Fuel hike from RM1.92 to RM2.70, Char-Kuey-Teow RM7.50?

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Jun 04 2008
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Breaking News: In-line with the government previous practices in announcing fuel-price hike last minute, it appears Abdullah Badawi government has did it again. Effective midnight tonight, 4th June 2008, the price of petrol would be increased by a whopping 78 sen and diesel by RM1.00. This means you’ve to pay 40.62% more for petrol from the previous RM1.92 a liter to RM2.70 a liter. The price of diesel meanwhile goes up from RM1.58 to RM2.58.

I’ve received the sms on the new rate earlier this morning but I thought it could be another hoax. It’s true after all. So there you go, trapped with the talks that any fuel hike would be enforced only after August. Didn’t Domestic Trade Minister Shahrir Samad say earlier that the idea to hike fuel prices would only be revealed after a comprehensive subsidy system is re-structured – in August? Old tricks always work huh?

Fuel hike from 1.92 to 2.70 a literExpect the petrol stations to be filled with cars queuing up to fill up their tanks from now till the midnight folks. However Malaysiakini reported that there would be RM625 rebate for cars below 2000cc and RM125 for motorcyclist. Just wondering how the mechanism works (if it’s true) and how can I get hold of the RM625 rebate. I would prefer the government pay my “Cash” (don’t you?) to handle my car’s consumption. But then when would such rebate system starts? I bet it won’t be so soon and smooth and chances are you might need to drain that pocket of yours starting after midnight today till the announcement (if there’s any).

Fuel hike char kuey teowIt would be super interesting to see how the government is going to tackle the inflation this time. If a plate of char-kuey-teow could skyrocketed from RM3.00 to RM4.50 during the last 30 sen a liter hike, I suppose the same plate of noodle will costs RM7.50 soon – that is if you’re lucky. Why the government has this funny hobby of watching people rushing to the petrol stations to fill up their tanks, late into the night? Simply puzzling! And to those voters who voted the BN (National Front) – Congratulations!!!

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Interesting to see how I can get the rebate since I drive a car below 2000cc. I expect prices of everything else to start increasing. And not forgetting credit card holders who don’t pay the full amount every month will start to feel the pain next month when the new Tiered Pricing Structure takes effect.

1. Chow your own kuey teow.

2. Receive subsidy through mail… how about lost mail? or mail intentionally not sent to non-crony people.

3. Toll also increase, parking also increase ==> Does it make any sense?

mind you, the petrol price is 2.704 a litre NOT 2.70, check your recept next time you pump.

hello anonymous,

i was thinking of doing that but on the other hand, the noodle, oil, soya sauce etc also go up … so back to square one …

cheers …

hello enzymo,

thanx for your alert … i didn’t know that because i’ve not try the new rate yet … will check the receipt for sure …

cheers …

Hi, petrol price at pam “drop” to Rm2.700 eff 6/6/08 mid nite 12.00, not Rm2.704 as per yesterday price…ministry has given final price to all petrol station…

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