Reduced fuel prices – desperate action to win P44 voters

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Aug 22 2008
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Most of my friends from Sibu were damn serious when they told me yesterday that there was consensus within the community not to pump their tanks until end of the month because the PM Abdullah Badawi said so – fuel price to remains until 1st Sept 2008. They were so adamant that they would rather take motorbike than to fill a drop of petrol into their car’s tank. I laughed at their silliness and even call them idiot. Of course we were so close that we can curse and name-call each other. I had pumped my tank full yesterday because the warning light was on. And guess what, the flip-flop PM Badawi did it again today when he suddenly announced petrol and diesel price will drop by 15 sen (to RM2.55 a liter) and 8 sen (to RM2.50 a liter) respectively at midnight today.

Before I manage to curse the PM I received calls from my Sibu friends – obviously with great pride because they would be buying cheaper petrol than me. I retaliated by saying I only made a loss of RM4.50 based on the 30 liters that I pumped yesterday – just nice for a plate of char-kuey-teow. I guess bad (or rather childish) habit never dies and in this case the strange hobby of the PM with his forever flip-flop decision. Less than three days ago, he almost swears on the grave of his grandfather that if there’s indeed a revision in fuel price, it would be on 1st Sept 2008 – the earliest. And today, he has the cheek to announce the fuel price reduction. It was so obvious that such decision was a desperate attempt to fish for votes in the current P44 Permatang Pauh’s by-election.

Fuel price lowered pre-P44Sure, such price reduction is good for the people but such flip-flop decision has already sent scary message to the investors. Don’t laugh at what Anwar said during his campaign speech because foreign investors are indeed by-passing Malaysia in favor of other countries. Immediately the next question on everybody’s lip is – would the price of foods and other essential goods be reduced accordingly? I doubt so. Nevertheless this might be the only time you see a price reduction after the initial increment – petrol. So applause to the ruling government but please vote for Anwar next Tuesday nevertheless *evil grin*. It’s high time this country needs a two-party system for a truly check and balance mechanism to safeguard the nation and people’s interest.

If you look at the ruling party’s strategy in this by-election you would notice that it still hasn’t change a bit, still arrogant (or rather give-up?) and adopted an obsolete game-plan. Play racial cards, give away money to schools, hijacked Lee Chong Wei, use electronic and print media to promote cheap propaganda, took a ride on LRT, utilized ACA (anti-corruption-agency) to its advantage etc. In short the ruling government still thinks the voters are stupid. But who can blame them when they’re in disarray and the whole government is not working towards revitalize the country’s economy? With the inflation hitting the roof (26-year high of 8.5 percent) and small businesses affected, its’ no-brainer that the Chinese and Indian voters are expected to give their votes to the opposition.

It’s a trend nowadays that whenever the government announces or denies something, the opposite usually holds the truth. If only we have such a pointer or indicator in stocks investment. Therefore the central bank’s governor might be resigning since the official denied it. At least I heard that Dr Zeti has resigned for the second time (her second attempt) from the top post.

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