Trapping The Monarchies To Extend Emergency – Muhyiddin Regime Has Started Cooking Data & Pulling Off Gimmick

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Jun 11 2021
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If reactions from Abdul Hadi Awang are any indicator, the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin is extremely panicked. When the news flashed about the special meetings between Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah and political party leaders, including the Oppositions, the bedridden Hadi was so shocked he almost fell off the bed.


Mr Hadi has every reason to be horrified and terrified over the royal meetings. The fact that the Palace had arranged two meetings – one with party leaders this week, follows with an emergency meeting involving 9 monarchies next week – is definitely not a good sign. The last time such a rare episode happened was in February 2020, which saw the formation of the current backdoor government.


The PAS president should be aware of karma. The fact that this is the third time he has been admitted to the National Heart Institute (IJN) could be a sign from his creator. However, unable to control his anger due to his lust for power, he went ballistic even from the hospital bed. The fake holy man, conveniently quote the Prophet, Quran, Islam and whatnot, had demanded action against the plotters.

Hadi Awang - Special Envoy To Middle East - Camel

The same man who had previously conspired and plotted with traitors to overthrow the legitimate and democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government, is now whining, moaning and bitching about plotters trying to snatch power from him. It’s amusing that Hadi didn’t care to consult the Quran, Islam, and Prophet last year when he plotted with corrupt crooks to grab power.


The stakes are high. If the nine royal households decide to end the existing state of emergency after next Wednesday (June 16) meeting, Muhyiddin’s so-called Malay-centric Perikatan Nasional government will collapse. In essence, Mercedes Benz, RM70,000 monthly salaries and allowances, ministerships, chairmanships, police escorts and other perks will vanish.


In the same breath, Prime Minister Muhyiddin, Senior Minister Azmin Ali and Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin – the biggest traitors – will have no choice but to throw everything in their arsenal, including the kitchen sink, to force the 9 Monarchies of Malaysia to extend the state of emergency. The tactic is to create fear, uncertainties and doubts for the Malay Rulers.

Senior Works Minister - Fadillah Yusof

And it appears the power-hungry, but incompetent regime has started pulling off gimmick to hoodwink the Sultans. Today, Works Minister and one of four Senior Ministers – Fadillah Yusof – has suddenly tested positive for Covid-19. Was it not that all the bloated Cabinet of 72 ministers and deputy ministers had been given their jab of vaccines already?


Sure, having inoculated does not guarantee 100% immunity from the Coronavirus. But considering this senior minister is rarely seen in public doing any work, how could the lucky guy hit the jackpot so easily? Was he infected with the variant from Brazil, UK, South Africa or India? If he could easily be infected again, what are the chances that the people are safe even after vaccination?


The lack of transparency suggests this is a gimmick to justify the shutdown of Parliament, and why the institution that represents democracy must remain locked down so that the illegitimate prime minister can cling to power unchallenged. Home Minister Hamzah can now tell the monarch that the reopening of Parliament is very dangerous as it can still infect Members of Parliament.

Agong - King Sultan Abdullah of Pahang - Desk

Coincidentally, after the Agong (King) concluded his meetings with all the political party leaders today, especially after UMNO president Zahid Hamidi revealed that he urged the monarch not to extend the Emergency beyond August 1 expiry date, new Covid-19 cases jumped back to nearly 7,000. Compared to today’s 6,849 new cases, yesterday recorded 5,671 infections.


It was just days ago when Health Director-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the effective reproduction number (R0/Rt) for Covid-19 infections had plunged to below 1.0, an indicator that the virus has been suppressed. The country registered 5,271 new Covid-19 cases on June 7, hence the R-value of 0.97, the first time in weeks daily cases dropped to below 6,000-mark.


Of course, June 7 was also the same day news broke that King Sultan Abdullah wanted to meet all the political party chiefs before Malay Rulers decides the fate of the state of emergency. And since then, the daily infections have been “strategically going up” to today’s 6,849 new cases. Comically, the next day (June 8), Dr Noor mysteriously said the Covid-19 situation “is still serious”.

Dr Noor Hisham - Health Director-General

In fact, Dr Noor said today (June 11) that should the Emergency be lifted, the previously postponed by-elections and state election could not be stopped. Defending the emergency proclamation as successful in curbing the spread of Covid, even though it was not, he seems to be issuing a pre-emptive warning to the Sultans not to scrap the emergency – or else something bad will happen.


Someone should remind Dr Noor that he is partially, if not fully, to be blamed for the outbreak of the third wave of Coronavirus, which was triggered after Muhyiddin’s second coup to snatch power in the state of Sabah. It was Dr Noor, who said that the 14-day quarantine was not mandatory for Sabah arrivals in the Peninsular because not all arrivals returned from red zones.


Therefore, it was primarily the abuse of power and double standards practised by the government that had caused the third wave. South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, France, Netherlands, Spain, North Macedonia and even Croatia had held elections without triggering any apocalypse. Fine, let’s assume Malaysians are not mature to go to the poll without spreading the virus.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 Daily New Cases vs New Deaths - Chart

But the current screw-up did not only start after the Sabah state election, but is amplified by the premature reopening of schools, Ramadan bazaars and the traditional “balik kampung” exodus for Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. Was it not Senior Minister Ismail Sabri, who said he had no idea how 200,000 people managed to evade the police roadblocks to return to their home towns for the festival?


So, where was Dr Noor when the government decided to allow Ramadan bazaar to open on April 13? And where was Dr Noor when an estimated 103,994 university students were allowed to travel interstate back to their home towns? Where was Dr Noor when dozens of ministers deliberately breached the SOP and travelled interstate to attend the wedding reception of fellow Jelebu MP Jalaluddin?


There has not been any election whatsoever since the Sabah state election in September 2020. Yet, there have been two huge waves so far, first in late-January and the second which is ongoing. It means even without elections, the Muhyiddin regime can create outbreaks whenever they want to. In the same breath, it proves they can manipulate data for daily cases as desired.

Traitors - Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainudin

Data manipulation can be as easy as increasing or reducing daily testings, or delaying testing results to suit the selfish purpose of the backdoor government. By keeping the daily infections consistently high, the three musketeers – Muhyiddin, Azmin and Hamzah – hope they could send shivers down the Sultan’s spine about the impact of ending the emergency, which gives them absolute power.


Today’s extension of the half-baked full lockdown (also known as full MCO or FMCO) by another 2 weeks till June 28 has been largely anticipated. From initial mind-boggling 95,142 dubious companies out of 517,144 companies allowed to operate during the lockdown, which later expanded to a jaw-dropping 128,150 companies, do you expect the spread of Coronavirus could be contained?


The prospect of the nine monarchies ending the misuse of emergency has made power-hungry Home Minister Hamzah even more determined to create a bigger chaos in the country. His tactic now is to launch more rounds of crackdowns on illegal migrants. As the migrants forced to run and hide, it will potentially spread the virus even more severely.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 Cases - ICU

The more infections and the more deaths from Covid-19, the better it is for the regime. The premier can then justify to the King and his brother rulers that the emergency must not only continue, but extended indefinitely until the country achieves herd immunity, a sexy variable which can also be exploited and manipulated. You can bet that once the state of emergency is extended, the vaccination rate will suddenly drop.


They are trying to trap King Sultan Abdullah, who had made the biggest mistake when he granted PM Muhyiddin the absolute power. If the Malay Rulers end the emergency, they will be blamed for taking away the tool to fight the pandemic. If the monarchies extend the emergency, they will also get the blame when the regime slows down vaccination to prolong the pandemic in order to cling to power.

Perikatan Nasional Crooks - Azmin Ali, Muhyiddin Yassin, Hamzah Zainuddin


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When it comes to the art of cooking up statistics, our gomens have all been champions of the art of the slow and long casserole.

Remember the UN professor who caught one of our chef gomen dishing out an utterly dishonest and disingenuous statistics purporting to be the beautiful state of affair Malaysia has vastly improved on its poverty scale. Remember instead of owning up to the bullsh*t, the gomen shamelessly attacked the distinguished professor instead?

Well, what would you expect when our ultra-stupid retard monkeys run the zoo, can’t handle numbers, and can’t handle the heat when exposed with the wok on their thick skulls.

It is craft and great skill, even an art, if our monkeys can manipulate numbers and fool the world. But our monkeys are so unbelievably fcuking stupid they got caught out all too easily. They just don’t have the bananas to do anything right!

Watch the latest series of the bomohs at it doing impossible magic with numbers and making the virus come and go, now you see it, now you don’t! We just need sit or lie back those who haven’t died from Covid, and watch the antics of the monkeys blow up in their faces.

Uncle Yew Ming Seong should be addressed by his esteemed title “Tan Sri”, maybe plus the “Datuk”. The titles should frighten the virus or impress the virus enough to go forth and multiply and keep the emergency going forever.

Remember I’ve always said if the gomen doesn’t kill you with it’s sadly comical way of handling Covid, it will kill you, with its guaranteed stupidity and incompetence, 1001 other ways, Alhamdulilah!

Btw, as a typical Malaysiaboleh self-qualified medical expert as good as any qualified from our crap “medical” schools, I can advise those of you desperate to get the jab but all too young and still languishing in the forever queue, to accompany your elderly when they get their jab. If they get Pfizer’s, you may get your jab ahead of time because it is not a good idea to put the vaccines of the day back in the fridge. You’ll be asked if you would like to be jabbed with the wonder stuff some claim as bad news as the AZ.

Thing is, you’ll need to know if the flavour of the day is the right one. Otherwise, if you behave like the typical kiasu and ask to jump the queue, you’ll rightly be told to fcuk off, like you should be. Our frontline folks are overworked and stressed, our fcuking monkeys should not try on their usual monkey tricks.

So just treat it like I’ve not said anything, being the typical fcuking kiasu monkey, you’ll just get our frontliners really pissed off as only you can.

So calm down and wait for your turn even if that never comes.

And remember – 1001 ways!

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