Here’s A New Pickup Truck On The Block – Mercedes Luxury Pickup

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Mar 29 2015
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Were you frustrated with those pickup trucks – Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara – for acting such a bully during parking or hogging lanes? Well, the market of the bullies is set to get merrier (and more crowded) with a new kid on the block soon. Believe it or not, Mercedes Benz is building a pickup truck!! The German luxury carmaker decides to play rough with its entry into the segment.

Mercedex Benz New Pickup Truck 2015 2020 - front grill

In a rather surprising announcement, Mercedes-Benz says that it’s planning to have a midsize truck on the market before the end of the decade – Yay!! However, before you get too excited about the prospect of owning one of the finest beasts, parent company Daimler AG has announced this bad news – the yet-unnamed vehicle will be sold in Europe, Latin America, Australia and South America only, for now.


What this means is Mercedes fanatics in Asia and (surprisingly) North America (United States and Canada) will not get to see the Benz pickup trucks on the road. But why the heck Mercedes decides to enter the midsize truck segment now? Interestingly, global sales of such vehicles were at 2.34 million vehicles last year, and is estimated to grow to 2.83 million by 2020, five years from now, and Benz doesn’t want to miss the boat.

Mercedex Benz New Pickup Truck 2015 2020

Daimler-Benz cars were once given or lent to Hitler and his party’s officials, and the Fuhrer loved the cars very much that he held a portfolio of Benz vehicles. And the fact that Daimler-Benz ended up building not only Benz limousine for Adolf Hitler, but also military hardware for the Germany military – airplane motors and spare parts, tanks and armoured vehicles, heavy trucks and even a major section of the V-2 rocket – speaks volumes about its reliability.


Of course, the World War II has long gone. It’s all about business and making money now. Actually, Mercedes has been toying with the idea of rebadging “Titan” and “Frontier” from corporate ally Nissan to roll out pickup trucks. While the German luxury carmaker could happily slap a three-pointed star on the Japanese pickup trucks, there was one major problem though.

Nissan Frontier 2015 Pickup

Mercedes wanted a wider range of engines, including hybrid variants, to allow it to tune models for specific markets, to which Nissan couldn’t and wouldn’t deliver. Heck, it seemed a supposedly simple job of rebadging is not that simple after all, especially when you’re dealing with the German manufacturer. Perhaps out of frustration, the corporate decision has concluded to build its own pickup trucks, from scratch.

Mercedes Benz Luxury Interior

Now, the question is – will the new Mercedes pickup trucks get to import luxury features and technologies from S-Class? Or does it actually plan to import from Nissan’s luxury subsidiary – Infiniti – instead? But, there’s one thing for sure – there’ll definitely be new apocalypse movies of heroes (Brat Pitt?) driving a Mercedes pickup truck knocking down zombies like bowling pins (*grin*).


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