Strong Sales Show Kindle, iPad, iPhone Can Co-Exist

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Dec 29 2010
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When the Apple iPad was announced, many predicted the gadget would kill Amazon Kindle. With the hype over such gadget by Apple, it was natural to predict that Kindle would end up in the graveyard and who can blame them? But Kindle and iPad was not in the same league so it was not an apple-to-apple comparison. While Kindle was a pure e-book reader, iPad packs e-book reader along with other features such as web browsing, multimedia and whatnot.

And with iPhone’s iBook going into the market, Kindle should be DOA (death on arrival) as what Steve Jobs used to say about RIMM’s own version of tablet scheduled early 2011. However Amazon quietly built a reading device that is light-weight, simple to use and inexpensive. Amazon said on Monday that the third-generation Kindle is the best-selling product in Amazon’s history, beating even “Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows” – the bestselling item ever sold on Amazon.

Amazon Kindle 3 

The latest version of the Kindle is both smaller and lighter, a sharper display and a cheaper price tag at $139. Most importantly customers who bought Kindle this holiday season already own tablets, devices that often compete with the e-reader hence proving that both tablets such as iPad and Kindle can co-exist. Indirectly Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was telling Apple Steve Jobs that Kindle sales were not affected by iPads.

The Kindle was shipped to over 178 different countries of which 350,000 were sent to military personnel overseas. While no sales numbers have been released, it is believed that Amazon will sell 8 million units this year. But will Amazon be able to repeat the same strong sales in 2011? There’s no reason to suggest it won’t since many people love reading with the e-readers. Even Gartner predicted 68% growth in 2011 for e-readers market.

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