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Nov 20 2006
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After Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) closing today, Leader Universal Holdings Berhad (LEADER : stockcode 4529) triggered FinanceTwitter and MACD “Buy” signal. Technically, the stock’s RSI & Stochastic have been in bullish mode since 2-Oct-2006. The Bull:Bear ratio peaked on 26-Oct-2006 and started to weaken since then, till today when it registered 509 Bulls : zero Bears. Volumes increased to more than 7 times compare to yesterday with Stochstic about to cross.

Fundamentally, Leader has improved it’s net profit from red since 2004, mainly due to worldwide demand in copper and aluminium. Annual Sales, Operating Margin, ROE & Long-Term-Debt has shown improvement. However Inventories and Liabilities’s figure doesn’t quite looks promising though.

Latest corporate update (dated 17-Nov-2006) indicated Leader is bidding for 200 MW Coal-Fired power project in Cambodia partnering MKCSS on a 50:50 basis joint-venture.

Leader is an investment holding company of Leader Group established in 1988 after the merger of Leader Cable Industry Berhad and Universal Cable (M) Berhad, two of the largest cable companies in Malaysia.

Its’ subsidiaries are mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of telecommunication and power cables, single and double-coated copper enameled wires, copper rods and optical fiber cables; investment holding and property development; letting of properties; trading of cables, and power generation. Its associate companies include Universal Cable (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd., La-Bayan Development Sdn. Bhd., Gift Visions Sdn. Bhd., Lite Kabel Sdn. Bhd., SL Philippines Holdings Corporation, Leader Realty Corporation Ltd. and Hebei Xinhua Leader Cable Co. Ltd.

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