Bring Back DOS-Games Childhood Memory – Here’s How To Play For Free

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Jan 06 2015
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Depending on your age, you may or may not know the world of DOS games. It was the early age of computer where the Intel Pentium was not even born yet. You were bombarded with technology such as Intel 80286 (or simply Intel-286) and Intel 80386 (or simply Intel-386). Computers were rarely shipped with memory more than 1-Megabyte, while disk space were merely in the region of tens of megabytes. Back then, gigabytes were unheard of.

Bill Gates 1990s

Bill Gates was then a young chap whose Windows operating system was the now obsolete Windows 2.x or 3.x. DOS games in floppy disks dominate the computer science or information technology era. There wasn’t any internet, let alone intranet. Heck, there wasn’t even dumb phones, let alone smart phones. So, if you belong to that dinosaur-age era, you may miss like crazy your childhood DOS games.

DOS Games - Lemmings Tribes 2

DOS or simply Disk-Operating-Systems were the main OS for IBM PC compatible platform. But those days were the greatest moment in a person’s life as one gets to practically bring back home arcade-games. One could play the simple yet addictive games, from dusk to dawn. Now, if you’re dying to bring back those childhood memories, you can basically play almost 2,400 MS-DOS gamesfor free – in almost any browser.

DOS Games - Gods

The Internet Archive is essentially a repository or storage where you’re brought back in time to play your childhood video games. Remember Lemmings Tribes, Dune, Prince of Persia, Street Fighter II, Simcity, Doom, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, Wolfenstein, Pac-Man and Gods? There’re thousands more and you just need to explore here. Of course, these games are no match for those Android or iOS games.

DOS Games - Prince of Persia Introduction

DOS Games - Prince of Persia Start

But if you want to know how people back in the early 1990s valued their small foot-print games, you can try lock down your smart phone or playstation away. Then spare some time play those MS-DOS games and hopefully, you’ll slowly appreciate games loaded from a floppy disk on an Intel-386 IBM-compatible bulky machine with only tens of megabytes in disk space. Most importantly, go bring back your childhood memory, if you’re from that generation.


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