Poof!! – New Charlie Hebdo Sold Out Within Minutes, Crazy eBay Bids

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Jan 14 2015
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One killer was reportedly shouted “Charlie Hebdo is dead!” following the shocking and dramatic massacre in Paris. But judging by the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine since the brutal attack, the provocative magazine is far from dead. In fact, both pairs of terrorists – Kouachi brothers and couple Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene – have helped the magazine’s circulation tremendously.

First Issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack - magazines ready for distribution

First Issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack - Sold Out Sign

AFP reported that the first issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack is sold out within minutes across France kiosks. Thanks to the terrorists, the magazine which otherwise had a pathetic circulation of merely 60,000 before the attack, is now planning to reprint additional 2 million copies for a total 5 million copies. Initially, the magazine projected 1 million copies but revised it to 3 million. However, all of them were sold old like hot potatoes.

Parisians Queue for First Issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack - outside shopParisians Queue for First Issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack - outside kioskParisians Queue for First Issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack - inside shop

The first edition of the French satirical magazine, with cover featuring Muhammad, shedding a single tear, holding a sign reading “Je Suis Charlie” and tagline “All is forgiven (Tout est pardonné)”, attracted long queues eager to snap up the first issue, with some were waiting as early as 5:45am. The cover cartoon was drawn and signed by Luz, real name Renald Luzier, who amazingly cheated death after he overslept by half an hour and was late for work.







Nevertheless, it was a totally different story in Britain. Almost all newspapers dare not publish the cover image of the Charlie Hebdo’s first issue since the attack, let alone selling the French magazine. Britain’s The Independent newspaper was the only major London daily to put the image in its print version. The Daily Telegraph’s website cropped the cover to cut out Muhammed, while the BBC news website did not show it at all.

First Issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack - Renald Luzier at Press Conference

It was reportedly only around 2,000 copies are being imported into the UK, to be distributed by newspaper and magazine wholesalers Smiths News and Menzies Distribution. Needless to say, the limited supply sparks fierce trade on eBay. The bidding for one copy has already exceeded £500, having soared from its original price of 99p to £511 in just over six hours. Whether the latest sold-out is merely an initial hype which would disappear eventually remains to be seen.

First Issue of Charlie Hebdo since the attack - Bid at eBay exceeded £500

Meanwhile, the daily Cumhuriyet newspaper in Turkey printed a four-page pull-out containing cartoons and articles translated into Turkish from the latest Charlie Hebdo issue. Along with a Charlie Hebdo editorial about how it would not give into the attacks, the excerpts in Cumhuriyet included cartoons satirising Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram and other jihadists.


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