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Hanky-Panky Business Dealings – Why Trump Should Fire Ivanka & Kushner Yesterday

Donald Trump is reportedly trying to get rid of his favourite daughter Ivanka and his trusted son-in-law Jared Kushner. The U.S. president wants both to leave the White House, and he’s getting the help – privately – from chief of staff John F. Kelly. Playing good-cop-bad-cop roles, obviously Trump wants Kelly to be the bad […]

... written on Mar 03 2018

U.S. Latest Steel & Aluminium Tariffs Show Trump Isn’t Actually Targeting China

Sometimes, it pays not to be in the top-10. And it certainly pays to stroke the back of the world’s most powerful man, especially if he’s a narcissist. China can now heave a sigh of relief. As expected, U.S. President Donald Trump has declared that the United States will impose a 25% tariff on steel imports […]

... written on Mar 02 2018

Najib’s Dirty Deal With Trump Backfires – Confiscation Of Jho Low’s $250 Million Yacht Is Just The Beginning

Indonesia, in a surprising move on Wednesday (Feb 28), confiscated a luxury yacht off the coast of Teluk Benoa on the island of Bali. The 300-foot luxury superyacht – The Equanimity – was worth at least US$250 million, at least that’s the price tag valued by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Registered in the […]

... written on Mar 01 2018

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