Bersih 5.0 – Was There A Mutiny Within Police Force Against Najib Razak?

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Nov 20 2016
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The plan, at least according to some pro-Najib cyber troopers, was to copy what former premier Mahathir did on 27th October 1987 – “Operasi Lalang”. Of course, Prime Minister Najib Razak could also copy what his father did in May 1969 – bloody racial riots. Both “Operasi Lalang 2.0” and racial riots 2.0 will allow him to rule Malaysia – “indefinitely”.


Mr. Najib, despite jamming Vengaboys’ “Shalala lala” with the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, is actually in “Shitlala lala”. His 1MDB scandal refuses to go away. His hope for a lame Clinton presidency had failed. His new alignment in favour of China might backfire now that Trump has won. His pray for a recovery in crude oil prices hasn’t been answered by Allah.


The appreciation of US dollar and depreciation of Chinese Yuan / Renminbi are causing panic to Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank). Foreign financial institutions are bitching that Najib’s appointed Governor Muhammad Ibrahim was so incompetent that he couldn’t tell between intervention and capital control. Mr. Najib wanted “a mega distraction” and Bersih 5.0 rally presented him the opportunity.


That explains why Mr. Mahathir flew to Sudan before the Bersih 5.0 demonstration kicks off. The old cunning fox knew something was cooking. He knew Najib would blame him for “a clash between the Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts”. And he knew the police would finally have the justification to arrest him together with opposition leaders in “Operasi Lalang 2.0”.


However, the scandal-hit Najib had only wanted “a controllable riot”, not a fully-blown racial riot like the one his father started back in 1969. A full scale racial riot can be easily started by Red Shirts, the outsourced gangster division of Najib’s own political party UMNO. But a full scale racial riot would be disastrous to the country’s economy, hence Najib administration.


The Bersih 5.0 Yellow Shirts and UMNO Red Shirts were supposed to clash yesterday. Najib administration was supposed to declare an emergency and “freeze Parliament” until further notice. That would kill many birds with a stone. A total of 58 roads at 10 main areas in the capital Kuala Lumpur had been closed in a pre-planned lockdown before the Nov 19’s rally.



Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah was detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) – a law designed for terrorists, not oppositions – and could be held for a further 28 days. The crackdown also includes the arrest of more than a dozen of activists and pro-Bersih politicians – before and after the demonstration that attracted at least 50,000 people.


It didn’t make sense that Red Shirts could only mobilize 3,000 people when its leader Jamal had promised 300,000 against whatever number Bersih 5.0 could bring. It was a humiliation to the Red Shirts who had rented 250,000 protesters during 2015’s rally. The smaller crowd of Red Shirts means UMNO deliberately wanted the number to be manageable.



If Najib had wanted to humiliate Bersih 5.0 and Mahathir, UMNO could easily sponsor a bigger Red Shirts crowd. Assuming the cost of renting and transporting Red Shirt protesters was RM200 per head, it would only cost RM40 million to mobilize a sea of 200,000 Red Shirt protesters, or 500,000 strong crowd for RM100 million of taxpayers money for that matter.


If Najib had wanted to see the real support of Bersih 5.0 and Mahathir in terms of the crowd it could pull, and was convinced people were sick and tired of Bersih, he could have told the Red Shirts to STFU (shut the fuck up) and instructed the police to assist and escort the Yellow Shirts – not blocking protesters, cracking leaders and locking the city.



To do otherwise means Najib had wanted to “test his new power” under National Security Council to silence all his enemies. There were photos taken of a van allegedly unloading bamboo and sticks for the Red Shirt demonstrators. Channel News Asia later reported that police asked these troublemakers to get rid of the sticks before being escorted to Padang Merbok.


Now, do you understand why the Red Shirts, whose crowd also consists of Black Shirts from PEKIDA (another gangster group under UMNO), were kept at 3,000? The answer is none other than to start a “mini riot”. Interestingly, after Jamal was punched by plainclothes policemen, presumably Special Branch, at Ampang Point shopping mall, he was arrested at 1:30am on Saturday.



Why was there a need to arrest Jamal for organizing 3,000 harmless red minions when he was paid for arranging 250,000 extreme red minions last year? It appears the police force was divided and disagreed over the plan to unleash Red Shirt gangster terrorizing the Yellow Shirt peaceful demonstrators. Some police divisions were of the opinion that Najib’s dangerous idea must be stopped.


That explains why Red Shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos was punched by plainclothes policemen, forcing him to cry like a baby over his bloodied nose, after he led his paid-followers in pursuing and harassing Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin as she and PKR political members were promoting the Nov 19 Bersih rally at the Ampang Point shopping centre.



That also explains why burger-seller and drug-pusher turned businessmen Mr. Jamal was arrested by Special Branch at the eleventh hour before he could lead his 3,000 Red Shirt hooligans beat the Yellow Shirt protesters. Selangor UMNO liaison committee chief Noh Omar could be the sponsor of apprentice Jamal but the dirty plan turned sour after police intervened.


In a way, policemen, especially Special Branch, were the heroes who had secretly stopped the Red Shirt and Black Shirt gangsters from butchering the clueless and innocent Yellow Shirt protesters. But couldn’t this be a drama to paint a rosy picture that the Malaysian police force and Najib government are fair? Here’s why it’s unlikely.



First, it would have been easier for Najib to score brownie points if he had allowed Bersih 5.0 to proceed like Bersih 4.0 – a smooth demonstration without crackdown and lockdown. Second, Jamal could easily surrender to the police, not arrested, let alone punched, under the pretext of a law-abiding citizen. Third, there was no need to mobilize a mind-boggling 7,000 police force.


In a memo authored by John Pang – “The TPP and Malaysia’s Corruption Crisis” – which was forwarded to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta; it was made known that the only thing standing between Najib and arrest for criminal breach of trust and possibly murder is the control of the Attorney-General and the Chief of Police.


If it was true that the Royal Malaysia Police has started feeling uneasy over Najib administration and had successfully defeated the evil plan on a Red Shirts-Yellow Shirts clash, it would mean that “a mutiny” was probably brewing within the police force, the same way FBI agents revolted Director James Comey for over-protecting the corrupt Hillary Clinton.


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