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Launched!! – US$10,000 Apple Watch, But Why Do You Need It?

When Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in 2007, everyone was crazy and wanted a piece of it. Understandable, it was an iPod, phone and internet glued together into one. Later, when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad in 2010, everyone was equally crazy and wanted a piece of it. Understandable, it was a device […]

... written on Mar 10 2015

Office 2016 For Mac Is Here, Finally … And It’s Free, For Now

Ever since Microsoft’s first Office release to Apple Mac users back in October 2010, everyone have been whining, bitching and wondering if there’ll be a new version. After all, Microsoft has brought the Office to iPad last year, not to mention OneNote for both Mac and iOS. A few weeks ago, iOS users were pampered […]

... written on Mar 06 2015

Berkshire’s 50th Annual Letter Shows Why Warren Buffett Is Worth US$72 Billion

Warren Buffett’s 50th letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders has just been released. Despite being a non-dividend stock, thousands of Berkshire shareholders look forward to the company’s annual letter, as if it’s the last love letter before a worldwide apocalypse. Buffett is a non-believer in paying dividend to shareholders, argues that reinvestment is a better use of […]

... written on Mar 04 2015

Here Comes Wireless Charging, From IKEA Smart Furniture

You’ve been using “wave and pay” credit and debit cards. Depending on where you reside, you may have also experienced the wireless charging at your nearest Starbucks. The nightmare of messy cables for charging is slowly but surely going away. Soon, wireless charging could be a standard (and boring) feature at everyone’s home. IKEA is […]

... written on Mar 03 2015

Revealed!! – Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Youthful Secret

Karpal Singh dies aged 74, while Nik Aziz dies at 84. Lee Kuan Yew is now 91-years-old but he’s very ill, and if one cares to look at a photo dated April 2014 between him and Sultan of Brunei, one cannot help but to express concern about a very thin Singapore’s first prime minister. It […]

... written on Feb 26 2015

Obama, Go Fly Kite!! We’re Not Coming For Your Speech & Lunch

President Barack Obama is scheduled to give a keynote speech and have a private lunch with a select group of top executives on Friday (tomorrow). It’s a cybersecurity summit where top executives from the technology industry are supposed to rub shoulders with each other and with the president, of course. But the current sour relations […]

... written on Feb 12 2015

Here’s Why Whistleblower Snowden Refuses To Use iPhone

Former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor who leaked thousands of pages of previously classified NSA intelligence documents has dropped another bombshell, sort of. It was actually his lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, who made the revelation in an interview with the Russian media agency RIA Novosti. Nevertheless, Anatoly has just exposed why Snowden never use Apple […]

... written on Jan 26 2015

Here Comes Wireless Charging To Starbucks UK, And Soon Europe & Asia

Last year, a study done by smartphone case maker mophie in UK has revealed something amazing, although not surprising. Nearly half of Britons can only remember three telephone numbers because they are so reliant on storing information on their mobile phone. The research also showed that 92% of British people would feel stressed if their […]

... written on Jan 21 2015

New Xiaomi Mi Note – It’s Samsung Note Killer, Not iPhone Killer

Last month, Lei Jun revealed his company’s latest entry-level phone – Redmi 2 – but not before he boast about Xiaomi’s triple-digit growth. This month, or rather yesterday, the Steve Jobs wannabe announced yet another smartphone – Mi Note. Perhaps for the first time, Xiaomi smartphone doesn’t copy Apple phone, not entirely. Xiaomi has decided […]

... written on Jan 16 2015

After Triple-Digit Growth, Could Xiaomi Pull More Rabbits From Its Hat?

China’s Xiaomi Technology had a spectacular year in 2014, judging by its achievements last year. After the Chinese smartphone maker raised US$1.1 billion last month, the company wasted no time this month by boasting some fantastic numbers. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has just revealed the company had sold 61.12 million phone last year, bringing home […]

... written on Jan 05 2015

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