A Huge Propaganda Win For Kim – Trump Willing To Halt “War Games”, Praised Kim As “Talented” & “Smart”

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Jun 13 2018
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Kim Jong-Un was supposed to leave Singapore at 2pm on Tuesday, while Donald Trump was scheduled to hold a press conference at 4pm before he departs Singapore around 7pm. In the end, it was the North Korean dictator who appeared to be so in love with Singapore that he left for Pyongyang via an Air China flight only at about 11.25pm.


After burning Singaporean taxpayers’ money to the tune of $20 million to host the historic summit, Kim Jong-Un has already gotten what he came for – sharing a historic 12-second handshake with U.S. President Donald Trump. That alone has legitimatized Kim’s brutal regime and places him as an equal to Trump, the most powerful man on planet Earth.


But that wasn’t the only spoils Kim got as he went facing Trump, supposedly the “great dealmaker”. The leader of the world’s most repressive regime stepped out of his limousine on Sentosa Island of Singapore Tuesday morning to receive the priceless gift – a face-to-face meeting with the leader of the free world.

Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong-Un - Smiles

Subsequently, Mr. Kim flashed his magic wand, pledging to pursue complete denuclearization – the same promise the authoritarian regime has made before – and voila, Mr. Trump was under his spell. The U.S. president was so desperate and obsessed for the so-called “denuclearization” that he was willing to do anything to get it.


Not only Trump gave Kim the thumb-up, the U.S. Commander-in-Chief, like a canary, has multiple times sang songs of praise for the North Korean dictator – calling him “talented” and “smart”. That’s a major accomplishment for a pariah state that’s long been isolated from the international community. The best part was, Kim had barely made any concrete concessions to earn the praises.


Instead, it was President Donald Trump who made significant concessions to Chairman Kim Jong-Un. He promised to suspend, and probably end, joint military exercises with South Korea, which has been an irritant to North Korea for decades, and Trump even suggested about pulling all U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula. “I want to get our soldiers out,” – Trump said.

South Korea - United States - Military Exercise

Trump self-justified the ending of the annual drills by calling the military “war games” a waste of money. By ending them, the U.S. president said – “we will be saving a tremendous amount of money, plus I think it’s very provocative.” Even South Korea was shocked with President Trump who went all the way to a unilateral concession, something which went off the script.


Trump also noted that flying U.S. Air Force bombers in regional training missions is another drain on resources. According to estimates that the U.S. Air Force’s B-2 Spirit has an operational flight cost of US$130,000 an hour while the B-1B Lancer operates at US$95,000 an hour. Such bombers have been flying to Korean Peninsula from Guam, which is six and a half hours away.


By committing to work “towards” the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Kim has conceded no more than he did in the 27 April Panmunjom Declaration signed with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Yet, Trump has essentially surrendered multiple concessions, exceeding the goodwill gesture that he was supposed to extend.

North Korean Kim Jong-un Meets South Korean President Moon Jae-in - with students

But it’s quite hard for Trump to resist the charm of the chubby Kim. The brutal dictator appeared to be a totally different person altogether. He put up a more accessible face of the regime to the world the moment he stepped onto Singaporean soil. He smiled a lot and such tactic is actually quite clever. He was seen as an innocent young man.


On Monday night, just hours from his historic summit with President Donald Trump, Kim went on a tour of Singapore’s Marina Bay area. He smiled and waved to cheering crowds as disbelieving onlookers gather to gawk at the so-called brutal leader. Heck, Kim even posed for selfies with Singaporean ministers accompanying him. And those photos instantly went viral on social media.


The idea was simple. It was part of PR 101 where Kim wanted the world to know that he’s a changed man, a new man whose legitimacy is confirmed with President Trump’s willingness to meet him half way across the world. His dramatic image makeover is supposed to convince the world that he’s actually a global statesman.

Kim Jong-Un Motorcade - Summit Singapore

Kim Jong-Un Smiles and Wave - Visit Singapore Marina Bay

Judging by the number of Singaporeans who were eager to spend precious time to catch a glimpse of Mr. Kim Jong-Un’s motorcade outside Changi Airport’s VIP Complex, the North Korean brutal leader has done a fantastic job projecting himself as a respectable world leader. Not bad for a 34-year-old man who had left Singapore with an agreement which lacks details of “denuclearization”.


Like it or not, Mr. Kim got much of what he wanted out of the United States with just his first meeting with Mr Trump – the appearance of legitimacy on the world stage, a verbal agreement by President Trump to end joint US-South Korean military exercises, a security guarantee and no pressure on human rights. And of course, free vacation to Singapore.


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We ought to get one thing straight. North Korea has nothing except for its nuclear power. If you have nothing except that, would you at the very first meeting surrender your only jewel in the crown and be at the mercy of the biggest terrorist in the world which actually USA is ?

Every time we hear CNN trotting out its spiel of human rights….unbidden, without fail, the images of Bush and Trump and other past US leaders kissing and holding hands with Saudi Arabia corrupt, barbaric and brutal leaders came to mind. Not a pip of criticisms CNN or other media in US about these cozy going-on, right ? Which country in the world caused the collapse of 72 other governments and which country is the one who spawn the birth of ISIS ?

We don’t condone Kim Jung-Un’s government and its brutality on its own citizens but these whites in the west take hypocrisy to the a different level all together.

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