Here’s Proof UK Housing Bubble May Pop – Tiniest House For £275,000

Forget about China’s housing bubble for the time being. Yeah, we know, we’ve written an article about how George Soros bet his US$2.2 billion on SPY Puts Option, all because he was so worry about China’s housing bubble. But before China’s bubble could burst, and it will for sure, another housing bubble which is much […]

... written on Sep 09 2014

Free Scottish From British – Will We See A New Country This Month?

After more than 300-year the Kingdom of Scotland could emerge as an independent sovereign state again. Scotland which shares a border with England to the south, joined the Kingdom of England on May 1, 1707. Together with Ireland they created the mighty United Kingdom. But unlike England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland has its own […]

... written on Sep 08 2014

If Hadi Is Under UMNO’s Payroll, Could Zahid Be PKR’s Biggest Mole?

By now it’s crystal clear that Pakatan Rakyat’s buddy PAS is openly challenging the coalition to sack the Islamic party. PAS doesn’t want to leave but wants to be sacked so that it can cry, whine and bitch until Shahrizat’s cows come home about PKR and DAP’s cruelty. This time, PAS does not need to […]

... written on Sep 07 2014

The “X” Factor – Here’s The Awesome MasterPiece Of New Mexico City’s Airport (Photos)

British architect Lord Norman Foster is the United Kingdom’s biggest builder of landmark office buildings. He designed the Beijing Terminal 3 Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and tons other infamous architectures. Together with Mexico’s Fernando Romero, son-in-law of Mexican telecom magnate and world’s richest person from 2010-2013 Carlos Slim, have had their design chosen for […]

... written on Sep 06 2014

Imagine Obama As A Stock – At 38% Low, This Share Is Crashing!!

President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to the lowest – again. At 38% as measured by Gallup polling, the President of the United States who looks more like a golfer than a leader has now hits the all-time low. But here’s the good news, this is not the first time he scores the goal. In […]

... written on Sep 05 2014

The Fast Food Workers “Fight For $15” Menu Is Here Again, But Turns Ugly

Thousands of fast food workers have started their protests Thursday outside of restaurants such as McDonald’s, Domino, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Burger King. The protest campaign, known as “Fight for $15”, began on November 2012 and this will be the seventh strike ever since. Fast food workers, who are backed by the Service Employees International […]

... written on Sep 04 2014

Busy With Your Smartphone While Driving? Watch Out, Here Comes The Tracking Gadgets

Did you notice how drivers nowadays dangerously looking at their smartphone while driving on the road? And when you stop at traffic lights, you can bet your last penny that the driver next to you are checking their email or facebook – guaranteed. Well, that’s about to change – General Motors, the largest US automobile […]

... written on Sep 02 2014

Harry Set To Inherit £10 Million, After 17-Years Since Mom Diana’s Death

Malaysians celebrate their Independence Day every year on August 31. In case you didn’t realize, it was also the same day that Diana, Princess of Wales, died exactly 17 years ago in 1997. Besides her jewellery and cash, one of the greatest gifts that she had left for her sons is perhaps her 25-feet infamous […]

... written on Sep 01 2014

It’s Raining Money – UK Benefits System Is So Crazy You Don’t Have To Work

Donna Tithecott, 54, from Lifton, West Devon, received £55,000 (US$91,300; RM287,820) over nine years from generous British Government in benefits. The free money was paid to her as part of housing and council tax benefits, income support and employment and support allowance. At first glance, this looks like a normal case in UK as any British […]

... written on Aug 30 2014

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Is China’s Richest Man. Here’s Top-5 Richest People In China

China has a new super rich man – Jack Ma – the 49-year-old founder and chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Based on Bloomberg latest compilation, Jack has a net worth of a staggering $21.8 billion (£13 billion; RM68.6 billion), making him the richest man in China instantly, dwarfing his nearest competitor, Pony Ma HuaTeng, who […]

... written on Aug 28 2014

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