How Much Would Iron Man 3 Cost in Real Life?

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May 16 2013
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Looking at the huge crowd during all the rallies called by Pakatan Rakyat, there’s no doubt thousands are still angry with the country’s election system which rewards those who “first past the post”. Hence the possibility of minority rule the land as in the case of PM Najib Razak’s BN coalition. There’re very little you can do. You cannot fight hundreds of thousands of army and police’s fire power. And with the revelation of PM Najib’s cabinet, one cannot help but to laugh yet frustrated with the old tainted UMNO warlords set to plunder the nation again. What was the rational in swapping Hishammuddin Hussein’s previous Home Minister with Defence Minister?


Did Najib thought this could rectify his cousin’s haywire brain cells? As in the controversial Sabah invasion, Hishammuddin used police instead of army to control the situation. So, by putting him in charge of defence now, will this joker finally do the right things, in case of a similar crisis again? Or is he actually beyond repair by deploying army (instead of police) to suppress domestic issues such as rallies? Anyway, in time of oppression and suppression by the bad guys, people actually need superhero. Okay, supposing superhero such as Iron Man does exist, or at least can be bought with dollar and cent. How much does it cost to be Iron Man 3 in real life?

Iron Man 3

In the movie Iron Man 3, Tony Stark has a staggering 42 new suits of armour including “a prehensile suit that allows each individual piece of the suit to fly separately and latch on to him.” That suit is called the Mark 42, a significant upgrade from the last intelligent armor we saw him in in The Avengers, the comparatively tame Mark 7. Tony Stark, the CEO of his company Stark Enterprises, is a chemist, an inventor, an engineer and an entrepreneur in the highly successful movie. But how much does it cost to build the suits? Well, if you have US$10 billion, you can be your own Iron Man 3. Here’re some of the costs breakdown:


  • Helmet with projected holographic HUD (heads-up display), which includes his HAL-like artificial intelligence butler JARVIS (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System). Cost: $55 million.


  • Gold-titanium exoskeleton suit: This is the latest in Stark’s ever-evolving exoskeleton technology, which helps him repel bullets, missiles, and the rough effects of g-force on the human body. Cost: $15 million.


  • Brain-controlled armor: Stark built the Mark 42 using nanotechnology, which allows his suit to assemble around him, piece by piece, via a remote synaptic link. Like Magneto calling all available metal to his hand, Stark can gather the various pieces of his armor to his body using his brain. Cost: Unknown.


  • Arc reactor nuclear power source. This clean nuclear power source protects Stark’s heart from the shrapnel in his chest that he earned during the first Iron Man, while a prisoner in Afghanistan. Cost: $36 million.


  • Repulsor jet packs: One of the coolest parts of Iron Man’s suit is, of course, his jet boots. He also has jets built into the palms of his hands, which he uses to stabilize himself, something he has to do an awful lot. $13.8 million.


  • Boot-mounted repulsor jet packs (2 units). Cost: $3.8 million.


  • Hand-mounted stabilisation & manoeuvring jets (2 units). Cost: $2 million.


  • Shoulder-mounted anti-personnel guns and forearm-mounted anti-tank missile launchers: Well the man does need firepower. His shoulder-mounted guns and forearm-mounted missiles are controlled via his helmet, and the missiles are, of course, heat-seeking. Cost: $1.9 million
The Cost of Being Iron Man 3

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If this turn into a project Beano, you can safely multiply your estimate by a few times over and it will be about right. Of course, that number will still fall short by a big gap, if for ‘uncontrollable’ reasons the project is delayed.

Transformation is just a word to play around, it carries no meaning to the urban and the rural has mistaken development or splashing of money as transformation.

Auntie Rosy, played the strategy well. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Who cares, as long as the word, brings in votes from the rural areas.

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