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I Was In Love With President Clinton – Lewinsky Blames Everyone Except Her Lover

William Jefferson Clinton, or simply President Bill Clinton, was impeached on Dec 20, 1998 for his efforts to cover up his affair with Ms. Monica Lewinsky, then a former White House Intern. Mr. Clinton became the only second President in history to be impeached, after Andrew Johnson in 1868. But Bill Clinton was the only “elected […]

... written on Oct 22 2014

Here’re Steps To Get Your Honda Defective Airbags Replaced By Honda Malaysia

In 2004, an air bag exploded in a Honda Accord in Alabama, shooting out metal fragments and injuring the car’s driver. Strangely, Honda and its Japanese air bag supplier deemed it “an anomaly” and did not issue a recall or seek the involvement of federal safety regulators. Last month, after 139 injuries caused by air bags […]

... written on Oct 20 2014

Security Tips From Edward Snowden – Get Rid Of Facebook, Google & Dropbox

On Saturday, October 11th, Edward Snowden, the N.S.A. whistle-blower, spoke via live video with the New Yorker staff writer Jane Mayer. In the interview, the former N.S.A., C.I.A., and D.I.A. employee was asked some questions of what the public (that’s you and me) can do to protect our privacy, now that it’s an open secret governments are spying […]

... written on Oct 13 2014

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid – Google Can Read Your Emails, And Remind You To Pay Bills

Remember Apple’s latest promise to protect your personal data stored in iPhone or iPad to prevent any other third parties except the owner (that’s you, dude) from accessing them, as long as the devices are running iOS 8? Well, Apple fanatics rejoiced when the company announced that the new privacy policy (finally) means the police, […]

... written on Oct 08 2014

Facebook At $200 Billion – Let’s See How It Stacked Against Top-20 Biggest Companies

Facebook shares jumped 0.82%, or 63 cents, to $77.89 after yesterday’s closing bell. The stock actually breached the $78 a share during morning session. Nevertheless, a significant milestone has been achieved. Facebook’s market value now has exceeded $200 billion (£124 billion, RM638 billion). At yesterday’s closing, the company has market cap of a whopping $202.52 […]

... written on Sep 09 2014

Here’re 10 Fabulous & Cool Google Capabilities That You May Not Know

Google is more than just search engine. There’re reasons how Google could survives all these years from competitions. The company that receives 100 billion search queries per month has been investing heavily in tons of other projects which may or may not be made public. Some of them are successful while others flop. But we’re […]

... written on Aug 06 2014

The Pirate Bay Is Making It Easier To Download Movies On SmartPhones

Where do you go for help when you want to watch movies or TV series, listen to songs or read some e-books, but don’t want to pay for it? The Pirate Bay, of course, and it’s not that hard to understand why. Sure, downloading copyrighted materials from the site is illegal but not everybody did […]

... written on Jul 27 2014

Beware! Here’s How Government’s Spying On You, Legally

Ever since former CIA agent Edward Snowden leaked secret surveillance techniques, the world has become a more dangerous place. This is true mostly to intelligence agencies around the world, especially United States and United Kingdom. The business of combating terrorism will never be the same again. But it’s a total different stories to the average […]

... written on Jun 19 2014

Is This The Next Doodler Genius Google Should Hire?

There’re good reasons why parents sometime need to discipline their kids on the do’s and don’ts, especially when your kids are particularly talented in art. There were tons of news how kids decorated their parents’ expensive new sofas with drawings using marker pens. They might try their luck on your home’s wall as well. But […]

... written on Jun 02 2014

Apple Has More Cash Than Malaysia, France & Dozens Other Countries

Ever since U.S. notorious subprime crisis in 2008, U.S. companies have been building cash as if there’s no tomorrow. Some even joke that U.S. will never have another similar subprime crisis again considering the gigantic amount of cash reserve these companies have. Besides financial institutions, U.S. companies are holding a staggering US$1.64 trillion at the […]

... written on Apr 09 2014

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