Business Insurance Polices Worth Considering

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May 09 2017
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If you’re a business owner, proper insurance will be needed so that you won’t run into financial problems. Besides insurance for employees, a growing business should have a liability policy and coverage for the commercial property.



Professional liability insurance protects a business during situations that involve negligence claims. This kind of policy must be reviewed carefully because the terms variety. In most cases, one policy may not provide the best benefits for specific industries, which is why you must work with an insurance agent in order to structure insurance options that suit your business.

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Product liability insurance will be needed if you manufacture and sell products. Lawsuits are typically filed when products sharp edges and other design flaws cause major and minor injuries. Liability insurance for inventory is the solution because agents can customize policies specifically for certain kinds of products.



Property insurance protects a business that has warehouses and stores on commercial properties. During severe weather situations, a property insurance policy can insure:

  • Signage
  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Furniture

Property Insurance

Most insurance agencies that sell property policies will also cover theft and fires. However, a general policy won’t cover damages that occur after dramatic events, such as earthquakes and floods.



If vehicles are used in order to provide products to customers in houses or inventory to employees who work at warehouses, commercial automotive insurance can be very beneficial. A proper policy during commercial driving situations should provide peace of mind following events that involve injuries on the road.

Automative Insurance

Comprehensive insurance can help a business avoid major financial problems if all employees drive company cars. If the employees use their own vehicles in order to serve locals, a commercial comprehensive insurance policy won’t cover these drivers. The only way to get coverage for these employees is by charging a fee for mobile business tasks.


Besides these beneficial insurance options, there are many other commercial policies that make the process of running a business easier. If you’d like insurance that’s designed differently, considering getting a captive insurance policy from one of captive insurance companies. This process won’t be a hassle since there are many captive insurance companies that serve local businesses.

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