Here’s Why UK Chemical Attack Could Have Been Staged To Blame Russia

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Mar 16 2018
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Theresa May announced that UK is to boot out 23 Russian diplomats after Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to entertain the British prime minister’s 24-hour ultimatum. The expulsion of 23 Russian spies is the toughest act of its kind in 30 years. Moscow is expected to retaliate by doing the same, throwing British diplomats out of Russia.


Mrs May also confirmed that no ministers or members of the Royal Family will attend 2018 FIFA World Cup, which Russia is hosting in June-July. Amusingly, the England team will still play the World Cup, despite insane rumours from security experts that the British supporters could be attacked – even killed – by Russian Ultra hooligans as part of a revenge attack.


The British leader also announced that assets belonging to Putin’s government will be frozen to stop them being used for wrongdoing. A scheduled visit by Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been cancelled. After Theresa May’s retaliatory announcement, British media panicked as they suddenly realize Britons could be left to freeze if Putin decides to turn off its gas supply.

Russia Gas Pipeline To Europe

Although Putin is unlikely to do such an inhumane thing, the prospect of him doing so nonetheless has sent shivers down May’s spine. Without sufficient supply of gas, it could leave UK vulnerable, presenting an opportunity for Russia to launch a large scale chemical attack using nerve agent such as the one used on former Soviet and Russian spy Sergei Skripal.


On paper, it seems like badass Vladimir Putin is guilty for ordering such a despicable chemical attack on British soil. But there’s one huge problem with the whole drama – why May government refused to provide any detail information, including samples of the so-called Russian-made “Novichok” nerve agent to Russia as proof of the attack?


It’s not that Russia could completely destroy the evidence by sharing some samples to confirm Britain’s claim that Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were indeed poisoned with “Novichok” nerve agent. Even Theresa May wasn’t sure and could only say that it was “highly likely” Russia was behind the mysterious chemical attack.

Hazmat Mask - Chemical Weapon - Nerve Agent

It appears UK could be hiding something by refusing to cooperate with Russia to verify the authenticity of the “Novichok” nerve agent. This case is quite similar to the drama which happened last year when North Korean Kim Jong-nam was assassinated with VX nerve agent. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak too refused North Korea’s request for a joint investigation and autopsy.


Before the chemical attack in Salisbury, Southern England, nobody has heard of Sergei Skripal. He was a member of a Russian intelligence service, known as the GRU, who was convicted in 2006 of handing over the names of 300 Russian agents to the British. The double agent admitted to helping UK spies agency – MI6 – for at least a decade.


It was not until 2010 when the turncoat was released in the largest spy swap since the end of the cold war. The spy-swap program, which dated back to 1962, saw 4 Russian agents who had betrayed their country released by the Kremlin in exchange for 10 Russian spies in the United States. Putin might be a monster but as a former KGB spy, he knows the rules of the spy-swap game.

Britain Chemical Attack - Skripal and his daughter Yulia

To break the unwritten rule of the spy-swap game which says safety of the spies must be guaranteed, it means no country will ever do a swap with Putin and Russia again. He must honour the code of the game. Furthermore, if Russia had really wanted to kill Sergei Skripal, he could have had been executed in prison between 2006 and 2010 in Russia.


Even if, and that’s a big “if”, Vladimir Putin was the man behind the attack on Sergei Skripal, the job was spectacularly sloppy, the same way North Korean Kim Jong-nam was assassinated. To use Russian-made “Novichok” nerve agent to terminate a former double agent seems “overkill”, was it not? It was like Putin trying very hard to scream “Hey, I’m the killer!”


At least one British politician – Jeremy Corbyn – refused to blindly endorse May government’s conclusion that Russia was responsible. And he was absolutely right to say – “I think obviously the government has access to information and intelligence on this matter which others don’t. However, also there’s a history in relation to WMD and intelligence which is problematic to put it mildly.”

President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair

Of course, the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was referring to the Iraq War, where former British Prime Minister Tony Blair conspired with former U.S. President George W Bush to cook up the story about Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein having WMD (weapons of mass destruction) to justify the 2003 invasion on the nation. There was never any WMD to begin with.


So, could Theresa May and Donald Trump responsible for the chemical attack on UK soil but deliberately put the blames on Vladimir Putin instead? Even if Trump wasn’t aware, CIA or U.S. Intelligence Community could be involved in the whole drama. It makes perfect sense why Moscow was puzzled of Theresa May’s persistent provocation, as if UK wanted Russia to retaliate militarily.


But what was the reasons UK and US plotted the attack and point the finger at Russia? Theresa May, a weak leader, has been struggling for a solution on Brexit. She was desperate for support within her own party. An attack by the evil Russia would provide a good story to rally her party members, not to mention EU, behind her, as can be seen now – with the exception of Jeremy Corbyn.

Britain UK Election 2017 - Theresa May Dementia Tax

United States, meanwhile, still couldn’t accept the fact that they had been humiliated and lost the Syrian War to Russia. Trump needs a new war in the Middle East to sell more weapons. Like Theresa May, Trump could also use a war story to rally Americans behind him. That’s why US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley quickly warned Russia could use chemical weapons in New York.


It’s an open secret that Trump has chosen Iran as his target after he failed to intimidate North Korea. Unfortunately, both Syria and Iran are allies of Russia. Tactically, Russia has to be driven away from Syria before U.S. could get rid of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Syria-Russia cooperation must be destroyed so that Bashar becomes a sitting duck for the U.S.


President Trump has been accusing Syria of possessing chemical weapons and now Russia can be accused of supporting or providing such weapons. That explains why Russia must be accused of launching chemical attack in the United Kingdom, the same way Damascus was accused of using it on its own people. Of course, in both cases, there was no compelling proof to back the allegations.


But there wasn’t any proof too when Bush and Blair accused the poor Saddam Hussein of having the WMD toys. The alliance of US-UK invaded Iraq anyway. Using the same scripts, Trump-May could be using the staged chemical attack in Salisbury, Southern England, as justification to build a case in the United Nations to attack Syria.


Should Russia refuse to leave Syria, Vladimir Putin will be accused of being partner-in-crime of Bashar al-Assad in using chemical weapons. The plan was to pressure Putin to leave Syria and stay neutral when the U.S. bombs Iran out of the sky. That’s why UK defiantly refuses Russia’s request for access to the case materials, including samples of the so-called nerve agent. There’s none!


Even if the chemical substance was “Novichok” nerve agent, it did not necessary come from Russia. Novichok agents were produced at the Chemical Research Institute in Nukus, Uzbekistan. Since its independence in 1991, Uzbekistan has been working with the U.S. to dismantle and decontaminate the sites where the Novichok agents and other chemical weapons were tested and developed.

British MI6 and United States CIA - Vladimir Putin

According to Russian Embassy in UK, some of the scientists were flown to the US and UK where they continued the research on the deadly chemical weapons. Unless those American and British scientists were incredibly dumb, both countries have the expertise to produce “Novichok” nerve agent since their study in 1992.


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This story writer should be writing his fiction for magazines…except it is all to predictable what he would say in defence of russia…..predictable … but unbelievable!

Sergei Skripal arrived in the UK as part of a high-profile spy swap in 2010, he was serving a 13 year prison sentence for spying for the UK in Russia.

Russia exchanged him for Russian Spy’s, they considered him to be no threat to their countries security, so knowing this fact why would Russia now wish to kill him?

It is a vital time for Putin and his re-election, Syria and the World cup is happening so anything that can be used to discredit Putin will be used, even chemical weapons by the UK and US or even Israel, I would accuse them before Russia as being the culprits, and if anyone would wish to comment on this in the defence of the UK and US that they would never do such a terrible thing in our country then you should listen to a ex-UK agent BARRIE TROWER who talks about the US using Microwaves on peaceful British protesters at their US bases in the UK, and God know how many of them died from this and what suffering they caused and all this covered up so we would never know about it so don’t tell me what this government would do to its own people to keep them from protesting, now think hard about this before you comment because I am convinced that the UK and US had something to do with this chemical attack to discredit Russia, and at no time have we shown irrefutable evidence that it was produced in Russia, also the accusations were made before the actual test results were made available, it takes weeks for chemicals to be analysed and their proven origin, and even then you cannot say where it originated from all of this to me points to a false flag.

Theresa May you should resign, because you are endangering the lives of every UK citizen with your accusations against Russia, and you are staring a new cold war that could lead to war in Syria or even Europe, what ever your motivations are they are not in the best interest of our country, so what is going to be your next idiot move to destroy our diplomatic relations with Russia.


Clive Wall

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