U.S. Dirty Tricks – Denying Port Access To Russian Oil Tankers Carrying Jet Fuel

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Nov 25 2016
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America is losing the Syrian War, and other wars it had started throughout the Middle East. But the superpower can’t just pull out with tail between legs, the same way they did in the Vietnam War. That would be a huge humiliation. They would be laughed at by not only enemies such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea but also the European countries.


So, the best thing to do if the U.S. can’t beat the ISIS in Syria is to frustrate and block the guy who can beat them – Russia. To be precise, the U.S., under Obama administration, has no intention whatsoever of wiping the Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS) terrorists in Syria. U.S.’ mission from day one has always been to dethrone Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and install a puppet.

ISIS Islamic State Holding Flags Swords and Gun

Russia, on the other hand, plans to do the opposite. They want to kill every single terrorist in Syria – ISIS or rebels – and to protect President Assad from being replaced by a puppet answerable to the U.S. It’s hard for America to justify that democracy is better than dictatorship in Syria. Iraq and Libya’s transition to democracy – guinea pig experimented by the U.S. – have failed spectacularly.


U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said at Wednesday’s briefing that countries in the region should not support any Russian tanker ships carrying fuel to be used in air strikes on civilians. The U.S. conveniently uses “air strikes on civilians” to justify their selfish attempt in order to hamper Russia’s effort to fight terrorism.


Furious, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov blasted the U.S. the next day – accusing the U.S. latest action as a deliberate attempt to “conceal the failures of the U.S. policy” in Syria. Konashenkov said Russia has achieved much more with its air campaign in Syria than the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group.


The U.S. first supplied the rebels of the Free Syrian Army since March 2011, but quickly began providing training, cash, and intelligence to selected Syrian rebel. There hasn’t been any significant progress since the U.S. and its Arab allies began launching airstrikes on ISIS inside Syria – until Russia entered the war in September 2015 under Syrian’s invitation.


Konashenkov also said that if Washington cannot or does not want to fight terrorists, it should not get in the way – the clearest indicator to the international community that not only the U.S. has failed miserably in combating the ISIS terror group, but also has confirmed the allegation that fighting terrorism has never been the agenda of Obama administration.


Meanwhile, the European Union is looking into whether Russian tankers carried jet fuel to Syria through the bloc’s waters despite this being banned. Apparently, according to EU Council Regulation 1323/2014 introduced 2 years ago, any supply of jet fuel to Syria from the EU territories, whether or not the fuel originated in the European Union, is banned.


However, Russia’s defence ministry argued that, as it was not a member of the European Union, such sanctions did not apply to its air group in Syria.  An intelligence source with an EU government claims at least two Russian-flagged tankers – Yaz and Mukhalatka – made deliveries via Cyprus and Greece for 20,000 metric tons of jet fuel – worth around US$9 million to Syria.


Kremlin insisted its tankers could not have violated EU sanctions against Syria as the fuel deliveries were meant for the Russian Aerospace Forces, not the Syrian army. How can the EU perform an audit on the actual usage, even if it’s true that the Russian secretly shares the jet fuel with Syrian? Are there any EU nations dare to seize Russian tankers?


EU appears to be more concerned about helping the U.S. saving face from an embarrassing Syrian War defeat than genuinely wanting to fight terrorism. The U.S.’ action of telling other friends not to befriend Russia just because Moscow can do a better job shows how childish Washington is. It was Obama’s incompetency that has allowed ISIS terrorism to prosper.


Do Washington and EU really think that by sanctioning the delivery of jet fuel to Syria, the Russian military at the Hmeimim airbase would be crippled? Vladimir Putin could easily ask Turkish President Recep Erdogan to send fuel to Russian-controlled Tartus port and route it anywhere in Syria, now that the Turkey president is sucking up to Russia and China.


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