Don’t Look Down On Cockroaches – They Have Personality

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Feb 05 2015
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The next time a cockroach running around on the same table you’re having your meal, think twice about smacking it to pieces. Believe it or not, they’re better than human, especially those scumbag hypocrite politicians. Sure, cockroaches may be dirty and ugly, and may be one of the most despicable creatures on planet Earth. But at least they have “personality”, according to scientists (*grin*).

Cockroaches Have Personalities - Eating Biscuit

Researchers studying the behaviour of the insects have discovered that cockroaches have individual character traits. Nope, they’re not as smart as Warren Buffett in making money investing stocks. But scientists who observed the way the insect seeks shelter when come out into the open, were fascinated. The research team claims that if they had the same personalities they would all behave exactly the same when in the open, but they don’t.


Isaac Planas Sitjà, one of the researchers from the Université libre de Bruxelles which uncovered the personalities has this to say – “We have categorised the observed personalities. We call them “shy or cautious” and “bold or explorers”. Apparently, the shy cockroach would keep hidden as much as possible and seek the safety of shelter. The courageous and adventurous are keen to explore their surroundings.

Cockroaches Have Personalities - Running for Congress Cartoon

Hence, based on how cockroaches behave when they were in the open, the scientists concluded that cockroaches have personalities. Different personalities are thought to help the survival of the species because by driving different behaviour it increases the chances of at least some surviving when disaster strikes. The researchers also found the personalities could affect the behaviour of groups of cockroaches.


During the experiment, 304 American cockroaches – Periplaneta americana – were attached with RFID tags before measured for the speed with which they found shelter and the time they spent exploring and seeking out new supplies of food. Naturally, adventurous and bold cockroaches have better chances in finding extra food. But that also means their risks of being preyed upon increase simultaneously.

Cockroaches Have Personalities - Experiment

Next time before you start making fun of people by labelling them cockroaches, stop insulting the vermin. They’re not dumb creatures. They’ve personalities. Now, did we hear somebody say that not only do they have personalities, but many of them hold high political positions too (*grin*).


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