Trump Has A Brilliant Strategy Against “Leaks” – How AP Got Blown Up Badly

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Feb 19 2017
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You can be forgiven for mocking and laughing at Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. But if you continue to have egg on your face after his inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, it goes to show how smart Trump really is that you didn’t even realize he has repeatedly outsmarted and insulted you – again and again.


Okay, we’ve exaggerated. Trump isn’t a rocket scientist. But he was smart enough to hire extremely smart people to make his administration looks smart. Not only he inherited a mess from Obama’s administration, he is also facing a civil war when mainstream media, Hollywood celebrities, U.S. spy agencies, politicians and global press conspire against his administration.

President Donald J Trump

Never in the history of U.S. presidency had that so many institutions, organizations, agencies and individuals wanted so eagerly to take down a POTUS. Fortunately to Trump, those powerful forces couldn’t control the alternate media, without which the 45th U.S. president would have had lost his campaign at its early stage already.


For as long as one can remember, the American mainstream media have been flexing its muscles, constantly reminding the U.S. president that the most powerful institution isn’t the White House but the media. Packaging themselves as the so-called “liberal media”; CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, CBS, NBC and ABC still couldn’t accept that their candidate Hillary Clinton had lost.

Mainstream Media Against Donald Trump - Cartoon

The U.S. Intelligence Community, a coalition of 17 agencies and organizations – CIA, FBI, NSA, ODNI etc – have been heavily influenced by Democrat politicians during Obama administration. That was a cool 8 years of infiltration. Far from retirement, Obama is working behind the scene against Trump administration through his well-funded “Organizing for Action” (OFA).


Like terrorist sleeper cells, Obama loyalists working in the spy agencies are now actively working hand-in-glove with the mainstream media to undermine Trump administration. Those spies leak whatever classified data and information to the media, sending President Trump running to the battlefield fire-fighting, preventing him from running the country.

Barack Obama - Organizing for Action OFA

The biggest issue, therefore, is the mainstream media. Without the “problematic” media, those Democrat spies would be powerless because the Intelligence Community does not go directly to the American people. The media does. By taking out the media, both the mainstream news providers and leakers could be neutralized.


However, the American First Amendment which protects freedom of press says President Donald Trump cannot do anything such as shutting down the mainstream media, no matter how naughty or fake news they publish. So, how can Trump fight against the untouchable CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, CBS, NBC and ABC?

Donald Trump - Not Running Against Crooked Hillary, Running Against Crooked Media

Here’s Trump clever plan. The First Amendment doesn’t say anything about undermining the credibility of the press. Using back the same tactic used by media, Trump’s strategy is to damage the media’s reputation and credibility so much that they wish they hadn’t picked a fight with the president. And the strategy works fabulously, judging by how AP screwed up big time in its latest fake news.


AP – Associated Press – was supposed to be the most credible news agency headquartered in New York City. In fact, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agreed that AP’s reporting during the 2016 presidential election vote count would be the acceptable results. But even the AP is increasingly biased against Trump administration. Hence, AP was shortlisted as Trump’s latest guinea pig.

AP Associated Press

The AP dropped a neutron bomb on Friday, alleging President Trump of considering deploying a strong 100,000 National Guards to round up illegal immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security gladly rubbished the AP’s publication. With pleasure, White House press secretary Sean Spicer called the AP report – “100% false. I wish you guys had asked before you tweeted.”


The memo on which the entire story hinges was only an early, pre-decision draft. And it wasn’t even written by the agency’s secretary – John F. Kelly – simply because the draft never made it to his desk. National Guard Bureau and Pentagon were equally surprised with the allegations and immediately denied there was any official notification to begin with.

Retired General John F Kelly – Secretary of Homeland Security

The draft memo also never used the 100,000 figure nor the word “deportation”, all of which were reported by the AP based on pure imaginations. President Trump was toying with the mainstream media. Leaking memos (deliberately) and then denying them to make the press look bad does solve the problem of undermining the hostile media’s credibility and reputation.


And the AP’s news, republished and retweeted by other anti-Trump media, had swallowed Trump’s hook, line and sinker. The AP tried twisting its screw up by blaming the White House and the Department of Homeland Security for refusing to comment on the leaked memo. The AP had assumed that the memo was authentic simply because there wasn’t any denial.

US National Guard in City

The formula or steps to deal with unfriendly and often hostile mainstream media can be summarized below:

  1. Deliberate leaks / let spies leak an explosive story to the press.
  2. Refuse to comment about the story.
  3. Wait for the story to be published.
  4. Accuse the press of publishing fake news
  5. Repeat the above steps


Over time, American people would eventually doubt whatever news published by the so-called “untouchable but arrogant” liberal mainstream media. When even a reputable AP could run such irresponsible, unconfirmed and untrue stories, imagine other tainted media providers such as the CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, CBS, NBC and ABC.

Donald Trump Laughing at Mainstream Media

Obviously, it was a genius strategy to flush and smoke out potential leakers in the administration. It was also an awesome plan to test the water about the public’s opinion about sending National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants. More importantly, it sends a powerful message to the Intelligence Community and the media – President Trump cannot be easily neutralized.


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