Here’s How MO1 Can “Donate” To US – “Secretly” – To Cover His 1MDB Scandal

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Aug 01 2016
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Donation is the buzzword for this year, both in the United States as well as Malaysia, but serving different purpose. In US, as temperature rises in the wake of Clinton-vs-Trump for the presidential general election this coming November, hundreds of millions of dollars are being pumped into campaigns to influence American voters.


In the case of Malaysia, Saudi Arabia’s claim that it had donated US$681 million to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, is now busted. The press conference held by the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and US Department of Justice last week has not only exposed that money was stolen from 1MDB, but also proved that the Saudi had lied about its donation.

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces Lawsuits On 1MDB

Following the US-DOJ lawsuits related to 1MDB scandal, rumours fly that PM Najib Razak, who is highly suspected to be the individual named as “Malaysian Official 1” in the first ever official public documentation of transactions involving stolen money as much as US$3.5 billion, has sent a prominent legal brain from Malaysia, Shafee Abdullah, on a secret mission to US.


The impossible mission, to which Mr. Shafee could have accepted, was to replicate or copy what anti-Najib supporters had allegedly done to Najib. In an-eye-for-an-eye mission, Mr. Shafee was tasked to rub shoulders with US authorities and furnish documents and evidence on the wealth of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s sons in the United States.

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah – A Lawyer of Many Hats

However, the same mission has also sparked rumours that Shafee Abdullah’s real mission was to bribe – in the form of donation – the next President of the United States, presumably and hopefully, the first woman President Hillary Clinton. The amount involved was a whopping US$500 million. Pro-UMNO portal – MyKMU.net – immediately rubbished the rumours.


MyKMU.net argued that his boss Najib Razak doesn’t need to bribe Clinton with US$500 million simply because his name does not exist in the US-DOJ lawsuits’ papers, not to mention there’s no guarantee Hillary Clinton will win. Well, if Najib Razak’s name wasn’t mentioned at all in the lawsuits, then why bother making police report against Zeti, Gani and Kassim?

Hillary and Bill Clinton - Net Worth - USD 111 Million

True, there’s no guarantee that Hillary Clinton will win. Even Clinton’s colleague, President Barack Obama, dares not laugh at Donald Trump today but admits Trump could win. However, there’s something called “hedging”, whereby Mr. Shafee could be instructed to “donate” to both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.


Being a seasoned politician, Clinton has acquired a mountain of cash – US$374,585,440 – compared to Trump’s US$98,742,091, as of July 21. In short, Clinton’s war-chest is close to 4 times bigger than Trump’s. Although having tons of money is clearly advantageous, Trump has shown his skill on how to get free publicity without spending a penny.

George Soros - Happy and Laughing

As the battle for the White House enters its last 100-days, big donors continue sending more cash to grease Clinton’s propaganda machines. Billionaire George Soros who amassed a fortune estimated at $24.9 billion through risky currency trades has donated more than US$25 million to boost Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes.


The question is: can foreigners donate to US presidential candidates and therefore influence the outcome? In the wake of the Orlando shootings, when Clinton called on several Persian Gulf states to crack down on wealthy citizens who were funding Muslim extremists, Donald Trump told her to return US$25 million she got from them for the Clinton Foundation instead.

List of Foreign Countries Giving Hillary Clinton's Foundation Millions of Dollars

That’s right; Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign is being funded by Saudi Arabia, the same nation that she calls a terrorist funder. In fact, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman openly declared that Riyadh has provided 20% of the total funding to Hillary Clinton. While Saudi didn’t hide its identity, can Malaysia, in the wake of 1MDB scandal, do the same but without revealing its identity?


Now, assuming PM Najib Razak wanted to influence the US-A.G. Lynch and US-DOJ civil lawsuits (which could turn to criminal lawsuits) against his stepson Riza Aziz and friend Jho Low, he can do so by donating huge cash to Clinton. You see, by simply selecting the appropriate charitable organization, Najib can essentially donate (or rather bribe) his way – secretly.

FBI Department of Justice DOJ - Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - inset Riza Aziz

There’s basically 3 different donation types in the US:

  • Charities – 501(c)(3): Donations are tax deductible; donors go unreported; no political activity allowed
  • Super PAC – 527 groups: Donations are not tax deductible; donors are reported; political activity allowed.
  • Social Welfare – 501(c)(4): Donations are not tax deductible; donors go unreported; some political activity allowed.


Clearly, Najib Razak can suck up to Hillary Clinton by using the 501(c)(4) tax code to donate money. Disguising as a social welfare organization, Najib can run advertisement that says “Don’t Vote for Donald Trump” to make Clinton happy. True, the social welfare still needs to report the expenditures to the FEC (Federal Election Commission) and information would be revealed.

Billboard Advertisement - Anti Trump - Don't Be A Chump Dump The Trump

But people will know only what the social welfare spent on and what candidates they supported or opposed. The names of individual donors (in this case, Najib Razak) will remain unknown and secret. So long as the group can argue that most of their activities are aimed at non-political social welfare goals, it can engage in hardcore political work.


That was exactly how George Soros did it when he donated US$5 million to a non-profit group called the Voting Rights Trust, which is run partly by Clinton’s campaign lawyer Marc Elias. Under section 501(c)(4) of tax code, Soros’ donations and those of other donors will never be formally and publicly reported to the government.

Najib Razak Donate to Hillary Clinton in Exchange for Favour

Of course, we still don’t know if Najib is planning, or has already donated to Clinton, in exchange for his 1MDB scandal in the United States to receive preferential treatment. But even if such plan was hatched, Hillary might refuse to accept the donation due to the seriousness of the 1MDB money laundering case.


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