You Know Hadi Is In Trouble When He Scrambles To Praise Mahathir, But Refuses To Defend Malay Rulers

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Mar 27 2019
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As the investigation of the RM1.4 million payments to Sarawak Report wraps up, Abdul Hadi Awang, president of the PAS Islamist party, is increasingly under pressure to apple polish Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Four days ago (March 23), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said it does not discount the possibility that Mr. Hadi may be called up in regards to the payments.


Yesterday, the MACC announced that it will hand over the investigation papers to the deputy public prosecutor’s office next week. MACC deputy chief commissioner (Operations) Azam Baki said – “I have instructed the investigating officer to submit the investigation papers to the deputy public prosecutor by next week for further action.”


This means there’s a possibility that some big guns within the Islamist party would be prosecuted otherwise there would be no mention of “further action”, let alone the earlier hints that the PAS president may be grilled. But Hadi Awang has no plan to sit on his hands, knowing very well that his son, PAS Youth Chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi, is one of the top guns being investigated.

Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi - Superbike

The RM1.4 million was payments from Mr. Hadi as compensation to Sarawak Report Clare Rewcastle-Brown to kill the lawsuit first initiated by the PAS president himself. However, the emergence of an audio recording featuring PAS central committee member Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz admits about secretly taking money from UMNO had basically changed everything.


Nik Abduh had initially rubbished the audio recording as nothing but fake. Hadi had filed his lawsuit in London against the British journalist. But when he refused to challenge the authenticity of the audio recording in a British court, it was game over for the fake holy man. To protect himself, Nik said he had received the blessing from Hadi to lie – even called it “Shariah-compliant” lies.


Hadi had then offered to cover Sarawak Report’s RM1.4 million in legal fees to withdraw his defamation lawsuit, to which Clare Rewcastle-Brown agreed. However, PAS leaders were still fuming mad after forced to withdraw the lawsuits. Extremely humiliated, Hadi and his minions continued badmouthing whistle-blower Ms. Clare, hoping to tarnish her reputation.

Clare Rewcastle Brown

Hadi Awang PAS Paid Sarawak Report RM1.4 Million Cheque - Court Settlement

As retaliation to PAS spreading fake news of a plot to launch a no-confidence motion against PM Mahathir, the PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim told all and sundry that he has proof that Hadi had indeed paid RM1.4 million to the Briton. PAS was forced to create more lies to cover their old lies. The Islamist party insisted that no payment was made to Rewcastle-Brown to settle the case out of court.


Pro-PAS cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers had even challenged Mr. Anwar to show those bank statements. Yet, at the same time, Hadi refused to sue Anwar, suggesting that PAS had not only taken dirty money to the tune of RM90 million from UMNO, but also that the Islamist party had paid RM1.4 million to stop the trial in London from exposing more dirty laundry.


Eventually, Clare Rewcastle-Brown stepped forward to acknowledge Anwar Ibrahim’s claims – that Hadi Awang had paid her a cheque dated 31 Jan, 2019, for the amount of RM1,422,980.00 through her lawyer, Americk Sidhu. Determined to demonstrate his stupidity, Hadi had even tried to play down the RM90 million bribes, bragging about the ease of raising RM100 million from PAS members.

Hadi Awang - Liar - Beware Of Lies Ahead Signboard

Despite having rejected support from the opposition PAS, Mahathir Mohamad has been consistently harassed by Hadi Awang, who would not take “no” of his offer of support for the 93-year-old prime minister. This is perhaps the first time in the history of humankind that an opposition party forcefully wants a premier of a ruling government to remain in power.


When Nurul Izzah, daughter of Anwar Ibrahim, naughtily labelled Mahathir as a “former dictator”, Hadi Awang rushes the frontline and acts as the bodyguard to take the bullet, disagreeing that the former premier who ruled Malaysia with an iron fist from 1981 to 2003 was a dictator. Which “past tense” of “former dictator” that the bootlicker doesn’t understand?


The PAS president was so anxious to suck up to the prime minister that the serial liar also didn’t think there was any issue with Mahathir government ratifying the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The jurisdiction of the ICC covers four international crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression.

PAS President Hadi Awang Meets Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - RM90 Million Bribes

Hadi’s stance was in contrast to his previous rejection of Mahathir’s attempted ratification of the ICERD (International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination). His fierce disapproval of ICERD saw the Islamist party mobilized a massive rally, which Hadi and his UMNO buddies claimed to have had attracted 500,000 protesters taking to the streets.


However, as the shameless Hadi scrambles to bootlick Mahathir, he probably has overlooked the warning from the Sultanate of Johor that the signing of the Rome Statute is an action that is contradictory to the Federal Constitution because it touches on the power of the rulers and the special status of the Malays as well as the sanctity of Islam in the country.


In fact, Johor Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar has condemned the federal government for the ratification of both ICERD and Rome Statute. Curiously, while Hadi had rejected ICERD, he appears to be approving the Rome Statute. In other words, the despicable PAS supremo disagrees with the Kingdom of Johor that the Malay Rulers and ethnic Malays are being threatened.

Johor Sultan Ibrahim - Sitting on Chair

Yes, going by the Sultan Ibrahim of Johor’s argument, the Rome Statute is worse than ICERD. While ICERD was only about Malay losing its special status, as Hadi had screamed his lungs out during his protest rally last year, the Rome Statute was about Malay losing their special status as well as Malay Rulers losing their power. So, why didn’t Hadi protect the Malay Rulers?


Not only has Abdul Hadi Awang insulted Islam and the Malay Rulers, but he is essentially a “traitor” to his own race. If the PAS president agrees with Mahathir that means Sultan Ibrahim of Johor was wrong. This also means Hadi is sending a message that the Sultanate of Johor probably has “IQ of a carrot” in regards to the royal house’s inability to comprehend the Rome Statute treaty.


How could Hadi “disagreed” with Mahathir that the ICERD would not hurt the special position of the Malays, but in a rare move “agreed” with the old man that the Rome Statute would not hurt the special power of the Malay Rulers? Ahh, that’s because he was not yet investigated by the MACC during the ICERD issue, but is now trembling with fear over the RM1.4 million investigation.

Hadi Awang Bootlicking Asslicking Mahathir Mohamad


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