Anwar’s real enemy – Gambling, Money Politic, Cheating

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Aug 24 2008
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There’s a saying that if you wish to do business and become your own boss then your business focus should includes women and babies simply because it’s easier to get women to spend on themselves and for parents to spend on their babies. The willingness of women to spend cannot be underestimated. Besides the need to make themselves appeal to the opposite sex, females also need to look good within their own species – women. And if you happened to visit the “Parenthood Expo 2008” at Mid Valley which ended today, you might be able to conclude that this year’s event did not attract the amount of visitors compared to last year.

I visited last year’s and again I went to the same place yesterday (Saturday). While to was very crowded last year, this year’s was so-so with many stalls doing average, business-wise. The only stall that pulled huge visitors was “Huggies” which was doing a good promotion. Some stalls that was a magnet last year such as StemLife Berhad (KLSE: STEMLFE, stock-code 0137) and CellSafe International (CSI) didn’t do well judging from the stall’s emptiness and we’re talking about weekend, mind you. I didn’t notice CyroCord though, maybe I missed it. In fact many companies which dealt with babies-related products were missing this time around. Heck, in such a bad time it’s a luxury to store your baby’s stem-cells – I guess.

Anyway I was damn tired after the long walk but fortunately they provided some tables and chairs outside the expo area for people to take a rest. I can’t help but overheard the conversation from one of the family members (they might be relatives) about how Anwar might be slaughtered next Tuesday (polling day). The reason – gambling and money politic. The bet was at 5-1 for Anwar to win with 20,000 majority but now its’ 4-1 for 10,000 majority votes win. In fact the ruling government was so desperate that its’ Women, Family and Development Minister Ng Yen Yen gave away RM200 to about 200 senior citizens above the age of 60 in Seberang Jaya today but not before reminded them to vote for the you-know-who. There’re even rumors that if Anwar were to win by 10,000 majority votes, people will get RM200 and if the ambitious chap were to lose, then it’s RM1,000 up for grab.

The curtain of Olympic Games might have come down on Beijing but the battle had just begun at P44 Permatang Pauh. In a tit-for-tat, the Penang government which is controlled by opposition declared the polling day on Tuesday as a special holiday in order to allow people to vote after the Election Commission “specifically” set the date on a working day. In the latest allegation PKR claimed that a total of 949 voters who were listed in the last official roll approved in June are missing in the new roll even though 800 of them (majority opposition supporters) are still living in the area but would become ineligible to vote because their names are missing. Strangely the missing voters have been replaced with 861 new names, of which nearly half are non-residents who would cast their votes by post.

The most mind-boggling revelation comes from RPK (author of Malaysia-Today) when his latest article revealed his source that exposed deputy PM Najib’s wife as the person who ordered the Mongolian translator to be C4ed. But nothing beats his other revelation of Najib: Muslim by Birth, Hindu by Practice, no matter how difficult it was to believe it. With 24-hours to go before the polling day, there could be more revelations and hence explosive secrets to hit the fan.

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