Adios Spain! Blame Najib Because He’s The Culprit

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Jun 19 2014
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Spain is toast, out, history, kaput. The defending champion of 2010 FIFA World Cup and 2012 Euro Cup is out in the very first round of the present 2014 FIFA World Cup. Who could have predict that? It was a humiliating display when the Spanish team lost 0-2 to Chile, after lost 1-5 to Holland earlier. Goals from Eduardo Vargas and Charles Aranguiz put the final nails into Spain’s coffin.


It seems to confirm the believe that their era of “Tiki Taka” was as good as “Paul the Octopus”. Spain did it 4-years ago largely due to lady luck from the octopus. Once it died, so did the team’s spirit. Did anyone notice how the Spanish team still looked disoriented and demotivated from their 5-1 defeat against Netherlands? Gosh, we really hope you didn’t bet your whole fortune on Spain-vs-Chile, did you?

2014 FIFA World Cup - Chile Fans Celebrating Win Against Spain

As we’ve previously warned, “DO NOT BET” serious money during FIFA World Cup simply because you can’t win against the syndicate. But how many would have listen, especially after they lost their first bet on Netherlands-Spain match? Almost 99% gamblers would think Spain’s defeat to Netherlands was a one-off kind of thing. And they would had doubled their bets on Spain-Chile match, to recover their losses.


Now, after lost the second game in Maracana Stadium with no points and a goal difference of 1-7, that’s one of the most disastrous record in any country’s football, if not the worst. Perhaps over-confidence and arrogance had succeeded in their mission on the Spanish boys. As FIFA World Cup and Euro Cup champions, naturally the players thought they were invincible.

2014 FIFA World Cup - The world champions are out of the 2014 World Cup after two consecutive defeats2014 FIFA World Cup - Dejected Casillas prepares to walk back onto the pitch after a poor first 45 minutes

If only the Spanish team were made to watch Sholin Soccer prior to this match, maybe they could realize what was the missing piece – teamwork. It doesn’t matter if they tried to tiki and tried to taka, hoping to find the magic moment four years ago. Without Xavi and Gerard Pique (but strangely not goalkeeper Iker Casillas) who were blamed (for 5-1 defeat by Holland) and dropped for this game, the situation went from bad to worse. Heck, even with Xavi around, the result could be the same.


Chile won handsomely because they displayed a splendid game of close co-ordination and superb teamwork. It was like a team of 11 Chileans moving in unison slaughtering and whipping each of  Vicente Del Bosque’s boys one after another. After all, the Chile team doesn’t have any big name that could create arrogance. In short, they have nothing to lose except pushing their limits against Spain.

2014 FIFA World Cup - Eduardo Vargas celebrates after giving Chile the lead against Spain in the World Cup

Okay, let’s admit it – the Spanish team was so bad that even Australia played better than them (*tongue-in-cheek*). Regardless whether the Spain team were bought or otherwise, the writing was already on the wall earlier. Around 100 Chilean fans broke into Maracana Stadium’s media room, defeating security gate and guards, in their attempt to watch the match. It was as if they knew their team would win.


Surely it wasn’t an auspicious day for the country’s new king as well. Felipe VI of Spain takes over the throne, following the abdication of his scandal-hit father Juan Carlos. With the embarrasing early defeat, the new king will have little to throw to the Spaniards to celebrate, let alone telling the people that the country’s economic problem would be better.

2014 FIFA World Cup - Sergio Busquets missed a sitter at the start of the second half 2014 FIFA World Cup - Casillas Dejected

But there’s another person you can blame, if you’re superstitious. Not many moons ago, in his attempt to score some brownie points with the young voters, Malaysia prime minister Najib Razak boasted about his favourite team Manchester United. Ironically, Manchester United lost 1-6 to Manchester City. This time, Najib talked about his favourite, Spain. Amusingly, Spain lost horribly.


Interestingly, Najib’s beautiful wife, Rosmah Mansor, also has the same magical effect. The country’s badminton champion Lee Chong Wei would find it hard to play whenever Auntie Rosy is around. Perhaps the player was more concern about Godzilla hug than winning the game itself. If only Najib chose any other teams rather than Spain, perhaps gamblers would have a happier morning today. Blame Najib !!!

2014 FIFA World Cup - Why Spain Lost - Blame Najib

Malaysia Najib Razak Support Manchester United

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Don’t forget his ma’am la…. Did the same thing not happen to our badminton team too?

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