Mahathir’s Unity Government May Include Hishammuddin – Here’s Why UMNO & PAS Are Terribly Upset

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Feb 26 2020
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During the Sunday dinner at Sheraton Hotel PJ, about 130 Members of Parliaments were seen laughing and hugging each other like long lost brothers and sisters. Everyone was extremely happy, especially UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and UMNO treasurer Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor – two politicians currently facing corruption and money laundering charges.


People were reading with disgust how the crooks were about to walk free in less than 48 hours upon the forming of a new coalition government called Perikatan Nasional, comprising Bersatu (PPBM), PKR faction aligned with Azmin Ali, Sarawak-based GPS, Sabah-based Warisan and oppositions UMNO and PAS. They were happily counting their chickens before they hatch.


UMNO secretary-general Annuar Musa believed the ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition was doomed. He said a new coalition (Perikatan Nasional) would most likely take over the government. He admitted that everyone in UMNO was “very happy” with the latest political developments. MIC president Vigneswaran revealed that Azmin was quitting while Bersatu was about to pull out of PH.

Zahid Hamidi and Hadi Awang - Gloomy Face

However, 48 hours later, not only were those glowing happy faces turned gloomy, they have made a spectacular U-turn. Mahathir had resigned. Their initial undivided support for Mahathir, written clearly in statutory declarations (SD) and submitted to the Agong (King), has been withdrawn. UMNO and PAS wanted a snap election instead. The Opposition no longer supports Mahathir.


With friends like PAS President Hadi Awang, clearly Mahathir doesn’t need enemies. Did not the Islamist party scream their lungs out prior to the failed coup that they would defend and support the 94-year-old (former) PM Mahathir until their last blood? In fact, Hadi’s fetish for Mahathir was so extraordinary that he had even planned a “motion of confidence” for the premier.


Not many moons ago, expressing his admiration on the Twitter platform, the PAS president said – “To save Malaysia, I see Tun M (Mahathir) becoming better with age, proven to be experienced. Can’t be sure of others (having the same experience).” Mr. Hadi had religiously pledged, almost on a daily basis, to support Mahathir’s leadership until the end of his term in 2023.

PAS President Hadi Awang Meets Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - RM90 Million Bribes

Amusingly, now that 3 remaining parties of Pakatan Harapan coalition – PKR, DAP and Amanah – have pledged their undivided support for interim prime minister Mahathir to become the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia, PAS isn’t interested to back the same man they had been worshipping anymore. Exactly what type of Islamist holy men is Hadi Awang and his minions?


Apparently, the excitements started after Reuters revealed that Mahathir, who had resigned on Monday (Feb 24) as the country’s 7th prime minister, but appointed by the King as interim prime minister, was proposing a unity government. He had started meeting with leaders of all political parties at his office on Tuesday (Feb 25), his first day as interim PM.


Mahathir met PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Amanah president Mohamad Sabu. He also talked with oppositions UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, along with Sarawak Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg. He even met with traitors Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin and (former PKR deputy president) Azmin Ali.

Mahathir Mohamad - Thinking 3

Initially, there was a perception that the unity government would bring both sides of the political divide together under a single umbrella, creating a political landscape that will see zero opposition parties. However, UMNO and PAS went berserk when Mahathir’s media and communications adviser, Kadir Jasin, revealed that kleptocrats and crooks are not welcome in the new government.


It’s not hard to understand why the Opposition had no issue with the idea of grabbing power through backdoor government, but is now foaming at the mouth protesting the concept of a unity government. UMNO argued that they disagreed with the proposal to form a unity government because it include DAP, a Chinese dominated political party which was part of the now-collapsed PH government.


Since their embarrassing defeat in May 2018, the Opposition, especially UMNO, has been falsely and deliberately stirring up racial and religion sentiments among the Malays that the Muslims and Malay Rulers have lost power to the “Chinese, Christians and Communists”. Their excessive hatred for DAP is due to the fact that up to 95% ethnic Chinese had voted for then-opposition DAP.

DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang and PPBM Mahathir Mohamad

DAP (Democratic Action Party), who won a staggering 42 parliamentary seats, was largely responsible for bringing down the corrupt regime of Barisan Nasional (BN), of which UMNO was the dominant party. Had DAP been a component of BN instead, the racist UMNO-Malays would not call DAP as a racist party. There would be hugs and kisses instead.


In the same breath, UMNO and PAS refused to have DAP in the same unity government for a simple reason that the powerful DAP-Chinese would block, veto and protest any plans to enrich UMNO and PAS warlords with contracts, projects and Mercedes-Benz. UMNO, armed with 39 MPs, prefers to be the dominant party in a new government for obvious reason.


Therefore, the rejection of the so-called “racist DAP” in a new government is actually due to self-interest, greed and dominance desired by the corrupt UMNO-Malays and PAS-Muslims. If DAP was as corrupt as their despicable partner MCA, neither UMNO nor PAS would reject its presence – birds of the same feather flock together. It was just an excuse to accuse DAP of being racist.

Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi - Crooks Laughing

Besides incorruptible DAP (in relative to UMNO), the real reason why UMNO and PAS withdrew their support for Mahathir is because big time crooks like Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Tengku Adnan, Bung Moktar and Azeez Abdul Rahim will not only be prevented from becoming ministers, their criminal charges will proceed according to the law.


That was why an angry Annuar Musa said Mahathir must accept all MPs en bloc and not cherry pick certain MP individually to form a unity government. Essentially, that would mean crooks like Zahid Hamidi and Tengku Adnan must be made senior ministers in the Mahathir’s new administration. UMNO wanted Mahathir to close one-eye and drop all their criminal charges.


If Mahathir can accept those conditions – let bygones be bygones – then the old man can enjoy the support from UMNO’s 39 MPs and PAS’ 19 MPs. One of the UMNO warlords who received the privilege to meet Mahathir at his office on Tuesday was former UMNO vice-president and cousin to former premier Najib Razak – Hishammuddin Hussein.

Hishammuddin Hussein with cousin Najib Razak

It’s safe to predict that Mr Hishammuddin will most likely be roped in to be part of Mahathir’s new cabinet. He used to be one of the most racist UMNO leaders, brandishing his “Keris” (Malay dagger) and threatening minorities Chinese and Indians. However, after the BN did poorly in the 2008 general election, he apologised to all Malaysians for his action.


Hishammuddin was also tainted with alleged corruptions over and swap deals involving the Defence Ministry (Mindef) during his era. To Mahathir, however, Hishammuddin is considered the best of breed and in relative to his cousin Najib’s 1MDB scandal, the corruptions committed by the former defence minister (if there’s any) are minuscule and forgivable.


Mahathir’s cherry picking of the best candidates from across all political parties is arguably a great strategy to divide UMNO and PAS. By having MPs from the oppositions as ministers in a unity government, it would create a tricky situation for UMNO and PAS to condemn the new government unnecessary as it would be seen as a slap on its own face.

Malay Dignity Congress - Azmin Ali, Hadi Awang, Mahathir Mohamad and Annuar Musa

More importantly, a well-balanced composition of ministership from both sides of the political divide could reduce excessive politicking, racism and extremism so that political stability desired by investors can be created. A well run government, thus, will be bad news to opposition parties. Sure, a unity government might not be a cup of tea for everyone.


But based on the latest coup and the climate of radicalisation and extremism experienced by the country since May 2018, a unity government is perhaps the best medicine for the country, at least temporarily. If this recipe is a success, the political landscape will change again. Politicians will increasingly be evaluated and elected largely based on competency and maturity, and not political parties.


A new Pakatan Harapan 2.0 is in the making, and there’s nothing UMNO and PAS can do to stop it. Both Sarawak-based GPS (18 MPs) and Sabah-based Warisan (9 MPs) – the kingmakers – have thrown their support for Mahathir. Even traitor Azmin Ali has repeatedly assured of his gang of 11 traitors’ support for the old man. It’s incredible that even without a political party, Mahathir possesses the support of 63 MPs (including Bersatu’s 25 seats).

Mahathir Mohamad - Blue Suit 2


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Just fancy that, however whatever and whichever rojak makes up any gomen, we are still talking about bunches of certified and proven garbage politicians hovering around a certified and proven failed and dying crooked devil of a Macaivillain crooked operator.

Is there nothing else to Malaysian politics than utter filth falling over each other to get to power?

Is Malaysia just another “sh*th*le” country where it is impossible to find any other kind of material that would make up the gomen Malaysians should have and deserve?

Since when would a choice between filth and filth and filth produce a decent upright honest and capable gomen?

Malaysians, stop participating in this backward kampong longkang of the worst there is of caveman “politics”, stand tall, exercise the right and power you have – speak your mind – and toss out the filth and garbage that is Malaysian politicians.

Demand the best there is by way of far far superior material than what filth we have now. There are plenty of such around, some already in Malaysia, some abroad. There are plenty of decent highly- and properly-qualified folks than the sad sick corrupt pathetic embarrassing shameless clueless and proven useless garbage we have.

If this is not understandable, how about my saying what is it you think you will get from the great monkey–and donkey circus of proven useless garbage lurking around to hope to work with a proven useless garbage failed politician?

Haven’t you guys not got any self-respect?

The kiasus among you would pick up a 20 sen fruit, look it all over, squeeze it before buying or not buying it. How come you are not doing same with our garbage dangerous useless toxic politicians?

I can guarantee you whichever filth is picked to form any gomen, the result would still be genuine 100% unadulterated filth.

You plonk rotten fruits into a food processor, do you expect a tasty nutritious healthy result?

Errr… I think you do.

Mahatir playing his saintly character after creating a well strategised bruhaha is really disgusting and very unbecoming of a nonagenarian who should be wise and magnanimous in his twilight years.He had selfishly no concern for the country and its people. If only he had resigned as per to a gentleman agreement during the inception of PH on a transition of two years time, all these undesirable concerns to the country would not have occurred. It is obvious where all his charades and unwillingness to hand over but had deviously plan a chaotic situtaion to divert .All these concerns which has put the country into a tense situation which could have easily lead to a commotions and public disorder. It is not Azmin , Muhyidin or Hamzah that should be the scape goat as they are too low an intellect as a season politician to stretch their ability to create such an unbelievable situation. A master is behind it , just like the master planner for Altantuya killing. Malaysian politics has become vile in nature due to selfish greed and power

Ass mean Ali wouldn’t dare pull off anything without first discussing and getting the encouragement from the Evil One who is putting on his usual “innocent” front.

It is more than likely the Snake Pharaoh disowned Assmean right away simply because the porn video artist failed in his shenanigan, and, worse still, got caught caught doing the good work for his lord.

That said, Assmean trying to stick a keris in Anwar’s back is exactly the same as Anwar sticking a keris in the Snake Pharaoh’s back.

What Anwar calls a “betrayal”, the Snake Pharaoh also called a “betrayal”.

While Malaysians are anxiously twitching for the next episodes of the sordid and sorry sagas of morally corrupt machination by our garbage politicians, it is Malaysians who are ultimately the ones betrayed.

In other words, Malaysians are the ones who get it in the backside from all the garbage politicians…

So off you go, don’t forget to be grateful!

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