This Is What Billion-Dollar Fast Food Mascots Would Look Like As Anime Characters

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Jul 20 2017
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All multibillion-dollar fast food restaurants have their own mascots. Regardless what they do to promote their business, those fast food chains would never change their mascots. They can change their logo but never their mascots, which represent their branding. Can you imagine Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald get replaced by some other characters?

KFC Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald's - Manga - Graphic

However, a Philippines digital artist nicknamed Ozumii-Wizard had a wild idea and she managed to redraw them into manga (Japanese version of animation). Turns out, the anime characters look pretty cool and awesome. This includes mascot of KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Jollibee, Starbucks, Dairy Queen and J.Co.


Will the famous fast food restaurants remain as profitable as it is if their existing boring mascots make way for the new better looking animation characters? Most likely not but such transformation will definitely help manga business.


{ 1 } KFC – Colonel Sanders

KFC Colonel Sanders - Manga - Graphic



{ 2 } Wendy’s

Wendy - Manga - Graphic



{ 3 } McDonald’s – Ronald

Ronald McDonald - Manga - Graphic



{ 4 } Wendy’s and Ronald McDonald’s

Wendy and Ronald McDonald - Manga - Graphic



{ 5 } Starbucks

Starbucks - Manga - Graphic



{ 6 } Burger King

Burger King - Manga - Graphic



{ 7 } Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen - Manga - Graphic



{ 8 } Teavana

Teavana - Manga - Graphic



{ 9 } Jack In The Box

Jack in the Box - Manga - Graphic



{ 10 } J. Co

J. Co - Manga - Graphic



{ 11 } Jollibee

Jollibee - Manga - Graphic



{ 12 } Arby’s

Arby's - Manga - Graphic


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