Free Remedy – But Would You Apply Pee On Your Face, Or Even Drink It?

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Jan 20 2015
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As disgusting as it may sound, the use of urine (that’s right, your own pee) for various health, healing and even cosmetic purposes dated back to thousands of years ago by several ancient cultures such as China, India and Egypt. Could that be the reason why Cleopatra was one of ancient most beautiful woman? Before you laugh your head off, it seems more and more modern British women are turning to their own urine as a natural remedy.

China - Man Drinking Urine

There’s even a word for such urine consumption – Urophagia. Martha Christy, the author of seminal urine drinking “Your Own Perfect Medicine” claims that the inexpensive nature of wee sipping is exactly why the health industry are telling us it’s actually a really bad idea. Some women have been taking three drops in a cup of hot water. And guess what – your own urine could be the best face cream to a flawless complexion.


Here’s how to use your urine on skin:- just put some of your precious pee on a cotton pad and then press it against your target (complexion) spots. That should take care of the spots. Martha claims it works better than Aspirin or Sudocrem. It is highly encouraged to mix some of your urine in with whatever moisturiser you’d bought. Women claim their skin were amazingly smooth using such (mixture) formula (*grin*).

Urine Therapy for Face Complexion

Martha claims that the enzyme, vitamin and mineral-rich liquid should be applied topically to the skin to help with acne, eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections. She specifically mentioned the case of JW Armstrong, who fasted on his own urine and water for 45 day, as proof about the beneficial of urine. There were also case studies about women who took urine baths in 18th-century France. In short, urine acts like a highly effective antiseptic.


Urine therapy isn’t such a black magic after all. Consisting of 95% water and 5% nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, urine is highly sterile. During the digestive process, the liver deals with toxins and removes them to be excreted. The blood then travels to the kidneys where it is filtered again and extraneous components the body no longer needs are collected in a sterile solution which is then passed as urine.

Madonna Urine on Foot

If the fact that ancient Aztecs used urine to clean wounds isn’t enough to convince you about this free medicine, perhaps Madonna could. Guess what, Madonna claims that urinating on her own feet while showering was the secret she never got athlete’s foot. If it’s true, imagine what your urine magic potion can do to the rest of non lethal diseases. Martha Christy also suggests drinking an undiluted cup of your first morning’s flow, if you dare to.


After you’ve gone through the urine drinking baptism of fire, you may want to try the process of “gargling”, and perhaps proceed to use it as eye drops (*ouch*), as recommended by Martha. But if urine is such a powerful health remedy, why aren’t the health industry recommending it? For a start, not many brave souls fancy sipping their pee as if they’re delicious latte. Then, there’s no profit to be made by them if they tell you so.

Sipping a Cup of Urine in Hot Water

Could there be some truths to rumours that cosmetic companies secretly collecting urine as part of ingredients for their beauty products? However, in case you plan to try the three drops of your pee into a cup of hot water every day, as part of your experiment, please consider telling your housemates or family members which cups you used. Otherwise, we cannot imagine the type of chaos or havoc created once they found out.


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