Choose “Shit-Grabber” Najib Over “Forked-Tongue” Mahathir – Money Talks, Eh, Johor Crown Prince?

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Apr 09 2018
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The Sultanate of Johor had built a good reputation as the defender of the ordinary people. There was a time when no institution in Malaysia dared to stand up to the country’s crooked prime minister – Najib Razak – after he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar – a whopping US$681 million in his private banking accounts. Suddenly the Johor royalty emerged like a knight in shining armour.


Malaysia is the only country on planet Earth which has not one, not two but a jaw-dropping nine (9) monarchies. And if you care to add the “Yang di-Pertuan Agong” or simply the King, who is elected every 5 years among themselves, there are actually ten (10) monarchies in a country with population of only 32-million. That’s a ratio of 1 monarchy to 3.2-million folks.


Out of the nine monarchies, only the Sultanate of Johor had dared to lecture the powerful Prime Minister Najib. In 2015, the Crown Prince of Johor – Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim – had even given his analogy which said that a drowning man will try to reach and hold on to anything, including ‘faeces’”. Although he didn’t specifically mention names, obviously he was referring to the PM.

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Ibrahim Remark on PM Najib Chickening from Nothing2Hide

The Crown Prince of Johor had also poked fun at Mr. Najib for chickening out from the “Nothing 2 Hide” forum. Najib was supposed to turn up at the highly-anticipated dialogue in June, 2015 after the premier was exposed of allegedly stealing and laundering money belonging to 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Bhd), a fund set up by Najib Razak himself in 2009.


Terrified at the sight of mentor-turned-rival former premier Mahathir Mohamad, Mr. Najib had refused to turn up at the event to clarify his involvement in the 1MDB scandal. Najib’s cowardice invited laughter and insult at the international level when 1,000 delegates from 130 countries arrived in Sept, 2015, for the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Putrajaya.


For the second time, Mr. Najib chickened out when he refused (again) to use the IACC platform to clear his name. Hidden himself somewhere, he failed to deliver his scheduled keynote address at the conference. Jose Ugaz, Transparency International Chief, wasted little time and grilled Najib over the US$700 million scandal, openly asking him to explain who paid the money, why, and what happened to it.

 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference IACC - Question From Jose Ugaz - Najib Worry Inset

Now, the same Crown Prince of Johor appears to be making a huge U-turn when he reportedly urges Johoreans to not to rock the boat, suggesting that the people should continue to vote for Najib Razak, the same person he had mocked and insulted as not only a pariah leader who was trying to hold on to anything – including shit – but also a bloody coward.


Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim claimed that changing a country’s fate and improving the system was not by bringing down a government, but by changing it from the inside. Which part of democracy and election that the crown prince doesn’t understand? Changing a corrupt and incompetent government is part and parcel of a democratic process.


The crown prince posted his lengthy lecture on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page late on Saturday (April 7), saying – “Don’t change the boat if the engine is not broken, don’t even change the skipper but allow HM The Sultan of Johor and I to guide the skipper for you. Change what needs to be changed and upgrade what needs upgrading for the sake of our beloved country.”

Tea Session - Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail and PM Najib Razak

What type of grass has the Johor crown prince been smoking? The boat isn’t working because its engine has been stolen by none other than the skipper. That’s the only reason why the people want to change the skipper. Heck, after losing the engine, the boat is now sinking because the skipper has also started selling the boat – piece by piece – as scrap metal to the highest bidder.


It’s puzzling, though entertaining, that the crown prince thinks he could guide the badass prime minister to become a good and holy man, when he couldn’t even guide FAM (Football Association of Malaysia). Does the prince expect people to believe he could manage the powerful Najib Razak when he couldn’t reform a smaller institution such as FAM?


Clearly, the young Crown Prince of Johor has an axe to grind. Between the 93-year-old former premier Mahathir and PM Najib Razak, the choice isn’t difficult to him. The prince revealed that whenever he tried to play the fool at school back in 1992, his teachers will say – “Do not play a fool, you are royalty, if I were to report you to Mahathir, you are done for.”

Mahathir and Sultan Iskandar - Agong 1984-1989

This isn’t the first time he whines and bitches about 1992, when the crown prince was just an 8-year-old prince back then. Two years ago, he whined about the same thing – “I will never forget the 1992 constitutional crisis. I remember things such as trying to disband the Johor Military Force, Johor Exco members were told not to receive my late grandfather at the airport.”


Recalling how his mother was stopped by Malaysian officials upon her return home from Singapore, the crown prince said in 2016 – “I still remember how my family was treated by the federal government officers. She was told to step out of the car because they wanted to inspect everything in the car. I still remember everything and I still remember the individuals responsible for it.”


In reality, had the crown prince’s grandfather – Sultan Iskandar of Johor – behaved and didn’t assault Douglas Gomez, a hockey coach, the then Prime Minister Mahathir would not have an excuse to strip sultans and their royal families of legal immunity. Earlier in 1987, the same Sultan Iskandar had allegedly swung his golf club and murdered a golf caddie at Cameron Highlands.

Sultan (Mahmud) Iskandar of Johor (1981 – 2010)

Interestingly, the crown prince claims he doesn’t support any political party. Yet, in the same breath, he admitted that a war between the Johor government and the federal government will not bring any benefits. Was he referring to the federal government-sponsored RM8.6 billion Gemas-Johor Baru double-track project awarded to a consortium involving SIPP group, which is linked to the Johor Palace?


The crown prince also hoped the people will not easily be fooled by “a forked tongue individual” – presumably Mahathir Mohamad. Get real, all politicians talk with a forked tongue. But serial liar Najib Razak probably has a nastier forked tongue than Mahathir Mohamad. Perhaps the prince has forgotten all about 1MDB scandal as his anger towards Mahathir clouded his judgement.


Perhaps the Johor prince’s intellectual has taken a twist for the worse after billions of dollars of federal government project landed in the Johor Palace. It appears that the prince’s agenda is very different from that of the people. The Royal Households of the Johor doesn’t need to worry about putting food on the table. And they certainly do not need to worry about GST or fuel price as they drove fleets of Ferrari and Lambo flanked by bodyguards.

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim with Bodyguards

While his initial insults at Najib were welcomed as criticism against corruption, the prince’s latest act is seen as interference in politics. Telling people to choose “faeces-grabber” Najib over “forked-tongue” Mahathir is truly a dumb move, not to mention an insult to the peoples’ intelligence. Has the prince forgotten how Najib’s minister, Nazri, threatened to whack him in 2015? Money Talks, Bullshit Walks!!


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Good article. I like what you wrote and I couldn’t agree more.

Apparently one of Johor sultan’s company was awarded a power station contract by Tenaga Nasional Berhad last week , this probably was the sweetener for the crown prince u-turn on the ruling coalition.

Just go to Southern Tigers FB wall and see the many Malay who showed unprecedented opposition to Ismail’s view or advice. Some were even critizicing him for supporting MO1 and his regime. Many showed displeasure on his attack on Dr. Mahathir and him being born with a golden spoon and does not know the hardship of the people under the current regime.

This explained his subsequent clarification that he wasn’t supporting any particular party in the earlier posting.

another wud-be hero bites the dust n trampled by Najib into a zero; Najib asslicking good. how does the shit smells like from down under?

Bites the ‘dust’ Amin ? Turds are not dry, usually.

A clown

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