Zuckerberg The “BrainWasher” – Facebook Decides What News You Should Read

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May 13 2016
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Let us repeat this again. The President of the United States (POTUS) is not the most powerful man on planet Earth. The man who controls the news media is. News media, be it the print, electronic or social media, can make or break a president. Although traditional print and electronic media have been ganging up against Trump, they didn’t quite succeed.

Donald Trump - Cap Make America Great Again

The Republican conservatives – the elites – comprising Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and their Super PACs have actually blown away at least US$67 million (£46.4 million; RM270 million) on attack ads against Donald Trump. However, Trump didn’t lose when he is supposed to, because the social media save the billionaire.


But not all social media has been kind to the Apprentice television star. Facebook, the largest news distributor on the planet, is now exposed for being bias towards Trump. It appears that young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has been playing dirty by controlling what news his 1.6-billion monthly active users will read.

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Smiling

Leaked documents show that Zuckerberg has been lying about a popular and burning question – “How does Facebook determine what topics are trending?” – to which the answer provided by a Facebook page reads – “The topics you see are based on a number of factors including engagement, timeliness, Pages you’ve liked and your location.”


Earlier this week when Facebook was accused of deliberately suppressing conservative news after being exposed by a former editor, the company denies it. Because Facebook is so huge, they can make or break success in a way that nobody else can. So, it’s indeed a big deal because Zuckerberg can dictate the news and corporate agenda.

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[documentcloud url=”http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/2830513-Facebook-Trending-Review-Guidelines.html#document/p1″ width=”510″]


After “The Guardian” published 21 pages of documents exposing Facebook method of cherry-picking what the hottest stories to be read by over 1-billion people who visit the social network every day, the company makes a U-turn and offers its explanation. In Zuckerberg’s latest offering, he basically admits that Facebook’s Trending news section includes topics that “aren’t actually trending”.


The controversy started when Gizmodo reported how Facebook’s trending section is run largely like a newsroom and curators who can artificially “inject” and “blacklist” topics, as per instructed by “boss”. Therefore, the news trending from Facebook isn’t from any highly secretive algorithm but contains element of human intervention.

Facebook Bias Anti-Conservative News

Still, Zuckerberg’s latest clarification to pacify critics somehow contradicts an earlier statement released by Facebook’s vice president of search Tom Stocky who said that “we do not insert stories artificially into trending topics.” Hence, either Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg lies or Facebook’s VP Tom Stocky bullshits.


Already, the Republican-led Senate Commerce Committee is demanding answers from Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg pertaining to the company’s practices. Fortunately, as a private enterprise, Facebook is not beholden to the same rules governing broadcasters or other public entities, and has the same right to distribute news “without interference from the government”.

Facebook IPO Raise Cash

However, Facebook is expected to play ball and will not ignore a “congressional request” for an explanation, failing which the social media company could receive a subpoena. Nevertheless, the reason is obvious as to why Mark Zuckerberg’s boys were instructed to manipulate news. His Facebook needs all the eyeballs he can get to generate revenue, including extremists and terrorists.


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