It’s Checkmate, Bro! – PM Muhyiddin Has Fallen, Razaleigh-Anwar Combo Could Be The New Government

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Aug 03 2021
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As the panicked minions of Muhyiddin Yassin scrambled to buy and solicit Statutory Declarations (SDs) of support for the illegitimate prime minister, UMNO president Zahid Hamidi and his mentor, former Prime Minister Najib Razak, was busy collecting SDs to withdraw the support for the premier. And it’s not rocket science to guess the winner.


The game was easy – fish for as many votes as possible in a small pond of 38 UMNO MPs. With the deaths of 2 MPs, Muhyiddin must possess 111 in the 222-seat Parliament for a simple majority support. And with the Opposition in command of 107 MPs, Muhyiddin government has only a razor-thin 113 MPs, a majority of only 3 seats, without which it will collapse.


Clearly, it’s more difficult for Muhyiddin to catch all the 38 fishes than for Zahid to fish for just three to create trouble for the regime. That was why Muhyiddin bootlickers have been foaming at the mouth with hilarious and fake claims that 40 Barisan Nasional MPs (including 2 MCA MPs, 1 MIC MP and 1 PBRS MP) supported the prime minister. But they failed the Math.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

With claims of 40 Barisan votes, it means there were 36 UMNO loyalists (or only 2 UMNO rebels). But UMNO veteran Tengku Razaleigh had already moved his chair out of the government bloc. Does that mean only UMNO president Zahid was alone in rejecting PM Muhyiddin? Then, they plucked another number from the sky – 30 Barisan MPs have signed declaration letters to support the PM.


But even with 30 Barisan votes, it simply means only 26 UMNO MPs were with the government. In other words, Zahid and Najib managed to catch 10 fishes, excluding themselves. With 12 UMNO rebels, the regime’s 113 seats would plunge to merely 101, effectively loses its simple majority. Heck, it would have fewer than the Opposition’s 107 seats.


However, it got worse, with insiders revealed that there were only 19 MPs from Barisan Nasional who had turned up for a meeting with the newly promoted deputy prime minister “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Essentially, it means Muhyiddin administration has only maximum 92 MPs compared to the Opposition’s 107, while 21 MPs from Barisan Nasional remain neutral.

Perikatan Nasional vs Muafakat Nasional - Zahid Hamidi vs Muhyiddin Yassin

And on Tuesday (August 3), UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi found his balls to finally withdraw the party’s support for not only PM Muhyiddin, but also the Perikatan Nasional government. Mr Zahid said – “I have the sufficient number of declaration letters withdrawing support from Muhyiddin Yassin as prime minister signed by UMNO MPs and they have been presented to the YDPA Agong (King)”.


Including UMNO MP Shamsul Anuar Nasarah, who had earlier resigned as the energy and natural resources minister before Zahid’s announcement, at least 12 UMNO MPs have quit. They are Zahid Hamidi, Najib Razak, Azalina Othman Said, Abdul Azeez Rahim, Noh Omar, Nizar Zakaria, Ahmad Mazlan, Tengku Razaleigh, Ramli Mohd Nor, Ahmad Maslan and Ahmad Nazlan Idris.


But the official number could be as high as 14, after UMNO’s two MPs in Sabah – Bung Moktar Radin and Mohamad Alamin – declared as early as July 8 that they will withdraw support for Perikatan Nasional in compliance with the party’s decision to reject the federal government. Regardless of the numbers, Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin is toast.

PM Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin - Sad Face

It was all about UMNO from the beginning. Without UMNO, the biggest party in the Perikatan Nasional coalition, Muhyiddin would not have become the prime minister in the first place. And now UMNO is telling Muhyiddin that the game is over. The corrupt party, which had lost the May 2018 General Election, is now redeeming its credit points, demanding that UMNO gets the prime minister post.


In truth, Najib and Zahid have nothing to lose. Najib has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined RM210 million after he was found guilty of all 7 charges of abuse of power, criminal breach of trust (CBT), and money laundering – involving RM42 million stolen from SRC International Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of 1MDB). Zahid, meanwhile, is still on trial for corruption charges.


The game plan was to install a new puppet as Muhyiddin’s replacement so that Najib could win his appeal and Zahid’s charges could be dropped before the next 15th General Election, without which both may become good neighbours in prison. And the prospect puppet is none other than UMNO vice president Ismail Sabri, who was promoted as the deputy prime minister less than a month ago.

Ismail Sabri Yaakob

However, “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri is more clueless and incompetent than Muhyiddin. Sabri was the Senior Minister cum Defence Minister in charge of combating the Coronavirus pandemic from the beginning. There’s no difference between the man with an “IQ of a carrot” and a donkey. Therefore, if he could become the next prime minister, a donkey is equally qualified.


The biggest problem with elevating Sabri as the new premier is the fact that the current Perikatan Nasional coalition will still remain fragile, even if Muhyiddin reluctantly chooses to go into early retirement (and lose face as the worst prime minister ever produced). And there’s still the elephant in the room – Azmin Ali and his gang of 10 traitors.


With Sabri and Azmin do not see eye to eye, could UMNO still work with the traitors who betrayed their own PKR party and Pakatan Harapan government? What if Azmin demands the position of deputy prime minister in exchange for his support, in addition to the status quo of the current ministers and deputy ministers enjoyed by his own band of loyalists?

Rivalry - Azmin Ali and Ismail Sabri

As much as UMNO can threaten Muhyiddin to quit, Bersatu too can threaten Sabri, or any UMNO appointed prime minister for that matter, to quit too. The instability and infighting will continue, which will see little change in the current sagging economy, increasing unemployment, deteriorating Covid-19 infections and deaths, fleeing of foreign investors and whatnot.


With Najib and Zahid as the puppet masters, it’s also not possible for Mahathir to swing his support for an UMNO-led government. Hence, even if the captain is replaced, Perikatan Nasional is still old wine in a new bottle, commanding only a razor-thin 113 MPs. After believing Muhyiddin was the best thing since sliced bread, will King Sultan Abdullah make the same silly mistake again?


Alternatively, Tengku Razaleigh could command a bigger pool of support from both sides of the political divide. A Kelantanese prince, he will present an easier choice for the Palace. More importantly, he is expected to get the full support from former PM Mahathir, who in addition to his 4 MPs, can swing additional 9 MPs from Sabah-based Warisan.

Tengku Razaleigh and Mahathir Mohamad

Sure, 84-year-old Razaleigh is not perfect. But he’s the least controversial compared to Ismail Sabri or Hishammuddin Hussein, let alone Azmin Ali or Zahid Hamidi. It would be harder for both Najib and Zahid to reject Razaleigh, one of their own comrades, if the King prefers the UMNO veteran, who had lost marginally the UMNO president post to Mahathir in a close contest in 1987.


Unless Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim could quickly boost the Pakatan Harapan coalition’s current seats from 88 to above 110 in the next few days, he could miss the boat again to yet another old man. Still, there’s a possibility of a Razaleigh-Anwar tag-team. With its strong army of 88 MPs, Anwar is more than qualified to be given the deputy prime minister post.


With Prime Minister Razaleigh and Anwar as his deputy, a more stable government can be formed to focus on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and to arrest the tumbling economy. This option will also be immune to the potential threat of plotting, scheming, sabotaging and backstabbing from power-hungry traitors like Muhyiddin, Azmin Ali or Hamzah Zainudin.

Anwar Ibrahim and Tengku Razaleigh

The Razaleigh-Anwar combination is the least favourable option for Najib and Zahid. There’s no guarantee that Razaleigh will intervene to free both crooks. Likewise, there’s no guarantee that Najib and Zahid will support Razaleigh. But with the public pressured stacked against Muhyiddin government, and Muhyiddin’s refusal to free them, both crooks had to take a gamble.


True, UMNO and DAP are bitter enemies, but so are Najib and Mahathir. Zahid may have screamed “No DAP” and “No Anwar”, but he can still claim victory – the throne. The first option is to install Ismail Sabri, failing which they have to live with alternative. Besides, it’s still unknown if PAS Islamist party will make a spectacular U-turn and start sucking, hugging and kissing UMNO, as the fake holy men would normally do.


Like it or not, the UMNO rebels have crossed the Rubicon – a point of no return. If Sabri is unacceptable, Razaleigh provides the middle ground for everyone to topple a common enemy – the Muhyiddin regime, which has turned the country upside down. With less than 2 years before the next election, it won’t hurt to temporarily try a new formula. The country badly needs a new effective government.

Traitors - Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainudin

More crucially, Muhyiddin and his top lieutenants, Azmin and Hamzah, finally get the taste of their own medicine – being backstabbed and betrayed by their own ally UMNO. The withdrawal of support from Zahid is the same betrayal pulled by Muhyiddin last year, when he withdrew his party Bersatu’s support for the democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government.


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It ain’t actually over yet, it’s all Malaysian “math” – or maybe meth, there are just too many “variables”, and Malaysian probability studies are just like Malaysia, à fcuking mana ada fcuking nightmare.

If Stupid PM Niamahaidin somehow survives, we should be proud he’s the only PM in the world able to work both his back door “liquid gold” sprinkler and Covid statistics to stay in power.

Back door bonker Anwar returning would be a fcuking nightmare too even if he wakes up to the fact he should only be serving Malaysians and Malaysia, and not his Yank neocon massahs and Israel. It is a fcuking nightmare embarrassment when his foreign massahs, without any discretion or subtlety reveal him as their useful moron running dog.

Not to forget the lacklustre neocon stooge pestered and tried to con mullah Tok Guru into supporting Israel – as if that’s of much concern to Malaysians. And as if Israel sends plane-loads of relief to needy Malaysians when not busy killing, maiming and torturing Palestinians.

I have been kind of wondering about “Plan C”, would our foreign-controlled rentamobs try a “colour” if Plan A depose Niamahaidin fails, or Plan B bring in Anwar fails. The feral mobs, brothers and kindred spirit of the feral mobs in Hong Kong and Thailand foreign-owned stooge monkeys have failed their Yank and assorted massahs, would the Malaysian chapter take a last stand, ultimately against China since the monkeys have not much use for their massahs in Malaysia than China.

I would need to stock up the popcorn and fried ikan bilis peanut combo if our Throne isn’t amenable to the cause of the mobs, and we see an attack on our royals as seen in Thailand. Thankfully that failed in Thailand, I don’t believe in the business of cutting our snout to spite the face, worse still, just to please them foreign massahs. It would be epic a few running skirmishes between the yellow/black attack neo-colonial deculturised running dogs of their western massahs – and the mat armpit rentamobs of them redshifts. Would be fun, dare I say, to even see Ibrahim Oily and his patron the slimy treacherous Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster come out to run alongside one or two charges against the established order seeing Oily’s patron resplendent in his regalia of a stolen hotel shower cap is a treat.

Though I am not wan bit impressed with Niamahaidin’s inability to repress his rogue backdoor sprinkler nor respectful of the gomen’s diarrhoea-splattered flag, I am equally unimpressed with our traitors in the fcuked up retard “opposition” more concerned with seeking the approval of their foreign handlers than winning over our citizens, dashing off immediately to China to cancel improbable “debt traps” and not treating promises to Malaysians as “Bible” is both dumb and sick, the foreign massahs are indeed the massahs for our bunches of foreign bootlickers and foreign pinky-white-arseh*le-smooching running niggah dogs.

We’ve barely resolved the issue of what ketuanan “Malay first” should mean, and meanwhile we have the rentamobs at bay who can’t wait to pretend to support our Throne while hardly able to contain themselves in their wish to die or get nicely thumped for their foreign handler massahs, wtf!

In the bigger picture, it is mostly about Ketuanan Cina who is giving them white massahs of our running monkeys à damn hard time. “Colour” uprisings have failed abysmally everywhere around us, Malaysia is just about the last stand for the massahs of our deculturised niggah monkeys. If Yank neocon stooge boy Anwar conjures another bunch of fake numbers yet again, then the niggahs for neocons are properly fcuked, there’s little room in their kennel to continue to fcuk about.

Well, long story short, it’s ultimately about China, Ketuanan Cina is the flavour of the season. And the season means a damn good long long time into the future. When the future is the glorious Almighty Ketuanan Cina, there is no future for those niggahs who cannot read beyond the orders of their foreign massahs.

Well, them foreign massahs to our grateful slave running dog niggahs are fcuked, if ketuanan here isn’t resolved, it is also fcuked.

Answer is to defer to Glorious Ketuanan Cina, frankly, who wants to die for the losers?, Alhamdulilah!

And the losers are Yankland, and them assorted bunches of outfits and individual operators Ketuanan Cina pisses on.

All ye monkeys, pick up your Made-in-China tourist swords and kerises, fight the good fight, I ain’t spending on front seat, great whisky, and popcorn and fried ikan bilis on any lousy show, let battle commence, ya stupid pathetic monkeys, storm the citadels, Iwo Jim’s, Hang Tuah, Rambo, Rumsfeld, Soros, NED… and all that..!

Go all out and fcuk yourselves, niggah boys of whatever ilk, praise be, if you don’t fcuk yourselves dying for your dumbfcuk beliefs, Covid’s and our fcuked up gomen’s going to kill you, anyway!

Remember email me when it’s all over, white sheets, cardboard boxes, or 100-year egg urns for your carcass.

And you want to go in an old Proton, how much paper and bitcoin toasted for you, and how you want to go in a bright blaze of glory and be seen from outa space – like those Hindian tandoori pures, Ommm…!

“In the bigger picture, it is mostly about Ketuanan Cina who is giving them white massahs of our running monkeys à damn hard time.

Well, long story short, it’s ultimately about China, Ketuanan Cina is the flavour of the season.

Answer is to defer to Glorious Ketuanan Cina, frankly, who wants to die for the losers?, Alhamdulilah!

And the losers are Yankland, and them assorted bunches of outfits and individual operators Ketuanan Cina pisses on.”Unquote

Eerrrrrrrrr, Wolfo the bitchy bitch keeps getting it wrong. It is actually, since Wolfo is using the word ‘Ketuanan’ to the Chinese, should be ‘Ketuanan Communist Cina’. China now is a Communist country run by a group of insecure Communist people.

A large number Chinese people do not support the communist regime.


All these oximorons – mahiadin n his cabinets n his supporters must go, go, go!!! We don’t need them! They should be put in a place like Guantanamo Bay! How can they sleep well when they are enjoying lining their pockets whilst the masses are suffering from the pandemic. Please just go or die!!!

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