Defiant Hebdo Reveals Muhammad On First Cover Of “Je Suis Charlie”

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Jan 13 2015
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Many Americans have took the trouble on social media assuring the French people that the U.S. fully supports France in the aftermath of the terror attacks, and they were extremely ashamed with their lame duck President Barack Obama for not showing up at Sunday’s rally but lazing at home watching a National Football League game on television. If only Bill and Hillary Clinton were to fly in to Paris, to boost the 2016 presidential candidates chances.

France Massive Rally - Barack Obama Watches NFL - MIA

After all, France fought alongside the United States, against Britain, in 1778, during the American Revolutionary War. Of course, the reason French helped the Americans was to weaken the too powerful Britain back then. And now that France was attacked and needed support the most from its allies, America chose to play dumb and pretend as if nothing had happened. Should the French play dumb if Americans were to be attacked in future?


It wouldn’t have hurt the French so much if two leaders – Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas – didn’t turn up. But they did, and in the name of solidarity against terrorism which wasn’t part of the Islamic teaching, set aside their differences temporarily. The fact that Israel and Palestine, two countries which have been killing each other for decades, could rally with the French people sent a strong message.

France Massive Rally - Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas

And the message is: what the terrorists did in butchering Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and the Jewish communities were wrong, no matter how much insults thrown in by the French cartoonists. At best, the Islamic extremists should pick a pen and insult their opponents with their own version of cartoons. At worst, they should pick a fight with France armed forces, not cartoonists who were not armed to retaliate.


Let’s see how the al-Qaeda endorsed terrorists have failed. A Mali citizen, 24-year-old Lassana Bathily, was at work in the underground stockroom of a Jewish kosher market, Hyper Cacher. He heard gunman Amedy Coulibaly enter the store and open fire, killing four customers. Bathily ushered more than a dozen customers downstairs into the stockroom’s freezer, hence helped save their lives.

Paris Attack - Hero Malian Muslim Lassana Bathily

Paris Attack - Hero Muslim Police Officer Ahmed Merabet

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally thanked Lassana Bathily, now famously known as the “Malian Muslim”, who risked his life to save seven Jews. Heck, even some French politicians called for him to be awarded France’s highest honor. There were also other heroes – Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim, was the first police officer at the scene of the Charlie Hebdo attack but was shot in the head, by “false Muslims”.


Guess what, defiant Charlie Hebdo has revealed the cover of its first magazine since the massacre. It features Muhammad, shedding a single tear, holding a sign reading “Je Suis Charlie”, with the tagline “All is forgiven (Tout est pardonné)”. The cover was published by the French newspaper Libération, which has provided a home for the surviving staff under heavy guard. Does this mean the French is taking Islamic fanatics heads-on? You bet.

Charlie Hebdo First Cover Since Paris Attack - Muhammad

Interestingly, it was drawn and signed by Luz, real name Renald Luzier, the same staff cartoonist who drew an image of the Prophet Muhammad on the magazine’s cover three years ago, leading fanatics to firebomb the magazine’s offices. During the latest Paris attack, Luz cheated death after he overslept by half an hour and was late for work. Instead of initial 1 million copies, Charlie Hebdo has decided to print a whopping 3 million for circulation.


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