GE13 – Choosing The Government Of The People, By The People, For The People

Now that the voting date has been confirmed on 05-05-2013, the countdown for a change of government or otherwise has begun. Since caretaker PM Najib Razak loves to copy speeches from the past American presidents, here’s another one from former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln during his infamous Gettysburg Address – “The Government of the People, […]

... written on Apr 12 2013

BN Moneyfesto – Do You Know The Hidden Messages?

Christmas comes early this year, does it not? Going by the rate caretaker prime minister Najib Razak is dishing out money as if he was playing monopoly board game, everyone wishes general election is an annual event. I’m willing to bet all my money that Najib could become the next President of the United States […]

... written on Apr 09 2013

8 Reasons Why Samy Vellu is A Winnable Candidate

Thank God it’s Friday. It’s a well know fact that one of the biggest problems facing Malaysian Najib Razak is the candidates list. If only his party, UMNO, has young talents such as Nurul Izzah, Rafizi Ramli, Tony Pua, Liew Chin Tong and Gorbind Singh Deo, he would not have constipation problem that he’s having […]

... written on Apr 05 2013

PR Manifesto – More Reasons to Change Govt?

How do you know who will win the next 13th general election? Simple – if PM Najib Razak select Ng Yen Yen as one of the “winnable” candidates, then the current BN (Barisan Nasional) regime will collapse and vice-versa. Well, that’s the joke on the street. But after the Minister of Tourism’s screw-up in the […]

... written on Feb 27 2013

Listen-Listen-Listen Fiasco – When Animals Were Insulted

Two persons expressed their opinions against the present Malaysian federal government. One got suspended while the other was bullied. The one who got suspended was the chief economist of Bank Islam – Azrul Anwar Ahmad – after his presentation at the Regional Outlook Forum in Singapore, which amongst others stated that one of the most […]

... written on Jan 15 2013

It’s Not About the Rally, It’s About the Chinese Voters

Tomorrow’s rally, known as #KL112 (referring to Kuala Lumpur Jan 12th), to be held at Merdeka Stadium from 2pm – 5pm, should be the mother of all rallies considering that it involves some heavyweight NGOs namely Bersih (for clean and fair election), Royalti (for petroleum royalty), Anti-Lynas (to prevent rare earth plant in Gebeng, Kuantan), […]

... written on Jan 12 2013

25 Awesome Beautiful Cool iPhone Case You Must Have

The supposedly 21 Dec 2012 Apocalypse came and nothing happened. To be sure we have even celebrated Christmas and planet Earth is still rotating as usual. So it’s only safe to presume we still have some decades to go before another Apocalypse theory emerge again (some said 2060?). If you’re one of the End-of-the-World “Doomsday […]

... written on Dec 27 2012

Time to Switch Camp – Good-Bye Najib and Auntie Rosy

UMNO General Assembly, which started two days was expected to be another round of opposition-bashing session (*yawn*). Considering this will be the last assembly before the 13th general election, the present federal government under the UMNO regime rule was expected to unleash all WMDs (weapon of mass destructions) under its arsenal since it would be […]

... written on Nov 30 2012

Here’re Tax Havens To Hide Your Black Money & Plunder

Tax Justice Network estimated a mind-boggling of between USD $21 trillion to USD $32 trillion is sheltered (or rather hidden) in tax havens worldwide. While dirty money or money laundering scheme can be easily made legitimate, the same cannot be said about money plundered via corruption, especially by politicians. You can withdraw a million dollar, […]

... written on Nov 27 2012

How to Get Back Your Genneva Gold and Money – 10 Things To Do

As many as 35,000 investors and up to a whopping RM10 billion of investment were sucked into Genneva Malaysia Gold Scheme. The problem – Genneva Malaysia’s liabilities exceeded its assets. That was what Awang Adek Hussin, Malaysia Deputy Finance Minister, claimed couple of days ago. Considering PM Najib Razak is the Finance Minister himself, this […]

... written on Nov 08 2012

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