Deflation Hits Singapore!! – Cheaper Household Staples, Utilities, Maids

When Singapore was crowned as the world’s most expensive city for a second year roughly three months ago, there weren’t much fireworks in the sky, at least not to the average Singaporeans. After all, with great title, comes great financial insecurity. Hence it wasn’t hard to understand why the people were feeling the pressure instead. […]

... written on Jun 25 2015

Woman On $10 Dollar Notes? Here’re 20 Countries That Have Already Done That

Americans will get to see a woman on their paper money, scheduled to be released in 2020. As strange as it may sound, there’s not a single woman appears on any of the U.S. money notes, despite the country being the champion of human rights, animal rights, women rights, and whatnot.   When the Treasury […]

... written on Jun 20 2015

What Can UMNO Do If The Kingdom Of Johor Declares Independence?

UMNO is racist. UMNO is fake. UMNO is hopeless. UMNO is weak. UMNO is made of a bunch of thieves. The list goes on and on, and that pretty much summarizes the perception of the political party that has been governing Malaysia since Independence in 1957. Before you start foaming at mouth screaming seditious, let’s […]

... written on Jun 19 2015

Ringgit Is Toast – Here’re Proof Malaysia The First Asian To Hit Recession

Mahathir Mohamad is perhaps the luckiest person on planet Earth. Besides being the longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia, stretching from 1981 to 2003, he also had the luxury experiencing the country’s currency under attack by speculators during the infamous 1997/98 Asia Financial Crisis. Ten years later, during his retirement, he had the second opportunity to see […]

... written on Jun 12 2015

50,000 Global Jobs Cut So That HSBC Can Reward Shareholders

Iron rice bowl is a term Chinese used to refer to an occupation with guaranteed job security, with steady income and perks thrown in. The term is also known as “golden rice bowl”. One of the careers that provide such job security is a job with the government of the day. This was true as […]

... written on Jun 10 2015

Here’s How To Get Windows 10 Upgrade – FREE For Life

Are you running Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 now? If you are, then get ready to upgrade it to Windows 10 – FREE. The Windows 10 will be launched by July 29th 2015. That’s roughly about 8-weeks away. Microsoft (NYSE: Stock, MSFT) has confirmed that its latest operating system will be released […]

... written on Jun 04 2015

HSBC To Charge On Deposits – Proof That EU’s Economy Is Collapsing?

Up to today, many still think that HSBC is actually a bank which is Chinese-owned, Hong Kong-based, located and headquartered in the small but prosperous financial city. After all, HSBC refers to “HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation”. Well, it’s HQ was based in Hong Kong until 1993 before the bank decided to abandon Hong Kong […]

... written on May 20 2015

UFUN Ponzi Scheme – Did Nazifuddin Son Of PM Najib Razak Lie?

What do these big names have in common – Dato Dr Warren Eu, Lt. General Athiwat Soonpan, Datuk Raymond Chan Boon Siew, Datuk Daniel Tay, Dato Nazifuddin (second son of Prime Minister Najib Razak)? They’re all involved in uFun Group (directly or indirectly), a supposedly superbly successful company with more than 10 offices worldwide and members […]

... written on May 15 2015

Cashless Societies – Do You Really Want To Create Such Monsters?

Cash is King, goes the powerful saying, which is still true today. Soon, we may enter a new dimension, whereby money in terms of cash will be made “illegal”. Here’s why cash is horrible – it’s dirty because a U.S. study found 3,000 types of bacteria on bank notes. Cash is easily torn, not to […]

... written on May 14 2015

Moving Goalposts – Here’s Why Janet Yellen Too Chicken To Raise Rate

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen should just resign and let others take over the position. It seems she couldn’t stomach the pressure that comes with one of the most powerful jobs in the world. Is she an equally great liar and a lame duck, just like empty vessel President Obama, who nominated her? Otherwise how […]

... written on Mar 19 2015

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