Get Free Cash By Setting Your iPhone / iPad’s Date To 1/1/1970

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Feb 15 2016
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Remember how you perform a simple trick on your iPhone or iPad in order to play Candy Crush for unlimited plays? You change the date forward to cheat for lives. Now, there’s a new neat trick that you can try (if you dare, but we highly recommend you read to the end of this article before attempting it) – change the date backward to 1st January, 1970.


There have been various gimmicks on the Internet and social media, including troll haven 4Chan, that encourage users to seek out an iOS “easter egg” that puts a retro Apple logo theme on your display. Well, common sense should tell you this is a trick simply because Apple didn’t exist until 1976. But hey, since when do netizens care about senses, right?

Apple iOS iPhone iPad Bug Prank - Setting Date To 1-1-1970

NOdon’t try this deadly experiment. Unlike the date trick to play Candy Crush, there’s no turning back if you so this. If you really insist, take any of your 64-bit Apple device – iPhone 5S or newer, iPad Air or newer, iPad Mini 2 or newer, sixth generation iPod touch or newer. Change the date to 1/1/1970, reboot, and voila – your bank account is suddenly flushed with US$700 million.


Of course this is a scam or a prank. By doing so, your expensive iPhone / iPad will essentially trigger an infinite loop – an Apple logoforever. If you still didn’t get the juice, this means your Apple gadget will be inoperable or simply useless. It cannot be restored via iTunes backups and even “genius” staffs at Apple have no solution to fix this problem, for now.



The only solution is to buy a new device (*tongue-in-cheek*). Still, you’re welcomed to test it on older gadgets and share your great adventure with us (*grin*). This deadly bug could be due to the fact that 1/1/1970 is effectively “Day Zero” as far as UNIX world is concerned, the point from which all subsequent time is counted and calculated.


Yes, in case you didn’t know, both iPhone and Android operating systems were built on UNIX-like flavour platform, not Microsoft Windows, for obvious reason. Hence, it goes haywire and Ka-boom when the iOS handles system times that are close to zero – the date, month, and year when UNIX was presumably born.

Apple iOS iPhone iPad Bug Prank - Setting Date To 1-1-1970 - Infinite Loop with Logo

Relax, there’s a fix to it though. According to some reports, the deadly date will get “reset” when the battery goes completely flat. Some claim that the issue resolves itself once the internal clock progresses to a certain point. Whatever the solution, it’s wise not to try this on your phone. But to break another person’s phone, that’s another trick altogether (*grin*).


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