Highest Salaries Globally – Where Should You Work?

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Feb 26 2012
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Stock and property markets are perhaps two of the most profitable fields as far as investment is concerned. Both have their own bubbles hence the multiple theoretical cycles so go figure when to jump in and when to get the hell out of it. But unlike stock market, property investment has another distinct differentiator – location. So even if the timing was right, it doesn’t mean you’re making a great investment if your property is somehow located in Gebeng industrial zone, Kuantan, where Australian Lynas is trying its very best to ensure your kids would benefit from radioactive thorium (*grin*).

In short, ask any property analysts or advisers and they would scream location, location and location before you can even start ask them any question. Besides property investment, it seems the location of you employment also determine if you’re getting paid handsomely or otherwise. According to data and analysis compiled, apparently it pays to be employed only if your employee is located in certain countries.

IT Average Salaries Around The Globe - Web Developer

If you’re in the I.T. industry and a web developer, for instance, you may laugh if you’re in Australia but you may take home a pathetic pay if you’re a Pinoy. While an average annual salary in Australia for a web developer is a whopping US$87,000 the same cannot be said about a Philippines web developer as he / she can only commands a pathetic US$6,873 annually. That’s a huge gap. Based on this infographic, Australian and Japanese web developers command highest salaries while it doesn’t pay to be in the same position for Philippines, Malaysian and Indian.

IT Average Salaries Around The Globe - Senior Web DeveloperIT Average Salaries Around The Globe - Web Designer

The same goes for positions as Senior Web Developer (US$9,054 in Philippines compared to US$115,000 in Australia), Software Developer (US$7,521 in Philippines compared to US$106,000 in Australia) and Web Designer (US$4,244 in Philippines compared to US$74,000 in Australia). It pays to work in Australia, United States, Switzerland and Japan but definitely not in Philippine, India and Malaysia.

IT Average Salaries Around The Globe - Software Developer

Of course these data is based on average salaries and is subject to debate because the gap of the same position within a country itself varies hugely due to factors such as the type of company (whether MNC, private local-based or government-based), skills of the employee, type of employment (freelance or permanent), other benefits and whatnot. Heck, you may be enjoying the salary in the highest bracket if you’re a job-hopper (*grin*). Still, it’s all about location, location and location if you wish to get that six-figure annual salary printed on your salary slip.

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