Listen, Listen, Listen – Racist Johoreans (Red Shirts) Must Leave Johor

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Sep 16 2015
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The Red and Black Shirts rally is quite a success, as far as rioting and looting benchmark is concerned, so far. They started marching at about 12:30pm and by 4:30pm the party was over. Nope, they didn’t spend 12-hour as plan earlier. Hundreds were seen to be leaving Padang Merbok at 4:30pm, heading back early to their respective buses.


Yes, the Red Shirts were so much lucky compared to Yellow Shirts in many aspects. For a start, thousands of buses were paid to transport them, mostly from outstations. In fact, there were so many buses rented that even a bus with Taylor University’s logo was spotted transporting participants. The university has denied knowledge of its usage.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - Taylor University Bus Transporting Participants

The Red Shirts were also given free food, drinks, pocket money and even pre-made placards. They were also quite good at marketing and recruiting as can be seen when they gave away food, money and red T-shirts to some homeless people along Jalan Hang Lekiu. The homeless later exposed they were asked to “Jalan-Jalan” (walking about) wearing it.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - Homeless Peope Given Money, T-Shirt, Food

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - Riot Police Walking in Petaling Street Chinatown

However, situation was tense at Petaling Street when about 1,000 Red Shirts reportedly strayed from the original plan to march to gathering centre Padang Merbok. These Red Shirts seem to be more interested in breaching the Chinatown which is under police barricades. FRU and police were on standby, with 5 FRU trucks not too far away.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - FRU Unleashes Water Cannon

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - FRU Unleashes Water Cannon 2

At the time of writing, FRU has unleashed chemical-laced water into the crowd who not only refused to leave after a final bell has been given, but also attacked the FRU and police with bottles and cones. Clearly, the troublemakers have other plan, probably to destroy shops along Chinatown, knowing very well that 100% of the shops are closed for the day.


Whether the chaos would spread into a much serious riot later of the day remains to be seen. It is estimated that about 50,000 strong Red Shirts crowd have marched and gathered at Padang Merbok. However, Red Shirts (what happens to the Black Shirts?) speaker Razali Idris claims 300,000 have attended the rally.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - Crowd

Regardless of 50,000 or 300,000 participants, there’s little doubt the crowd is very much smaller than Bersih 4.0 Yellow Shirts rally. If it’s true there were 300,000 Red Shirts, then Bersih 4.0 can be proud of 5,000,000 Yellow Shirts. Government-controlled media, particularly Utusan, is expected to inflate the figure to between 300,000 – 800,000.


As expected, not a single UMNO heavyweight attends the rally, which is quite shameful. Those attended were Ismail Sabri Yaacob (Rural and Regional Development Minister) and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Agriculture and Agri-based Industry Deputy Minister). Of course, the infamous Mr “Fried Rice” or popularly known Minister GST Ahmad Maslan was there.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - Ahmad Maslan

UMNO Red Shirts Supporter Holding T-Shirt - Najib and Rosmah Fly Away

While “platinum sponsor” Prime Minister Najib Razak was away at Sabah and Sarawak hiding from any potential chaos, “gold sponsor” Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi was nowhere to be seen. All “silver sponsors” UMNO Vice Presidents including Hishammuddin Hussein were also absent.


Besides screaming and chest-beating about protecting Malay dignity, the Red Shirts also went as far as name calling specifically at political party DAP and its supremo Lim Kit Siang. Some were caught calling the Chinese pigs while some were seen carrying placards asking for the Chinese vernacular education to be scrapped.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - FRU Unleashes Water Cannon 3

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - Riot Police With Protesters

As the nation celebrates Malaysia Day, one person got very frustrated with the rally goers. He’s none other than Sultan Ibrahim of Johor. In a posting on his Facebook, the sultan declares Johor has no room for hatred and racism, obviously targeting at the UMNO-sponsored rally, of which the real purpose was to protect the tainted PM Najib Razak.


“Let me reiterate, there is no place for hatred and racism here in Johor Darul Ta’zim. It was never welcomed, nor will I ever welcome haters and racists here in Johor. If anyone who want to practice hatred and racism in Johor Darul Ta’zim, the home of the Malays, Chinese and Indians – Bangsa Johor, please leave Johor immediately. That is an order! – proclaimed Sultan Ibrahim.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally - Sultan Ibrahim Johor Facebook Posting

He further added – “Anyone found instigating others to hate and practice racism here in Johor, they will face the brunt of the law. Anyone who create disharmony and spread hatred here by promoting racism, will have to deal with me personally. Take this a warning. To the authorities, do not take soft approach against haters and racists, do not be bias …”


Sultan Ibrahim’s fairness is visible when he said – “This is not the Stone Age, do not be ungrateful, the Malays, Chinese and Indians, all played their part, Johor Darul Ta’zim is home to the Malays, Chinese and Indians, they are Bangsa Johor. As their ruler, it’s my responsibility to see my subjects live in harmony, and my subjects are always my priority.”

Sultanate of Johor - Sultan Abu Bakar, Sultan Ibrahim, Sultan Ismail, Sultan Iskandar, Sultan Ismail Ibrahim

Astonishingly, the Johor Sultan’s posting has attracted more than “56,000 Likes”, “25,000 Shares” and close to “5,000 Comments”. Has Malaysia gone to the dogs under Najib administration with his corruption, money plundering and murder allegations, not to mention today’s extremely racial rally, so much so that all the Chinese, Indian and even non-Najib-supporter-Malays have to immigrate to the Kingdom of Johor seeking protection?


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I really hope those whom participate in 16th Sept. gets a love letter from The Sultan.

It has to be seen by Johorian.

Daulat Tuanku!

i want to settle down near Pontian for retirement,, will grow pineapples.

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