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Apr 02 2022
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Are you a numismatist? Individuals who find thrill in collecting old and rare coins are constantly on the lookout to add new pieces to their collections.

Precious metal companies, including Lear Capital, offer an extensive range of premium gold coins that spark the interest of investors and numismatics. These pieces from the Liberty and Indian series feature unique designs and high purity. Some of them are rarer than others.

Have a look at the most popular premium gold coins offered by Lear Capital.


$20 Liberty

$20 gold coins, also popular as Double Eagles, are the largest ones ever made in America for general circulation. The face value of these pieces resulted from the gold rush taking place in California. It was more logical and efficient at that time to make a single $20 piece than two with an equal worth of ten dollars. Find out more about the Californian Gold Rush.

The diameter of Double Eagles is 34 mm, while its weight is 33.436 grams. There are two Double Eagle designs, including the Liberty minted in the period between 1849 and 1907 and the Saint Gaudens minted in the period between 1907 and 1933. Both types contain approximately an ounce of gold, exactly .9675 ounces.

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$10 Liberty

Another gold coin available for purchase at Lear Capital is the $10 Liberty designed by Christian Gobrecht. While the design remained the same, it went through a change in diameter one year after it was first minted. Its original diameter was 22.5 mm, later reduced to 21.6 mm. The idea behind this diameter change was to create a thicker coin that could be minted with greater detail.

Moreover, these proofs were minted in limited quantities, 450 to be precise. The Coronet design first appeared in 1839, featuring a female head facing in the left direction with her hair secured in a bun and wearing a coronet saying Liberty. On the reverse side, there’s an eagle whose breasts are covered with a shield, standing on an olive branch.

The Philadelphia Mint was in charge of coinage during the indicated span from 1839 to 1866. There are numerous precious metal companies helping individuals acquire rare premium coins. Make sure to read Lear Capital reviews if planning to diversify your portfolio. Additional $10 Liberty proofs were minted occasionally at New Orleans, San Francisco, Charlotte, and Dahlonega. The rarest piece was struck in San Francisco, as there are only three such pieces existing today.


$5 Liberty

Another gold coin to consider adding to your portfolio is the $5 Liberty Head Gold Eagle. The diameter of these pieces was 22.5 mm from 1839 to 1840 and then decreased to 21.6 mm from 1840 to 1929. Their exact weight is 8.359 grams and they consist of 90% gold.


$20 Saint Gaudens

This piece was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and it was issued in 1933. It has a diameter of 33 millimeters and weighs 516 grams. The design features Miss Liberty and the Capitol Building behind her, while the reverse shows a flying eagle over the sun. The head of the coin is bordered by tiny stars, which were initially 46 and then increased to 48.

Liberty Gold Coin

$10 Indian

Another precious coin to take into account is the $10 Indian, which was also designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Miss Liberty is once again featured, but this time in the form of a portrait, showing her head and part of the neck. The stars don’t surround the entire coin, only the head of Miss Liberty. The motif on the reverse stays the same. Visit this site, https://www.britannica.com/biography/Augustus-Saint-Gaudens, to learn about the life and work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens.


Furthermore, diameter changes were made in 1829 when it reduced from 25mm to 22.5 millimeters. Other modifications occurred in 1829 as well by following the instructions of William Kneass. Consequently, the format that was reduced in size and existed from 1829 to 1834 was considered a separate variant. Even though mintages produced many such coins in the period between 1813 and 1834, almost all are nowadays considered rarities.


$5 Indian

The quarter and half eagle got a new design in 1908 created by the sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt. He made a departure from the design techniques used before. The obverse shows an Indian Chief, seven stars to the right and six stars to the left. The reverse features an eagle standing proudly on a branch with the United States of America written above.

These pieces were mainly minted at the Philadelphia Mint and some at the Denver mint. While Pratt doubtlessly created a specific design, the coin proved prone to scuffs due to the raised portion in the center. Therefore, it’s challenging for numismatists to find one undamaged.


Final word

Explore the premium coin galleries of different dealers before investing!

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