dow jones has breached 12,000 mark for the first time ... this is supported with the latest news of opec in cutting the precious black-gold produc [...]

GOOGLE Big Profit Day

After the close, Internet search company Google (GOOG) blew away Wall Street with third-quarter profit of $2.62 a share, up 73% from a year ago and 21 cents more than analysts expected. The company said revenue topped $2.69 billion for the quarter, up 70% from a year ago and nearly $70 million more [...]

SNDK & VFC – last game for the week

SanDisk (SNDK) will announce it's earning tonite, 19-oct-2006 amc ... shares of flash memory maker SanDisk Corp. surged in morning trading monday after an analyst predicted the company could beat third-quarter estimates ... W.R. Hambrecht analyst Daniel Amir reiterated a "Buy" rating on the stock wi [...]

Casino Tycoon Still Flies Economy

An extract from business time on the casino tycoon ... a down to earth businessman who should make it no matter where he is ...i bet he's gonna win this bid for the second resort in singapore ... the 56-year-old chairman of the Genting Group is Malaysia's 10th richest man with a net worth of US$440 [...]

GOOG & BHE – can you do it again ?

Google (GOOG), the company which dominate the online advertising market will be announcing it's earning tomorrow, 19-oct-2006 amc ... yahoo (which announced it's earning yesterday after bell) saw its income shrink 38% from last year's third quarter, largely due to its inability to keep up with googl [...]

Lock-In Profit – APH, ILMN, NITE

Ii'm glad that all the 3 stocks i analyzed yesterday GAP-UP (and help me make money)this morning after the bell though the one which really meet my satisfaction is none other than ILMN ... all of them confidently beaten the consensus on its' earning by analysts ... and to liquid my position, i decid [...]

Lock-In Profit – STEMLIFE

I locked-in my contra-profit (T+1) for stemlife minutes ago ... it proves one more time that you can never sell at the highest ... as long as you made profit (and the market seems to look unstable), you run ... but of course sometime greed rule over your mind ... anyway i can only get the check aft [...]

ILMN – proud of you !

illumina (ILMN) announced after bell that it earned $16.2 million, or 32 cents per share, compared with a loss of $1.4 million, or 3 cents per share, a year ago ... analysts polled by thomson financial expected earnings of 16 cents per share ...during the quarter, illumina shipped 30 of its BeadArra [...]


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