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How Will Google’s Ban Affect Cryptocurrencies?

From June 2018 Google will ban all online adverts that promote cryptocurrencies and any related content. In the recent announcement, which follows similar action that Facebook took earlier in the year, Google’s other platforms such as YouTube and third-party websites will all be covered by the ban. For cryptocurrency businesses and investors, this is a […]

... written on Mar 22 2018

Should You Invest In Tech Stocks?

While the concept of investing in tech stocks may seem like a no-brainer in the digital age, this practice continues to polarise opinions among traders and experts alike.   While some will point to the notorious dot.com bubble as being indicative of the volatile and unpredictable nature of tech stocks, however, others will highlight considerable […]

... written on Mar 22 2018

Here’s How To Check & Remove Apps That Have Access To Your Facebook Data

Mark Zuckerberg is hiding, and so is Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Ever since the scandal over Facebook data manipulation or breach exploded, the founder and captain of the social media are nowhere to be found. The company’s lawyers were dispatched instead to face public scrutiny while the CEO and COO stay quiet on the Cambridge […]

... written on Mar 21 2018

Zuckerberg Sucked Into Data Scandal – From Helping Trump To Bribing Politicians With Sex

Facebook has been losing billions of dollars in market value since the revelation that private information from 51.3 million Facebook users improperly ended up in the hands of data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica. The UK-based political consultancy firm had successfully acquired the data for data mining, data analysis to strategically target electoral process.   The […]

... written on Mar 20 2018

From 7-Eleven To Extinction – With MCA Leaders Like Liow & Wee, Who Needs Enemies?

During its heyday in the era of Malaysian First Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, MCA was given vital federal cabinet posts such Minister of Transport, Minister of Health, Minister of Labour and Social Affair and Minister of Communications, Telecommunications and Posts. More importantly, MCA was also entrusted with Minister of Finance and Minister of Trade […]

... written on Mar 19 2018

RIP!! – Your Kids Will Be Born Into A World Without Iconic Brand Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us is joining other companies such as Compaq, Enron, Kodak, Pan Am, Lehman Brothers, Woolworth and General Foods – iconic brands that have vanished. Although Toys “R” Us has not officially closed down, at least not yet, they’re as good as dead. Founded in 1948 by Charles P. Lazarus, the brand originally was […]

... written on Mar 18 2018

Mohammed The Monster? Crown Prince Calls Iran “Hitler” But Exposed Locking Up His Own Mother

In his craze for business deals, President Donald Trump chose Saudi Arabia for his first foreign trip. He was treated like a celebrity and he loved it. He was gifted with a military sales deal of about US$110 billion – effective immediately – plus another US$350 billion over the next 10 years when he visited Saudi Arabia […]

... written on Mar 16 2018

Here’s Why UK Chemical Attack Could Have Been Staged To Blame Russia

Theresa May announced that UK is to boot out 23 Russian diplomats after Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to entertain the British prime minister’s 24-hour ultimatum. The expulsion of 23 Russian spies is the toughest act of its kind in 30 years. Moscow is expected to retaliate by doing the same, throwing British diplomats out […]

... written on Mar 16 2018

All Eyes On China’s Retaliation As Trump Prepares New Tariffs On $60 Billion Chinese Goods

China is not out of the wood yet although President Trump’s order to impose a 25% tariff on steel imports could hardly hurt the Chinese. Under pressure (including that of Gary Cohn’s resignation) that his tariffs would hurt American friends more than its enemies, the U.S. president made some changes and exempted Canada and Mexico by […]

... written on Mar 15 2018

Stunning Loss! – Pennsylvania Shows Flashing Trump Card Won’t Work All The Time

Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District should be an easy meat for President Donald Trump and Republicans. After all, this is the same district where Trump won by about 20 points in 2016. But as stunning as his victory in the 2016 Presidential Election, Trump finally gets a taste of a loss – a stunning loss – […]

... written on Mar 14 2018

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