Backdoor PM Muhyiddin Should Send Law Minister Takiyuddin & Attorney General Idrus To English Class

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Aug 12 2020
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Go to Google and type “consider” and it explains the word means to “think carefully about something, typically before making a decision”. Another meaning, as explained by Mr. Google, includes “take into account when making a judgement”. Alternatively, “consider” also means to “look attentively at”. Clearly, the word “consider” is not even remotely resembles the meaning of “agree”.


So, why the genius de-facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan insisted in Parliament (April 10) that former Attorney-General Tommy Thomas had agreed (when he had merely “considered”) to a settlement without prosecution against Riza Aziz, the stepson of former PM Najib Razak, for the money laundering charges?


Mr. Takiyuddin read out a written note by Mr. Thomas to prove that it was the former A.G.’s fault, or so he thought. The note, allegedly written by Thomas to prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram, says – “In light of the statements in paragraph 5.10, 5.14, 5.15, 5.18 and 5.19, I am prepared to consider this representation. Paragraph 5.20 contains the terms of the proposed settlements, I await your advice.”

Takiyuddin Hassan - PAS Secretary-General

“This means that the A.G. (Thomas) had agreed that the Riza Aziz case should be compounded and settled without going through prosecution,” – proudly claimed Takiyuddin. He also argued that Sri Ram held discussions with the then-MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) Chief Commissioner Latheefa Koya, with the former suggesting that the MACC accept Riza’s representation.


On July 5, 2019, Riza was slapped with 5 charges of money laundering involving US$248 million (RM1.25 billion), which were misappropriated from sovereign wealth fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). Under Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001, those charges carries a fine not exceeding RM5 million or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years, or both.


However, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government collapsed in March this year after an unexpected change of government. Traitor Muhyiddin Yassin launched “Sheraton coup” to topple his own PH government and formed Perikatan Nasional backdoor government together with the defeated corrupt regime Barisan Nasional and extremist Islamist party PAS.

Attorney General - Tommy Thomas and Idrus Harun

As a result of the coup, the backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin appointed a new attorney general – Idrus Harus. Takiyuddin’s latest claim mirrors what A.G. Idrus had declared in May – that the Attorney General’s Chambers obediently acted on the so-called “advice” of Tommy Thomas, despite the former attorney general had already resigned 3 months earlier in February.


Riza was stunningly discharged not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA) on May 14. He is required to return about US$107.3 million (RM465.3 million) worth of overseas assets which he acquired using the money plundered from 1MDB funds as part of the settlement. That was indeed a great deal. After stealing US$248 million, he just needed to return 43% of his loots.


Perhaps Takiyuddin thought he was clever by exposing Thomas’ written note. But without him realizing it, he has actually exposed more than meets the eye. He has revealed that neither he, as the de-facto Law Minister, nor Attorney General Idrus understood the Thomas’ advice, when the former A.G. said he was “prepared to consider” the letter of representation by Riza’s lawyers.

1MDB Scandal - US-DOJ Links Stolen Money To Riza Aziz and Malaysian Official 1 - Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor

It’s absolutely sad and pathetic that top government officials – Law Minister and Attorney General – have such a poor grasp of Basic English. Just because Thomas was prepared to consider does not mean he accepted or agreed to a settlement proposed by the stepson of the world’s biggest crook, Najib Razak (who had just been sentenced to 12 years in prison).


Here’s an example of a sentence – “John considered the cost before buying the new car”. In this example, John neither agrees nor disagrees to buy the new car because he had to first consider the price of the vehicle. He probably needed some time to consider the pros and cons of getting the new car. Otherwise, he would not have to consider, would he?


Even if Tommy Thomas had agreed, which he didn’t, exactly why the newly crowned A.G. Idrus Harun and Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan followed blindly Thomas’ suggestion? Should not they make their own independent judgement? Riza Aziz must be made to return every penny of the US$248 million (RM1.25 billion) siphoned, and not just US$107.3 million (RM465.3 million).

Attorney General Idrus Harun and Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan

Why didn’t they also follow Thomas’ advice to charge crooked Musa Aman, the former Chief Minister of Sabah? On June 9, less than a month after the stepson of Najib was freed by Idrus, the same disgraced attorney general allowed Musa to walk away a free man after his 43 charges of corruption and money laundering related to the award of logging contracts were thrown away.


It appears Thomas is right all along. He had never agreed to the settlement from the beginning. The word to “consider” was deliberately misinterpreted as “agreed in principle” by both Idrus and Takiyuddin to not only free the crooked stepson of Najib Razak, but also to shift the blame to former A.G. Thomas when criticisms rained on the backdoor government of Muhyiddin.


More importantly, despite the 60% discount, Riza Aziz has only promised to pay, but so far, he has not made any payment. Therefore, he should not be allowed to walk scot free until he fully pays the settlement amount. It seems that while the little crook drags his feet until the next general election to avoid paying, the backdoor government pretends that everything is in order.

US DOJ Lawsuits - 1MDB - Riza Aziz with Step Siblings Nooryana Najwa and Norashman Najib

Perhaps Takiyuddin didn’t mind looking like a fool in his argument that to consider is the same as to agree, but the fact remains Tommy Thomas did not agree to a settlement with Riza Aziz. Both Takiyuddin and Idrus shamelessly shoved their rotten English down Thomas’ throat. Still, the final decision came from the current A.G. Idrus, hence he must take full responsibility.


The whole fiasco is not longer about Riza but the comical incompetence demonstrated by the country’s top lawyer in arriving at a dubious decision because he has a huge problem with Basic English comprehension. Perhaps PM Muhyiddin should enrol his boys for some English class. Of course, we know they were twisting facts to suit their corrupt objectives.


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