How Trump Almost Started (And Stopped) A Saudi’s Invasion On Qatar, And Perhaps World War 3

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Sep 21 2017
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Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies were planning to launch a military invasion on Qatar before President Trump intervened and persuaded them otherwise – reported Bloomberg. Saudi Arabia and the UAE, both Sunni-majority nations, wanted to change the Qatari regime, also another Sunni-majority nations, accusing it of aligning itself with Iran – the Shia / Shiite powerhouse in the region.


So, it’s true after all that one of the hidden reasons why Saudi and its gang unfriended Qatar was to invade the tiny but gas-rich kingdom. As revealed 3 months ago in June, the excuse used by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Middle East – that Qatar was supporting terrorism – was terribly lame and absolutely hilarious.


Flashback to early June, 2017:- Saudi, together with three of its best friends – Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt – all announced that they were severing diplomatic ties with Qatar, as well as suspending air, land, and sea travel to and from the country. Yemen, Libya, Mauritius and Maldives subsequently joined the boycott.

Qatar-Saudi Crisis - UAE Behind Hacking

As later exposed, UAE was actually behind the hacking of Qatar’s state-run news agency into publishing an article in which the Qatar’s ruling emir – Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani – was quoted praising Israel and Iran – Saudi Arabia’s biggest rival in the region. The hacking was later used by Saudi to justify its accusation that Qatar was the enemy of the Sunni Muslims.


The whole drama of Saudi accusing Qatar of sponsoring terrorism in the region was hilarious because the former itself is known as the biggest sponsor and supplier of terrorism in the world. Saudi has been plotted to invade Qatar ever since the tiny kingdom wanted to dethrone Saudi as the big brother in the Middle East.


Even if it’s true that Qatar channelled money to Iran, it was to strengthen Iran in order to weaken Saudi – a simple concept of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The proof that Qatar has wanted to take over Saudi’s throne lies in its claims that it is Qatar – not Saudi – that is the actual descendant of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulwahab, the founder of Wahhabism.

September 11 - 911 Attacks USA - Saudi Arabia Sponsors Funding

Economically, Saudi has increasingly gotten jealous and frustrated of Qatar’s growing financial “independence”. Qatar used to be a Saudi vassal state, but no more. Qatar no longer asked how high when Saudi told it to jump. As the biggest exporter of liquid gas in the world, Qatar is out of Saudi’s control, unlike OPEC where Saudi dominates the oil cartel.


In fact, contrary to public’s belief and perception about Saudi’s wealth, Qatar is the richest Arab country with a net GDP per capita of US$98,900, follows by Kuwait, U.A.E, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (GDP: US$24,900). An invasion of Qatar would solve all the problems currently faced by Saudi Arabia in the region.


With the removal of Qatar, there would be no more threat to the Saudi’s influence and power, not to mention King Salman and his Crown Prince Mohammed would be flushed with a sudden fortune – 25.4 trillion cubic metres of reserves of natural gas. Saudi is presently struggling with low crude oil prices and has been burning its foreign reserves to stay afloat.

Qatar Gas - Building and Logo

Even if the plan was to change the Qatari regime and not annex the kingdom as a province of Saudi Arabia, it would solve the huge issue of Qatar interfering, destabilizing and weakening other Sunni kingdom’s affairs aligned to Saudi. Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, two radical Islamist groups supported by Qatar could be crippled without financial support.


Sure, Trump managed to play out both Arab nations. After gifting Trump with a military sales deal of about US$110 billion – effective immediately – plus another US$350 billion over the next 10 years, not to mention a gold medal, Saudi secured Trump’s blessing for a confrontation with Qatar. Subsequently, Qatar tried to suck up to Trump.


A deal – US$12 billion for 36 F-15QA fighter jets – was fast-forwarded and signed when Qatar’s Defence Minister met with U.S. Defence Secretary James Mattis. That was just part of over US$21 billion of U.S. weapons deal happily authorized by Qatar despite being mocked by President Trump as sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East.

Saudi-Qatar Crisis Conflict - Donald Trump Played The Arabs

However, as Trump busy rejoicing and bragging about how easy it was sucking billions of dollars from the Arabs, the novice politician didn’t realize his exaggeration in praising Saudi but despising Qatar was taken as a strong signal by Saudi and UAE as green light to invade Qatar. And they were preparing to march on Qatar during the summer, according to Bloomberg.


Panicked, Trump administration told both Saudi and Qatar to quickly solve their problems. Trump also reportedly called Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to stop the planned invasion as such a conflict would benefit Saudi Arabia’s nemesis, Iran. Of course, both Trump administration and Saudi Arabia have denied that military action was considered.


However, the fact that Turkey had sent troops to Qatar to protect its friend, just 2 days after Saudi severed diplomatic ties with Qatar speaks volumes about the possibility of the invasion. As a strong signal to Saudi (and perhaps the U.S.), Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had swiftly signed a law allowing its troops to be deployed to a Turkish military base in Qatar.

Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad and Turkish President Erdogan

Turkish Hurriyet newspaper, Erdogan’s mouthpiece, had also announced that Turkey will send warplanes and warships to Qatar after an initial deployment of troops to the Turkish base there. Had the Saudi and UAE proceed with the invasion, Iran could be invited (to protect its gas investment) by Qatar and joined forces with Turkey to protect the Qatari regime.


The U.S. would then left in a very delicate and tricky situation. Should Trump take sides with Saudi and go to war against the alliance of Qatar-Turkey-Iran? If they do, Iran’s powerful Russia could be roped in and the conflict could escalate to World War 3. If they don’t, Iran’s influence could increase on the Qatari soil – directly posing a challenge to not only Saudi but also the U.S.


In his rush to play out the Arabs to make some money, obviously businessman Donald Trump who lacks political acumen has almost screwed up in his foreign policy. He almost started a new war – a war that Americans might not be ready to fight – between Sunni-Saudi and Shia-Iran due to his ignorance, big mouth and arrogance of power.

Qatar-Saudi War - Soldiers


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