People kicked UMNO out of Penang, again? Ouch!

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Aug 26 2008
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History repeats itself again, if the sentiments of the people on the ground which translated their voices into votes at P44 Permatang Pauh by-election were taken into consideration. If you still remember how the government-controlled electronic media kept quiet and the Chairman of Election Commission played dumb and delayed the result till past midnight after the 8th Mar 2008 general election that saw the opposition won big, expect the same scenario for this by-election. Almost all the television did not dare to talk about the Permatang Pauh’s by-election at its 8 pm news, 3 hours after the voting process ended.

Early signs of ruling government’s defeat

You knew immediately that the ruling government and PM Abdullah Badawi’s UMNO has lost with such syndrome. Heck, everyone knew that but what everyone did not know was by how much majority that Anwar could whack his opponent. The unconfirmed news that Abdullah Badawi flew back to capital Kuala Lumpur at 3 pm has almost certainly raised thousands of eyebrows. It wasn’t a trick or psychological game to make Anwar’s team complacent but in reality the people have just kicked (again?) Abdullah Badawi and his deputy Najib Razak back to Putrajaya so that they could enjoy the remaining days or weeks before pack their stuff.

Permatang Pauh election resultMalaysiaKini, the independent news portal that played a major role in the recent general election with the latest update and result has again experienced huge traffic today. Based on the result, Anwar has successfully beaten his wife’s 13,388 majority votes – he has gotten a huge 15,671 majority votes *ouch*. So, the people still prefer a person whose hobby is to sodomize and guess what – they generously gave Anwar 31,195 votes against ruling government candidate, Arif Shah, who polled 15,524 votes. The multiple dirty tricks and campaigns used by the ruling government have actually backfired and if not for the intimidation tactics deployed, the turnout could be higher than 80% considering that Penang state government has declared today as the public holiday in order for voters to exercise their rights *bravo Lim Guan Eng*.

Intimidation and racial tactics are obsolete

There’re claims that heavy presence of security personnel and their “marching in formation” as if ready for battle in Chinese area has scared the Chinese voters from casting their votes. Only when the opposition deployed their Malay volunteers to fetch these Chinese on motorbike to the polling center could they cast their votes. It was a known fact that Chinese and Indians were ready to throw their support to Anwar due to the persistent racial policies and statements from the ruling government particularly UMNO. The scene was quite touching with the Malay (opposition) volunteers and supporters offered to protect the Chinese voters from possible harassment from the security personnel who were seen as zombies that follow instruction from the ruling government.

Anwar Ibrahim vs Najib RazakThe whole idea was to deny Anwar a win of more than 10,000-vote majority so that the ruling government could at least find a little excuse to celebrate. There really isn’t much worth celebrating since five months ago (general election) and UMNO which is having internal crisis desperately looking forward for a little celebration (this by-election). But not even the “curse of Saiful” could do any major damage to Anwar. There was report that five buses that carry phantom voters (claimed by Anwar supporters) were stopped and prevented from entering the polling centers. Now that the people have rejected the obsolete dirty tactics used over 50-years by UMNO, it remains to be seen what else are there in the bag to prevent Anwar from moving forward to Putrajaya.

PM & deputy PM are hiding away from Anwar?

I bet deputy PM Najib who has been busy calling Anwar sodomy until his mouth foamed is speechless now but the greatest pain could be on PM Abdullah Badawi when he is scheduled to present (or rather read) the 2009 budget in Parliament on Aug 29. It would be nice and interesting to see how Anwar will sit inside the Parliament after an absence of 10-years and grill Abdullah Badawi on that day. But if what Lim Kit Siang blogged is true about the Speaker who said that the oath-taking ceremony to swear in the winner of the Permatang Pauh by-election today would most likely be held in mid-October and that he did not see any urgency to “fix a quick date”, then obviously the entire Cabinet Members are panic and running around just like headless chickens.

Anwar, Wife and DaughterIt was understandable why both the PM and deputy PM dared not face Anwar in the recent debate but to deny Anwar his rights to represent the people in the Parliament is simply outrages. You can hide but you cannot run away dudes. If the composition of voters in Permatang Pauh is a reflection of the wishes of the ethnics consists of Malay-Chinese-Indian, it might be the best yardstick as to the direction of the next general election and chances are high that the ruling government, National Front (Barisan Nasional), will become irrelevant sooner than expected. But stubborn and arrogant people never learn. Meanwhile watch-out for UMNO-linked stocks tomorrow as the butchers are sharpening knifes to do some slaughtering. Stay out from the stock market!

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If they delay the swearing-in, this will just prove again to all the rakyat that BN or rather UMNO are sore losers. It is time the MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Sabah & Sarawak MPs stood up to UMNO. Stand with PR and make sure DSAI is sworn-in.

hello gerry,

i guess they dare not do it (based on the latest update) …

cheers …

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