Everything You Need To Know About Crypto IRA

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Oct 06 2021
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Have you considered investing in cryptocurrencies for retirement? Many individuals decide to diversify their retirement portfolios with cryptos because of the possibility of earning significantly higher returns.


When planning for retirement, most people set up a traditional individual retirement account (IRA). Nevertheless, nowadays, many are tempted to open up a crypto IRA, which provides investors with an opportunity to invest in alternative assets. Some of the best crypto IRA companies assist individuals on the journey to investing in cryptocurrencies for their retirement.


Here is everything you need to know about these self-directed individual retirement accounts.


What is it?

A crypto IRA is basically a self-directed individual retirement account allowing individuals to invest in alternative assets, such as cryptocurrency, which aren’t included in traditional IRAs. Opening such an account is recommended to investors unafraid of taking some risk in return for larger profits and appealing tax benefits.

Everything You Need To Know About Crypto IRA 1

Furthermore, a crypto IRA isn’t much different than the conventional variant, as it involves some minor differences like storage. As far as cryptocurrencies are concerned, the standard way of storing them is in a digital wallet. The annual contribution limit in 2021 is $7,000 for people over fifty or older.


Individuals interested in setting up a crypto IRA should be aware of three components. Firstly, the custodian stands for the IRA holder in charge of safekeeping and making sure your account abides by the regulations imposed by the government and the IRS. This role is usually played by banks and other financial institutions when it comes to conventional IRAs.


Secondly, the crypto exchange refers to a place where cryptocurrencies are traded. It’s almost identical to the stock market, as this is where digital currencies are actively traded and purchased, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Check out the ten most important cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Thirdly, secure storage solutions are offered by crypto IRA providers to prevent these digital assets from getting stolen.

Everything You Need To Know About Crypto IRA 2


Crypto individual retirement accounts provide investors with a variety of benefits. Portfolio diversification is one of the crucial advantages, as crypto IRAs represent promising investment strategies. While most people hold stocks and bonds in their retirement accounts, crypto accounts allow diversification. By diversifying your portfolio, the chances for increasing your returns become higher.


Tax advantages are of great importance to crypto investors, as setting up a self-directed IRA is a safe way of minimizing crypto taxes. Since cryptocurrencies are considered property by the IRS, all earnings are subjected to capital gains tax, either short-term or long-term. Tax benefits differ in timing in traditional and Roth crypto IRAs.


In the former case, these advantages are more immediate, as taxes are deferred until the time you gain access to the funds upon retirement. In the latter case, the contributions you make aren’t tax-deductible. Nevertheless, investors receive more benefits along the way by not paying capital gain tax on value increases when accessing the funds. Investors are relieved from the tax burden by not being taxed on anything, provided the assets are held in the account.

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Decentralization is another benefit of setting up a crypto IRA. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning their value isn’t dependent on a nation’s economy or market. Decentralization is what appeals to most investors since they become the main driving factors on the market with minimal third-party interference. Follow this link, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decentralized_exchange, for an overview of the decentralized exchange.


Security is another reason why investors consider investing in cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies are based on blockchain technology, which allows the transfer, tracking, and sharing of peer-to-peer transactions. This technology provides maximum security when making transfers between two parties by minimizing the risk of tampering.


A blockchain is formed with multiple blocks, and every block is created by relying on the information from the block before. Consequently, in order to alter any block data, the entire chain has to be manipulated, which makes transactions authentic and convenient to track. While blockchain technology has a number of useful applications, the ability to conduct secure transactions is unquestionably the most valued.

Everything You Need To Know About Crypto IRA 4

Potential risks

Apart from considering the benefits of setting up a crypto IRA, investors should beware of the potential risks as well. Any type of investment comes with its own risks, which investors close to retirement are willing to take. The main risk to bear in mind is volatility, which generally comes from the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.


In addition, crypto prices are at risk of dropping rapidly due to negative stories, such as the announcement of Elon Musk in May this year that Tesla decided to no longer accept cryptocurrency payments because of environmental concerns. While this announcement pushed the price of Bitcoin down, its value was pushed upwards in just a few months, as Elon Musk made another statement in June about Tesla accepting cryptocurrency payments when over fifty percent of its energy use originates from renewable sources.


Negative and positive news stories have the potential to push the prices of cryptocurrencies up and down, which increases volatility. Bitcoin investors have indeed experienced a rollercoaster ride in the course of this year, as its value hit a record of $63,375 on the 13th of April, only to drop under $30,000 in June. At the beginning of August, Bitcoin value rose to $40,000 and continued to rise towards the end of the month, exceeding $50,000.


Another possible disadvantage is the number of fees, which are more numerous in comparison with traditional IRA fees. For example, there are set-up fees, trading fees, account management fees, and other costs associated with cryptocurrency investments for retirement.


Additionally, there are potential exchange limitations imposed by crypto IRA companies. Some of these companies only allow investors to trade on certain currency exchanges, not those preferred by them. Therefore, if you wish to invest in specific crypto, have a consultation with your provider to check whether such exchange is allowed.


A final note

If you are nearing retirement, why not consider diversifying your portfolio with cryptocurrencies?

Potential returns are indeed high!

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