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Israel-UAE Full Diplomatic Deal – The First Step Towards Recognition Of Israel By More Gulf Arab States

On Thursday (August 13), U.S. President Donald Trump made a surprise announcement via his favourite Twitter – the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel agreed to establish normal diplomatic relations. Essentially, the UAE will officially recognise the state of Israel. In exchange, Israel will suspend its plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank of Palestine. […]

... written on Aug 16 2020

Chief Minister Shafie Gives Native Land Titles Back To Sabah Indigenous People – But Crooked Musa Is Terribly Upset

As early as August 2017, some 9 months before the May 2018 General Election which saw the stunning defeat of the Barisan Nasional government for the first time in 61 years, then-Opposition Warisan party led by Shafie Apdal promised to abolish “Sabah Communal Land Title” – if they win the election in Sabah. But then-Chief […]

... written on Aug 14 2020

Russia Reveals “Sputnik V” – But Scientists Condemn The Coronavirus Vaccine As Risky, Dangerous & Could Backfire

As expected, Vladimir Putin’s announcement that his country has become the first country in the world to approve a Coronavirus vaccine fails to win applause. The Russian president announced the great news on Tuesday – “As far as I know, a vaccine against a new Coronavirus infection has been registered this morning, for the first […]

... written on Aug 13 2020

Backdoor PM Muhyiddin Should Send Law Minister Takiyuddin & Attorney General Idrus To English Class

Go to Google and type “consider” and it explains the word means to “think carefully about something, typically before making a decision”. Another meaning, as explained by Mr. Google, includes “take into account when making a judgement”. Alternatively, “consider” also means to “look attentively at”. Clearly, the word “consider” is not even remotely resembles the […]

... written on Aug 12 2020

Trump’s Ban On WeChat Will Backfire On Apple – Chinese Users To Throw Away iPhones Without WeChat

A smartphone, no matter its brand, is as good as the apps in it. Without apps, the gadget is useless. Hence, when President Donald Trump signed an executive order last Thursday to ban yet another Chinese app – WeChat – in the U.S., all hell broke loose. Trump, desperate to win the November re-election, decided […]

... written on Aug 10 2020

Tips When Getting RV Financing

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Almost nothing could ever top going to the places that you want and enjoying life there. It can be quite expensive depending on where you are going but it is something that people want to do. For the most part, most would enjoy almost any kind of traveling […]

... written on Aug 08 2020

Lim Guan Eng Charged Based On Hearsay – A Distraction To Satisfy Angry Pro-UMNO And Pro-PAS Supporters

Get real. If backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin wanted to, he could save the pathetic life of Najib Razak, the former prime minister who was the same man who had sacked him in 2015. But why should he? Allowing the judge to “do his job” – delivering a guilty verdict – would mean Najib cannot […]

... written on Aug 08 2020

This Photo Speaks A Thousand Words – Why Backdoor Speaker Azhar Profusely Defends The Backdoor Government

The Speaker’s official role is to moderate debate, makes rulings on procedure, announces the results of votes and decides who may speak in the House of Parliament. The Speaker also has the powers to discipline members who break the rules and procedures of the House. As the chief officer of the House, the Speaker must remain politically impartial at […]

... written on Aug 07 2020

Here’s The Real Reasons Trump Bans TikTok – And It Has Nothing To Do With National Security Threat

Tech giants like Facebook and YouTube compete directly with TikTok and for years, tensions have been growing between them. In April, thanks to Coronavirus lockdown, TikTok amassed over 2-billion downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, largely because people “trapped” at home wanted to keep themselves entertained.   It was only 5 months […]

... written on Aug 05 2020

How Goldman Sachs Outsmarted Incompetent Finance Minister Zafrul To Settle For A Pittance $3.9 Billion

When Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz was appointed as finance minister by backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in March, we unveiled that the former chief executive of Malaysian banking group CIMB was the same superstar singer in a “Hebat Negaraku” music video – a four-and-a-half-minute clip designed to worship and suck up to then-PM Najib […]

... written on Aug 04 2020

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