Here’s How To Make Money – Betting Suárez Will Bite

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Jun 26 2014
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After carnivore Luis Suárez bitten heck out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini which ended with a 1-0 win for Uruguay, there were two group of people who didn’t think the incident was really that serious. The first group, of course are the Uruguay fans and supporters. They simply dismissed the allegation and didn’t believe their hero has bitten Chiellini. Some even claimed the “teeth mark” on Chiellini’s shoulder was an old mark.


The second group of people actually love what Suárez did to the Italian because – they bet the Uruguayan would do exactly that and win big money (*grin*). FIFA has just announced that it has opened an investigation into the “biting” incident and its Disciplinary Committee has classified it as “serious infringement” with minimum two matches ban and the maximum is two years.

Thomas Syversen - Bet Luis Suárez Will Bite
Considering Suarez’s “biting” history, it only seemed logical that betting websites would offer the opportunity to gamble on whether or not Suarez would sink his jaws on anyone during the match. And that was exactly what Betsson, a gambling website based in Malta offered – a 175-1 odds that Suarez would bite. Guess what – 167 people who took the bet win handsomely.

One gambler, Thomas Syverson of Trondheim, Norway, bet 32 Norwegian Krone (£3.07, US$5.21, RM16.78) on Suarez’s biting someone, and walked away with a cool 5,600 Norwegian Krone (£537.44, US$913, RM2,937). Thomas Syverson posted a slip online to show his winning prize. The biggest winner – also a Norwegian – took home US$3,300 (£1,942, RM10,618).

Thomas Syversen - Winning Bet Luis Suárez Will Bite

This is perhaps the first time a bet was offered and placed on biting. But if Suarez somehow is allowed to play, there could be thousands who may bet the biting will occur again. Now, if you can’t resist betting during this World Cup fever, perhaps you should try such bets, though we cautious that you shouldn’t bet your fortune away. Couple of dollars should do no harm. And can someone check if Suarez himself bet that he would bite someone? Surely he can win big money, no?


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