Alibaba New Discovery – Women With Bigger Boobs Spend More

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Nov 14 2014
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November 11 is China Singles’ Day or simply Bachelors’ Day. This day is, of course, different from Bachelor Night where a party is held for a man shortly before he enters marriage. Since it’s supposed to celebrate his “last night of freedom”, normally the man would do “naughty stuffs” together with his male friends (*grin*), if you know what we mean. But the Chinese Singles’ Day (Chinese: 光棍节) is exactly the opposite.

Singles Day - Man Looking Computer Screen

Popularly known as “bare sticks holiday”, Singles’ Day is a day for people who are single – thus celebrated on November 11 as the date represents 11/11. Believed to be originated from Nanjing University in 1993, this special day serves as an occasion for single people to party with single friends. In 2009, Chinese online retail firm Alibaba adopted the day to promote a massive online shopping sale because the date was easy to remember.


Since then, Singles’ Day became a hit especially to online retailers. Heck, Alibaba has even copyrighted the term “Double 11”. By 2012, sales during Singles’ Day outstripped those of equivalent in the United States – Thanksgiving shopping on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. China now has more than 600 million internet users, leaving the U.S. (277 million) and Europe (546 million) eating the dust.

Singles Day and Cyber Monday Sales

Hence, days ago on November 11, the auspicious 1-1-1-1 on China’s National Singles’ Day saw Alibaba registered a jaw dropping US$9.3 billion (£6 billion; RM31 billion) in sales, a huge jump from last year’s US$5.8 billion – over a period of 24 hours. That was 2.85 million transactions a minute at its peak. Considering China is expected to have 30 million more adult men than women by 2020, the hungry singles’ shopping list can only get bigger.


But that is not the most surprising data at all. The huge sales also means Alibaba database has become more valuable in crunching and mining consumers’ spending behaviour. Apparently, a group of data analysts looking at underwear sales at Alibaba found something super interesting – women who bought larger bra sizes also tended to spend more. That’s right – the bigger the cup size, the bigger the spending.

Girl Showing Bra

Segregating the bra sizes into four categories of spending power, Alibaba analysts discovered that 65% of women with a B-cup fell into the “low” spending category, while those with a C-cup or higher were in the “middle” and “high” demographics. Almost instantly, Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma has named data mining as one of the company’s priorities, after recruited some 800 employees to study on the same subject last year.

Bra Sizes and Online Spending Power Chart

However, boob size is a very complex subject itself. The data analysis by Alibaba which linked bra size to spending pattern does not take into accounts if the breast was a natural one or due to breast enlargement. Do you know that for women who have always been curious about breast enhancement but were too nervous to go under the knife, there’s a new procedure that claims to enlarge breasts for 24 hours?


If you think breast enlargement can be a permanent feature, you’re so yesterday. Dr. Rowe, a plastic surgeon in Manhattan, offers a quick fix – temporary breast enlargement. Instead of surgery, he injects a saline solution into the breasts, which briefly expands them. This is an excellent solution for women who like to see how they might look like if they chose surgery. Call it trial, test, or whatever you like but women love it.

Breast Enlargement - Measuring

Women who have small cups but were reluctant to go under the knife can pay about US$3,500 (£2,200; RM12,000) for the temporary saline option – either for parties, weddings, or simply to show off their assets wearing bikini and feel sexy. Saline is essentially saltwater that is absorbed into the bloodstream in about 24 hours. Instead of push-up bra, you can have the 20-minute procedure for instant-lift effect.

Breast Enlargement - Victoria Beckham

There’re tons of Chinese who fly to South Korea for plastic surgery every day. Thus, chances are high they could be doing the same upgrade to their chests as well. So, does this means women with bigger boobs (regardless of natural or have been unlarged) spend more because they’re more confident and proud of their assets hence they essentially earn more than smaller breast women?

Breast Enlargement - Selena Gomez

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