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Here’re 2014 Top-25 Worst Passwords – Is Yours On The List?

Last year wasn’t a great year for many industries. The aviation industry saw an extreme rare case of a country – Malaysia – lost three commercial planes. The oil and gas sector experienced the collapse of its black gold by more than 50%. Data security, meanwhile, saw hacking dominates the information technology sector – Apple […]

... written on Jan 21 2015

Free Remedy – But Would You Apply Pee On Your Face, Or Even Drink It?

As disgusting as it may sound, the use of urine (that’s right, your own pee) for various health, healing and even cosmetic purposes dated back to thousands of years ago by several ancient cultures such as China, India and Egypt. Could that be the reason why Cleopatra was one of ancient most beautiful woman? Before […]

... written on Jan 20 2015

Meet Singapore New Richest Man, Who Never Went To School

If Jack Ma has become the new richest man in China, there’s a new richest man in Singapore too. Does the name Mr. Goh Cheng Liang ring a bell? Most probably not, simply because this billionaire is an incredibly low-profile person. In fact, the last time he talked to the press was in 1997, almost […]

... written on Jan 19 2015

Swiss Tsunami – Reasons Why Zurich Gave Up On Euro

Swiss-made watches have become more expensive over night. Swatch watch group which sells brands such as Omega, Tissot, Longiness and Calvin Klein was trembling at the sudden change of event. So did Richemont, which owns Cartier, Chloé and Montblanc. Shares of Swatch Group tumbled 15% while Richemont was down 14%. If you happen to collect […]

... written on Jan 18 2015

New Xiaomi Mi Note – It’s Samsung Note Killer, Not iPhone Killer

Last month, Lei Jun revealed his company’s latest entry-level phone – Redmi 2 – but not before he boast about Xiaomi’s triple-digit growth. This month, or rather yesterday, the Steve Jobs wannabe announced yet another smartphone – Mi Note. Perhaps for the first time, Xiaomi smartphone doesn’t copy Apple phone, not entirely. Xiaomi has decided […]

... written on Jan 16 2015

The Answer To ISIS Invasion Threat – The Great Wall Of Saudi

Part of the reasons why Barack Obama got himself the job as the first black President of the United States was because the Americans were sick and tired of Bush’s arrogance, incompetency and aggressiveness that got the country into economic turmoil and wars all over the world. Democrats seized the chance by presenting Obama as […]

... written on Jan 15 2015

Poof!! – New Charlie Hebdo Sold Out Within Minutes, Crazy eBay Bids

One killer was reportedly shouted “Charlie Hebdo is dead!” following the shocking and dramatic massacre in Paris. But judging by the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine since the brutal attack, the provocative magazine is far from dead. In fact, both pairs of terrorists – Kouachi brothers and couple Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene – […]

... written on Jan 14 2015

Leaked!! – The Ultra Rich And Powerful Chinese Who Stash Money Offshore

About 10-years ago in 2004, United States had 274 billionaires while China only had pathetic 3 billionaires. Fast forward 10-years later in 2014, America was still the champion with 492 billionaires. However, China had improved unbelievably with 354 billionaires – 388 if you care to include billionaires from Hong Kong – an achievement of a […]

... written on Jan 14 2015

Restaurant Manager With Balls Of Steel, Sues Japan’s Yakuza Godfather

Yamaguchi-gumi is the largest criminal organizations in the world. According to Japan’s National Police Agency, it is Japan’s largest yakuza organization, with membership of roughly about 45% of the 86,000 yakuza in the Japanese underworld and over 100,000 internationally. Named after its founder Harukichi Yamaguchi, its origins dated to as far back as 1915 in Kobe, […]

... written on Jan 13 2015

Defiant Hebdo Reveals Muhammad On First Cover Of “Je Suis Charlie”

Many Americans have took the trouble on social media assuring the French people that the U.S. fully supports France in the aftermath of the terror attacks, and they were extremely ashamed with their lame duck President Barack Obama for not showing up at Sunday’s rally but lazing at home watching a National Football League game […]

... written on Jan 13 2015

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