Sleepy Joe Finally Strikes Iran Militants In Iraq & Syria – But Only After U.S. Troops Have Been Attacked 160 Times

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Feb 03 2024
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For four decades, Joe Biden has remained hopeful that the U.S. and Iran could find some common ground. Like other foolish Democrats leaders such as Barack Obama, they thought Iranian Mullahs could be brought into the U.S. orbit by being friendly with them. In fact, years before Obama ran for president, Biden was already calling for engagement with the Middle Eastern nation.


The gullible Democrats are still ignorant despite the fact that Iran has openly stated its goal to continue its struggle until the destruction of “enemies” – the United States and Israel. One of the juicy carrots offered by Washington to Tehran was money, lots of cash. For example, after a planeload of US$400 million in cash was sent to Iran, Obama sent another two shipments of US$1.3 billion.


Part of the money was to pay ransom so that Iran can release four American kidnapped prisoners. Who says the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists, or in the case of Iran – the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism? Heck, even money – more than 1 billion euros – designated for Iran’s fight against the Coronavirus had gone missing. Worse, donated hospital equipments ended for sale on the black market.

US Strikes Iran Militants in Syria and Iraq - Fighter Jets

Even the Director of the Supreme Audit Court of Iran (SAC), Adel Azar, admitted in 2020 that US$4.8 billion of the Islamic Republic’s money had gone missing from the country’s budget. The money was part of US$31 billion distributed to import essential goods for the people, but politically well-connected importers took the money but never deliver and goods or products.


Besides corruption and misappropriation of budget where some government employees received “astronomical salaries” – more than US$12,000 a month – the Iranian regime also used money given by the U.S. government to sponsor more terrorism. While the naive Democrats believe they could use money to delay Iranian’s nuclear program, Tehran cheated from day one – take the cash, but continue the program secretly.


Iran-friendly policy adopted by Washinton has essentially emboldened – even encourage – the Mullahs to sponsor more terror groups, especially in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and of course, the Gaza. President “Sleepy Joe” Biden, who was still fantasizing that he could restore the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which was scrapped by Trump administration, has finally forced to retaliate.

US President Joe Biden - Clueless

On Friday (February 2), the U.S. military forces launched air assaults on at least 85 targets in Iraq and Syria used by Iran-backed militants. The retaliation was in response to a drone attack that killed three American soldiers and wounded 40 on a remote outpost known as Tower 22 in Jordan on Sunday. Even then, the weak Biden appeared to be apologetic, clarifying that the U.S. does not want a wider war in the region.


Worse, the so-called military superpower was a “sitting duck”, as described by Senator Tom Cotton, because Biden refused to respond even after American forces in the Middle East have been attacked 160 times by Iran-backed forces in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Yemen since the Israel-Hamas war erupted in October 2023. Had Biden acted decisively and bravely, those U.S. troops would still be alive today.


Senator Cotton said – “The only answer to these attacks must be devastating military retaliation against Iran’s terrorist forces, both in Iran and across the Middle East.” Former President Donald Trump, who hopes to avenge his previous defeat against Biden in this year’s presidential election, said the attack on American troops was the “consequence of Joe Biden’s weakness and surrender.”

Nuclear Deal - Cartoon Iran Nuclear Compliance Meter

Amusingly, the U.S. strikes have killed very few Iran-backed terrorists because the Biden administration has been broadcasting its attention to launch air strikes, providing lots of time for the enemy to evacuate and hide. The White House also appeared to stop short of directly targeting Iran or senior leaders of the Revolutionary Guard Quds Force – suggesting Biden has no balls to challenge the Mullahs.


On one hand, the incompetent Biden administration wants to send a signal to the Iranian regime and its proxies that there will be a price to pay for hitting American troops in the region. On the other hand, the president who looks senile most of the time has been struggling to contain Iran with an effective strategy. It didn’t help that the U.S. could not impose sanctions on all of Iran’s oil exports.


By profusely telling all and sundry that the U.S. had no plan to bomb Iran, Tehran has every reason to escalate the conflict because the POTUS does not want to see it spiral out of control. Every Tom, Dick and Harry could see that Iran does not want a war, especially against the U.S., but Biden’s refusal to project strength means Iran-backed militants can afford to provoke the U.S.

Palestinian Hamas Terrorists

Iran has established what is known as the “axis of resistance”, which is a network of Iran proxy groups across the Middle East. It includes Hezbollah in Lebanon, a coalition of militias in Iraq known as the Islamic Resistance, Ansar Allah – Houthi forces – in Yemen and Iran-linked groups in eastern Syria. Kataib Hezbollah (KH) is the most powerful of the Iran-backed militias in Iraq.


However, the U.S. killed the founder of KH, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, in the same drone strike four years ago in Baghdad that killed Quassem Soleimani, an Iranian major general and the commander of the Quds Force. The attack on a remote U.S. base in Jordan that killed three American soldiers last week had the fingerprints of Kataib Hezbollah (KH).


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